Delays And Explanation...

Actual post date: January 12, 2023 at 3:07 AM

So I've decided not to post an update this week, though possibly I'll post on the weekend but that depends upon how I'm treated by my abusive neighbours and the stalking cult in my community between now and then.

I'm going to explain the situation exactly as it is occurring and what's behind this whole mess.

First of all, there's a stalking cult in my community and likely one that exists in many cities throughout the world. They seem to be more and more active these days, and operate under the idea that they can take anything from a person with enough harassment. Its more akin to torture. If you're traumatized enough, you'll break away from just about anything.

The idea is that they steal aspects of other people's lives by harassing them until they react in such a way that contradicts whatever it is this cult is trying to steal from them. So with me being a writer, they constantly try to steal my writing and my books and give them to the credit of other people in their stalking cult.

So in my case, the members of this same cult justify stealing the credit for my efforts because they're convinced that I'm being remotely controlled or mind controlled by a Transgender guitar player who is in love with a Guyanese fellow named Bobby, both of whom seem to be connected with the purple team, possibly Prince Hall.

Before I go any further, I have no issue with anyone based upon their sexual orientation or their gender, whether they're transitioning from one gender to another or not. I've stated before that I have no issue regarding other people's relationships where those relationships involve two or more different cultures or the same gender. As long as it involves consenting adults, it really is nobody's business but their own. I have a feeling that J.K. Rowling is played in the same way, and possibly my situation is connected to hers through this stalking cult. Don't consider that a publicity grab on my part, because I'm just not like that at all, and I'm not aiming to be J.K. Rowling, though I do admire her.

So this cult justify stealing my books and writing and giving it to the credit of this aforementioned Transgender person and their lover Bobby. That is the only thing with which I hold issue against them and I can say for certain that neither of them is controlling me.

Unfortunately the stalking cult isn't so easily convinced, and they do this with their victims literally to destroy their lives and steal everything from their victim. Their history. Their identity. Anything they produce that is of worth. They take it all from you and usually leave you with their garbage. This cult literally erases people socially. It might be that goof ball cancel culture, or it might be something else altogether.

I recently read an article that someone in Ontario is removing J.K. Rowling's name from her books and selling them under a new author's name and I have to wonder if something like that hasn't happened with my books as well? I mean it wouldn't make sense to bootleg a known author's books and replace the author's name with their own. It would however make sense for a bootlegger looking to make money and steal someone else's creative property to simply copy something from the internet and sell it as their own. If they get rich doing it, they can afford lawyers to help them steal it from the original creator. In the case of stealing J.K. Rowling's books, she has the resources to defend her property in court. Someone like myself doesn't.

As stated in my earlier rant post, recently this cult's activity has grown to the point that someone is tinkering with the electrical system in the building, or at least specifically my apartment and causing power surges or spikes in voltage which damage unprotected electronics. I've already lost two phones this way, and this seems to be connected to the harassers in my building as well, who seem to be agents of the Transgender guitar playing person I mentioned, and this Bobby person as well, and this includes some of the people who work for the building as well.

This is the same cult who every time I mention that my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese, go on to claim that I'm stealing someone else's identity who has been in a relationship with someone Chinese. So have I and I don't need to steal anyone else's identity for that to be a fact about me.

So this harassment activity since the new year really has slowed down my efforts writing. As well, any time I write female characters, this cult uses that to claim that I'm being controlled by this Transgender person. I have to ask myself then how do other authors handle writing characters who are the opposite gender from their own? Am I the only author who gets attacked about this? I love writing intelligent and passionate female characters. Often the same kind I'm attracted to. So what gives? Is there a problem when a guy writes interesting female characters? Does that somehow infringe upon my own masculinity? I think not. I think that stalking and harassing cults are small minded and ignorant and hate isn't love by the way, though that's nowhere near being hate as much so as honesty and truth.

Another thing about this cult is they treat identity like its a raffle where everyone puts their identity into a hat, and everyone competes for the best identity in the hat, while trying to avoid ending up with the worst identity in that same hat. I can tell you that I'd never be a member of any cult that is like that and never will be. I am myself and if I contradict being myself, that doesn't mean that I'm not myself. The stalking cult goes through great effort to abuse and harass their victims into contradicting being themselves, the idea being that if you contradict being yourself, then you can't be yourself. You're someone else. If you have something they want to take from you, they'll harass you until you contradict it and then take it from you.

You might be tempted to think, so what? If you know who you are, what difference does it make if some people say they're taking your identity from you and giving you someone else's? Well if your outnumbered socially in a community and surrounded by people who are obsessed with doing this to people, if you're isolated, that can destroy your world not to mention the harassment involved is a direct assault upon your peace.

The most recent activity of this cult is that I have to pass a test of theirs to prove I'm not being controlled by this Transgender person and am in fact myself. These tests are setup like daily social games the cult plays with their victims, so you'll never know when you're going to be thrust into this sort of test situation and if you fail, they harass you brutally for weeks on end trying to clean you out of this other person. Kind of like exorcism maybe, but without consent. I am myself and I'm not being remotely controlled by anyone.

So, I'm delaying writing anything new again as a result of this latest attack and these tests, assuming that in my own community I have my own identity. As I stated, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. This cult also seems sincerely offended that I'm Caucasian and not African or Caribbean. So much so, that the identity they often force upon me is one of someone African or Caribbean, as if to say that its alright for someone of those cultures to be in a relationship with someone Chinese, but Caucasian persons aren't allowed because it is against the rules of colour. That's their logic, not mine.

This activity is very disruptive not only to my writing, but to my entire life and makes it darn near impossible to have a life. I can't really go into my community without experiencing it heavily, and often my neighbours and the other cult members in my building of residence have traps waiting for me any time I go out into the community to do my shopping or anything at all.

The cult's explanation is that I'm being treated like the person my identity has been replaced with. Why can't they treat me just like me rather than someone that I'm not? Apparently you have to pay them for a better identity, so in a way its a scam too. So to be treated halfway to being civil, you still have to accept someone else's identity other than your own. If you don't, then this cult treats you horribly, and their explanation for that is that you're someone else who deserves to be treated that way according to their cult.

Now one last thing I'll clarify is that my love interest isn't Filipino and isn't Transgender, and isn't the same sex as mine. Her name isn't Jane, and she doesn't live at Jane Street. She's a woman, she's Chinese and she's someone with whom I've been in a relationship before, but I don't think this sort of a cult would be safe or peaceful for her, so chances are I'll never see her again thanks to this cult. 

Despite that, I still support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, however I retain my identity as a Caucasian heterosexual male who is not biracial African or Caribbean, and making that statement does not make me a racist. In fact, its truth and stated as a clarification. I have the right to my own identity. That's part and parcel of the Human Rights Act, protected by our right to life. Sorry, but I have to make that distinction because this cult is violating my rights by forcing an identity upon me to replace my own on the basis of creating the impression that what comes from Shhhh! Digital Media is created by someone else other than myself. Also, I'm an Atheist, and I lean towards Buddhism and Taoism.

The members of this cult also operate under the idea that if I'm peaceful and calm, its only because I'm being controlled by one of the members of their cult. So their harassment is all about trying to radicalize me and I'm certain this same activity is the source cause for the recent spate of mass murder violence of the last two to three decades. Its unfortunate that everyone knows about it yet its swept under the rug, as if ignoring it will make it go away. Also from what I can tell, the members of this cult want to give others the impression that I hire prostitutes and use crack cocaine and that sort of thing. A life style that simply isn't even close to mine whatsoever. 

I've never hired a prostitute and I've never used crack cocaine in my life. I disagree with both, yet I believe in a woman's right to have the final say over what happens with her body, so my only protest is not to take part. Now if anyone thinks that somehow contradicts my own interest in Japanese eroticism, which involves control as a playful aspect of fantasy, then obviously they can't tell the difference between reality and fantasy and I can. I'd be more worried about people who can't distinguish between fantasy and reality than I would be worried about someone like me.

Distinguishing one's own identity and their visible qualities or culture isn't racist or hateful at all. Its a matter of identity and one that is protected by one of the foundations to our legal system. Quite simply, I will not allow someone to replace my identity in order to appease someone else's culture at the expense of my identity. Most people who do that, only do so because they're trying to create a false impression regarding the origins of my books and stories. Essentially a complicated form of plagiarism or creative property theft, by stealing the identity of the author and giving it to someone else, while replacing the author's identity with that of someone else.

About using AC power surges to attempt to fry my computer equipment? I'll make sure the RCMP is aware of that effort locally.

Mike who works at Heyworth House isn't Bryce Maxwell by the way. Also, I don't take part in any love hate or blood and fire battles with anyone. I'm not a gun or a rose either.

I noticed how this cult showers one person in constant hate, and then act very loving towards other people. I'm not a member of any cult where hate means love or love means hate. I'm Canadian, not American and its unfortunate that this sort of thing is more and more common in Canada, though this isn't a case of I hate Canada, while everyone else loves Canada. Nothing like that at all. That's the sort of thing this cult would manipulate, but meanwhile they're really cheating Canada. The same cult that prevents you from taking part in society altogether, locking certain people out.

Also from what I understand, this cult tries purposely to make others negative because that's who they dump their garbage onto. For instance, this cult often tries to dump things onto my person this way, hence why I often have to state that I am not a pedophile, that I don't use crack cocaine and I don't hire prostitutes. I'm not a member of any cult or ideology that dumps their garbage onto other people by those means. I've also never had hepatitis in my life either and certainly would never stalk or harass someone about that. Also, I'm not a Hell's Angel and never have been. I'm an Atheist and not a Scientologist with all due respect. I'm not Jewish myself, but I'm certainly not anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. I've never been incarcerated in jail or prison either.

I'm not a member of any cult that operates like that and never will be. Its like they purposely are trying to crush the drive and optimism of their victims. Maybe I'll just quit writing.

I don't want to punish my readers that don't have anything to do with this cult and don't take part in their activities or stalking, so this isn't targeted at them at all. I'll try to publish something soon and finish that most recent A Lady's Prerogative short story soon, and certainly get The Butterfly Dragon III back on track as well. FYI, all through my writing this post I was harassed by my neighbours and its 3 AM EST as I finish this sentence.

I have been working on coding for the last week and a half, so I've avoided writing for some time especially since the harassment returned. Once again its related to this cult trying to steal my identity and abusing me in order to provoke reactions that contradict being the kind of person who writes A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon. So during the time I've been coding, the cult have really amped up the harassment as well. They're trying to steal that and give it to the credit of someone they refer to as Brown Technologist "Chuck". So basically they're stealing my effort and giving it to the credit of someone else. Whether its my writing or my coding, that's how this criminal cult use their illegal surveillance technology. To steal the credit for other people's efforts.

Don't take this as complaining because it isn't. Its verbal protest to the kind of harassment conducted by this cult. When you see posts like this, there's a very good chance I was attacked en masse by members of this harassment cult for days upon end and around the clock. The online version of what this cult does is called griefing. Its where a bunch of people attack someone trying to overload them with hate and negativity so they begin to rant. So this cult is doing the same thing to me from neighbouring apartments to my own. This is the same cult of people who operate under the idea that I'm being controlled by a Guyanese fellow named Bobby, or his Transgender partner. I've stated before that there's nothing wrong with such a relationship, but I am not being controlled by either of them and never have been.

Not to mention, my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese and a woman and I won't change that for anyone.

Hate isn't love and love isn't hate. I say what I mean and mean what I say, especially in this post. I don't play guitar and I've never owned a guitar in my life. Nor has my love interest.