Thank You To The Security Guard...

A blast from the past: How far Shhhh! Digital Media has come from back when I did this full cast render of the characters from A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon. These are the first designs for the characters, and this from back in 2013.

Left to right: Alicia Westin aka Night Style, Nelony Ardbloem, Jasmer McCavanaugh, Yirfir Lacharme, Valerie Aspen aka Kyra, Athandra Rithyani, Barris Windsor, Mila Rendebelle, Heylyn Yates aka Ai Yuanlin Ying aka The Butterfly Dragon, Mishima Sato, Shaela Sheowellyn and last but not least, Monique Defleur. In the background we see the Aerth Mother holding the Aerth in her arms.

So this post has some good to it, but I have to also explain a bit of what has been going on and why I haven't posted for the last three days and what is behind the harassment that I've been receiving. 

So I want to highlight the good though that occurs sometimes, because it can really make a big difference in a person's life.

The Good...

Thank you to the Security Guard (a lady from Asia) working in my building of residence for returning my keys, which apparently I'd left in my mailbox when I went out today to pickup some juice and snacks. That would have been a great impairment to my life had I not been able to get back into my apartment, so I'd just like to say that I'm very grateful. That really made a big difference in how things could have turned out tonight (3:10 PM EST Thursday December 29, 2022).

Also, to the lady working at the Dollarama, who put in the extra bit of pocket change I needed to pay for my snacks in cash. Earlier, before I went to the store I donated the last bit of my money for Cancer research (Leukemia), thinking I'd have enough to cover the juice and snacks. I was short a little bit of change and she helped me out so I could get my purchase. I've very grateful for that.

Thank you very much sincerely to these people. This is what keeps the world going. Its great because this kind of goodness is simple and easy to describe and share, and hopefully most people can relate with this. 

Once again, I'm very grateful and don't measure my gratefulness by comparing the word count when it comes to my protest below.

And Some Protest...

Finally, to the harassers in my building who preyed upon me today from neighbouring apartments, you aren't controlling me, Guyanese Bobby isn't controlling me. As a matter of fact, I'm the only one in control of myself and my response today to your constant verbal and emotional abuse, that always seems to be well timed with efforts of other people in my life whom I used to trust but now that I've come to question, its going to catch up with you one day, and hate isn't love and love isn't hate and that is that.

I'm not a member of anything that would operate that way and never will be.

The kind of people who would play a person that way, are often composed of people you've trusted your whole life, and people that live near you that you simply don't know you. They're going based upon what they learn from what the people you know shared with them. 

They behave as if they're part of two competing teams, usually opposites of some form or another who bounce you around like a tennis ball, pretending to be against each other and usually doing this in order to sabotage some aspect of your life that they're trying to prevent you from achieving. Sometimes even to make it appear that you're mentally ill or some other scapegoat that keeps you from achieving your goals, and opens the door to them stealing the credit for your better efforts and even your identity.

As I found out recently, my neighbours who harass me and the people I've trusted for most of my life are actually on the same team, but have been pretending to be opposites to one another for the whole time I've lived here in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701. 

They've just been playing me between their two sides the whole time. So that means my neighbours, the very ones who've been harassing me for years, and the people I've trusted the most for my entire life are actually working together and in opposition to my independence, to the success of Shhhh! Digital Media and in opposition to my reuniting with Helen Chen, who is my real life love interest and with whom I was in a relationship until it was sabotaged by members of this same cult, who stalked and harassed Helen to the point we had to break up in order to protect her peace of mind and well being many years ago.

When such groups do this sort of thing to people, they pretend to be opposites, and they take turns playing their victim between the two sides but secretly they're both on the same team. Their goal is usually to make it seem that they or one of their friends is controlling their victim. So in this case, they're trying to make it out that they're controlling everything I create for Shhhh! Digital Media, and that it should be them, from either side of the two sides deceiving me, that should get the credit for whatever I've done with it. 

For a long time that's been a few different people, but one aspect that has always been present is that from time to time, the people I've trusted for my whole life and usually in a key situation, will support the people abusing me locally, backing them up rather than me, knowing full well that by doing so it will cause me to stand against them, which would be further evidence that I'm being controlled by someone else. After all, if you appear to be in opposition to someone that has known you for years, that would possibly convince others that you are not being anything like yourself.

In other words, both sides would rather me not be in control of myself, but rather someone else be getting the credit for what I do here with Shhhh! Digital Media. So the people I once trusted know that if they can say or do something, using what they know about me to betray me, knowing full well that it will draw a reaction that makes it appear that I couldn't be myself, simply because I would be against the people I've trusted for all my life for having betrayed me. That argument would then be used as proof that I am not myself or in control of myself, and they'd use that to benefit someone else, by claiming that I was being controlled by that person whomever they could convince others that my behaviour was more consistent with.

So the people I once trusted, and the people near me harassing me are actually on the same side and have been the whole time, but have been playing me for years, even decades without my knowing and stealing what I've produced here to give to the credit of other people that have nothing to do with my efforts at all.

These same people ensuring that I never got ahead either in finance, success or my love life. Instead, they seem to aim for breeding codependency in their victims rather than independence and success. All of this using colour symbolism as well, which is a big part of their cult's methodology.

At the same time, they tried to give the community the impression that I was using crack cocaine and hiring prostitutes regularly from my apartment, and that I was Hepatitis positive and spreading it to other people. Apparently there was someone in the area doing this, and this same cult tried to apply the identity of that person to replace my own. So these same neighbours who are on the same team with people I used to trust, but were playing me between their two different sides, actually took part in this together, setting my life back at least a decade or two, constantly dealing with the repercussions of that reputation and impression and certainly creating a situation where I could no longer go out into the community to participate in society. Now understand that I'd never torment or harass someone about having contracted a disease, not to mention things of that nature are a private matter.

Not to mention, they were attempting to give my love interest Helen the impression that I was using crack cocaine, had hepatitis and hiring prostitutes so as to ensure that I never got back together with her. Meanwhile, I've never used crack cocaine in my life. Not to mention, I don't smoke or use narcotics at all but I've always supported harm reduction. I've always supported cannabis legalization, but I don't smoke myself and I don't smoke cigarettes either.

So apparently this cult have been doing this to me for two decades, possibly more. Meanwhile they've been feeding my good and positive output to other people, while painting me with the aforementioned reputation and harassing me the entire time. People I don't know, who've abused me for a decade and a half are working with people I've trusted my whole life to achieve these goals that I'm just arriving at with Shhhh! Digital Media.

They've even tried to swap my identity with that of a former friend of mine named Ron, simply because these harassers are against my own love interest being Asian and would rather me be in a relationship with someone of their choosing that is of a culture they accept. In Ron's case, they're trying to transfer his history to me to replace mine, based upon the fact that he was in a relationship with an African woman. 

There's certainly nothing wrong with that, but that's not me or my history and not to mention I'm not attracted in that direction. My own love interest is Asian and this cult are treating it like its more important that I be with someone of a specific African or Caribbean race, rather than those who have the strongest feelings for each other. So once again, its about racism and transferring someone else's identity to replace mine, where it always leads to that aspect of race, rather than to the woman or women I'm attracted to and who (to some degree) might be attracted to me. Essentially by continually making this an issue, they're trying to make my resistance to it appear to be racism, while painting themselves as not being racist, when in fact its the other way around.

Also, this seems to be about this cult making it appear that I'm stealing the identity of another friend of mine named John Penny, a tall bearded Scottish fellow I knew who was in a friendship with a Japanese woman many years ago. So this cult's motive for making such a claim is related to the fact that I enjoy Japanese erotic content (online) and have for most of my (adult) life, even before knowing John Penny. 

So the whole idea behind this is based upon the fact that this cult spied illegally upon my life to find this out, even stealing a few phones from me along the way and getting at my private online activities through illegal monitoring of my internet. So simply because I've had this interest for my adult life, and long before I knew John Penny, the members of this cult assumed that because of that interest, that I was attempting to steal John Penny's history and identity from him, because of his friendship with a Japanese woman.

People I trusted, using this justification, then attempted to take the identity and history of another friend (Ron) and force his history onto me so that people thought I was interested instead in African women, knowing that if I resisted this replacement history and identity, that my resistance would make me appear racist or intolerant. The more they pushed it that direction, the more my resistance, thinking that if I kept resisting, that other people would assume that I am a racist. 

Quite honestly, I will never stop resisting in that manner against a cult who would go to such lengths as this to create a lie of that nature, and then dump someone else's history onto the wrong person, simply by the justification that they're accusing me of stealing someone else's history which is not the case at all. So once again, these are people I once trusted but no longer trust at all and will never trust again. I'm not Ron at all. Any Ron whatsoever.

They even tried to steal my online identity so that they could make it appear that my phone usage was coming from one of them them rather than me. I tend to use my phone for such erotic content if I'm feeling a bit frisky, though that's a private matter and I shouldn't need to explain or justify this to anyone. That's why this cult does that and their monitoring of a person's internet is illegal and criminal by the way. 

The problem is that this cult steal other people's internet effort and activity, and then replace that activity with someone else's to paint a much different picture of that person. So simply by spying on me illegally, they'll take what I do on my computer and phone, and create the impression that its someone else, while taking someone else's computer and phone activity and making it seem like its mine. And strangers were working with people I trusted to achieve this by the way. I no longer trust any of them and that's permanent. I'll consider reporting this activity to the RCMP again as well, now that its coming to light the entire situation and just how far these people went to achieve this, illegally.

So I'd bet the people I once trusted but no longer trust at all, worked with the people neighbouring me that harass me, just to provoke me into sounding like I contradict being the kind of person that watches Japanese eroticism, so they could say claim I'm not the one watching it on my phone, because I just spoke out against control and remotely controlling people, which would contradict the nature of some of the things I watch, which would help this cult to claim that its not me watching it. Its one of their cult members. They're trying to steal it from me and give it to someone else.

Needless to say, I no longer trust them but I can honestly say that I'm still myself and that I am Shhhh! Digital Media and that everything I've written here, every piece of art I've produced, originated from my effort, the effort of other artists whose work I've used, and the tools that were used to achieve that (which were created by another group of very talented people).

They've even on occasion gone so far as to tell others that I'm Schizophrenic (which I'm not and never have been). That I'm possessed and being remotely controlled by their friends (again, which I'm not). They've even claimed that I'm being remotely controlled by people living in the various homeless shelters throughout the city, Heyworth House being the most frequently indicated one in that manner. And people wonder why there are people living in the city parks, sleeping in tents because they've abandoned the shelter system or ran from their housing?

I can honestly say that I'm not being controlled by anyone in homeless shelters or prisons at all as certainly as I can say that I'm a Caucasian male of 55 years, six feet tall and about 175lbs in weight. Nobody is controlling me except me. I'm in full control of myself. Anyone trying to grab the wheel from me has been dealt with, and thrown from the moving vehicle already. The only people in this vehicle with me are my mentors and those who've inspired me, without betraying my trust of them. I love Asian eroticism and mysticism, but even they know when not to try forcefully to grab the wheel, and you'd do well to learn from them seeing as their experience in these matters predates most other civilizations who've explored such knowledge.

If you walk with a limp, and you want other people to believe that you can transfer that to someone else simply by kicking them in the shin so that they limp, while when you walk you cease limping, most people are smart enough to see that what you're doing is a complete scam, not to mention, sooner or later someone is going explain it in such a way that the information about your scam rapidly travels through the rest of civilization and before you know it, your entire scam is exposed world wide.

Much the same, if you and some strangers play one of your friends in a scam, pretending to be on opposite teams, the strangers side harassing the friend and the other team pretending to be on the friend's side, with both of you claiming to be controlling the friend, and you purposely betray the friend so that they will react in a way that makes them seem unlike themselves, reacting with frustration against you so that you can claim that friend is no longer behaving like their usual self, and is probably being controlled or is possessed by someone else. 

Again, sooner or later details of your scam are bound to be shared with other people, and in this day and age information like that spreads like wildfire. Before the day's end, the entire world knows, and learn to recognize it when applicable. Not to mention, doing so leads to the destruction of trust. If that affects families, then its making the world a worse place. Not to mention, what kind of a family or friends would do that to one of their own, with the help of strangers?

Control can be a fun role play thing, but when people get involved in scams like I'm explaining here, that's a big, big problem because they don't role play it at all. They really try to control and manipulate other people using the same arrangement I just explained. Two teams that appear to be playing against each other, but are actually working together to fool the public, and the person they're victimizing and this is far removed from Japan, Asia and their concepts related to Chi and Qi, which this cult are abusing and mocking.

So today's effort is revealed that they were trying to give everything from me over to specific people in their cult. So I'm going to break down some things and get this cult out permanently.

One, I am not a member of any form of Christianity at all. I am not Hebrew or Muslim either with all due respect, as I've never been stalked or harassed by the Jewish or Muslim community (so far). I am not a Rastafarian either. Nor am I a member of the Baháʼí Faith with all due respect. I am not a Ziontologist (which effectively encompasses Mormonism and Scientology as I understand). I've never been a member of any group or ideology that operates under the pretense that hate means love or love means hate. I'd never be a member of any ideology that spends all of its time harassing and tormenting other people. I don't believe in Cain blood or Abel blood either, or any cult that harasses people in order to measure whether a person is more of one than the other.

I am not a Jehovah's Witness nor a member of Prince Hall.

I am not a member of the Salvation Army. I am not a Gnostic either, and would never be a part of any group that plays a person dualistically against another, where one gets all the good and the other gets all the bad unless that had something to do with my own love interest and protecting her. Honestly, I believe that such cults are destroying the fabric of society by selectively harassing people in attempt to get them to drop aspects of what they carry for the people they love, as a means to break the bias of romantic relationships and dedication to a partner and to sway bias based upon the level of harassment and abuse one is subjected to.

I am not anti-Masonic at all and never have been, as well, I'm not anti-Rosicrucian either, though my interests lead me in many directions when it comes to those topics. I am however very apprehensive of people that use or abuse Hermetic philosophy and methods to wreak havoc, especially emotional harm upon others.

Groups that polarity reverse love and hate tend to harass people in order to provoke hateful reactions, in order to milk them of their love as it were. That's usually the motive for harassment, but it does occur under other circumstances I've described as well, where two teams of people seemingly competing or working against each other are actually cooperating, and playing their victim between the two sides towards some loss or exploitation.

I am a sexually liberated and a liberal person, when it comes to matters of that topic and abhor religions or ideologies that force antiquated and oppressive ideas related to that topic upon members of society, as that often materializes in the oppression of women, and drives an entire social mechanism that blames them for the downfall of humanity thanks to how some interpret their host ideology. All women have the final say over what happens with their body and that should never be held over them or against them. 

Personal or private matters, especially those related to consensual sexuality should only be the business of the people involved where it involves consenting adults.

I stand firmly with my love interest who is Asian, and I mean no disrespect by this statement.

Some Final Words

This photo was taken about two years ago with my Huawei P20, which died about six months ago, my 
having replaced it with a used LG which is a good phone all considered, but I really do miss my Huawei. I just love the colours in this photo as the P20's camera is awesome, and this photo really seems to go well with this the season and this post.

The holidays were great, having a bit of time to enjoy myself quietly, writing, drinking wine and eating the awesome food I somehow managed to cook, including a Szechuan/Mandarin Orange Turkey stir fry with rice and veggies and fresh home cooked bread (three loaves). Also, Eggs Benedict for breakfast every day for three days, with a cup of coffee and a morning Orange Juice Wine Spritzer.

So hopefully the recovery from the latest attacks will be short. Today was a pretty bad one but I gave it back as good as I got it, and then some and without being a meanie.

By next week, I should be back on track writing though I almost threw in the towel and I'm still hesitant about it, but I would rather ensure the people who made a difference in my life, my YouTube subscription friends included, even today those two acts of kindness are rewarded, without rewarding abuse. I think I can handle that, but I still need a short break. Hopefully I'll be back on the job within a week, though I might take the full two weeks as I need it.

So, if you find yourself in a similar situation as the two team scam I just described, and find yourself being harassed or tormented and played, hopefully what I've revealed will help you to manage and overcome it with the flying colours you choose.

Stay safe and be well, ;-) 

...and although the guitar is a great instrument, I don't play guitar and have never owned one in my life.