Happy Holidays!

Getting in contact with your relatives can be difficult when you've been locked out of one of your main social media accounts. Social media is so strongly associated with identity that when you lose access to such an account, its much like losing your identity and unfortunately that's a power that some Social Media admins are more and more abusing.

So in order to get around this obstacle, I'll use my voice here as CEO, Author, Artist and Janitor of Shhhh! Digital Media to wish my family, relatives and friends Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas!

So, this goes directly out to my Kerri and my brother Darryl and their two sons, Carter and Jake. I hope you're keeping it up with music, Carter, and Jake, weld done (pun intended)! This also goes out to my mother Rita and her friend Bob in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Happy Holidays to you on Canada's Eastern seaboard. Definitely part of the clothing designer inspiration for Heylyn Yates (Ai Yuanlin Ying).

To my father David and his wife Pat I'd like to wish them Happy Holidays, assuming that between all the visits to other relatives they're getting the break they deserve, being Bryce and all. The same goes out to my half-brother Andrew and his wife Lucy. Good wishes to Keith, Dave and Ron as well and their families too.

To Sarah, Cheryl, Amy and Adrian and their children, may Santa (not Sanata) Claus be good to you all. I still think about Uncle Gordon and Uncle Bob often.

To Suzanne, Angela, Cheryl and Liz, may your holiday season be a joyful one.

To Rosanne, Clair-Anne, Aunt Maureen, Aunt Julia and Uncle Joe, Uncle Ray (and Wendy of course!), and Uncle Frank, I wish you all a peaceful year and beyond. Happy Holidays.

To Stephen and Brenda Bishop, I hope that your lives have become as full and rich as your youth. Happy Holidays to you and your families. Its no coincidence that I'm a big fan of WWII and other flight sims. Must be in my family.

To Scott (Maple), his family and his wife and kids, Happy Holidays! PS: Wanna go see Star Wars at the theatre again?

To Robert (Tozer), fellow author who tread that ground professionally years before I did, pioneering a take on the Zombie genre that undoubtedly would have inspired another ground breaking film from George A. Romero.

Happy Holidays to Jane Geddes, James Ross, Munir, and Elliot Ingleby and your families may you have wonderful holidays this year and an occasion to celebrate. Barris waves back from the other side of your mirrors from time to time.

Happy Holidays to Miranda, Brian and the rest of the Kwok Clan. To Karen, Aaron and family. To Brenda, Danny and their micro-person (which has probably become a macro-person). To Katrina. To Peter Borav. To Marina and Danny. To Petri and Chris. To Chris and Shannon (McKewan).

Happy Holidays to Doris, Sandy, the two Nicoles, Darrell Haines, Stephen Sampson, Les Sampson Junior and Senior, David Sampson, Jason Sampson and Lee Fernandez.

To Kelly and Russ, who have both journeyed onward to the next phase in this thing we call life.

From the same circle, at various times, Happy Holidays to Sandy (Extence), Alison, Kristin, Lynne and the rest of the crew from the Yonge Street And Eglinton Ave party days.

Happy Holidays to John Paul Young in Nova Scotia! I hope you're getting that new Cardboard Brains album together because I'll be one of the first in line for a signed copy.

Happy Holidays to Bruce, Phil and Dylan. I hope you guys are still pioneering the Hollywood quality hi-tech garage video nerd movement. All the best to you and your families. Bruce is a big part of my ability to persevere as an important mentor in my life. Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas!

Happy Holidays to Lillian F. Every word I write of the character Alicia is filled with you and Kerri, though I'm still having a hard time deciding who Norler would be.

Happy Holidays to Elaine, a great friend who introduced me to two of the most important people in my life. Lillian and Taz. I'm sorry I couldn't live up to being worthy of their company, but your ability to see goodness in others, despite their tribulations are what makes Valerie Aspen the strong character she is.

Happy Holidays to Raymond Williams and family! I miss those shirt and tie Southam days we had as much so as those all night dance club days back when Goth (and Industrial) music was still young.

Happy Holidays to Jennifer L. O'Neill (I hope I spelled that right, its been a while). The tall, confident and very red-haired half of Shaela. It always amazes me how I can find Shaela so attractive and yet fear her at the same time when he isn't waving back from the pages here or from his place inside of my mind.

Happy Holidays to Lianne and family. The goth-inspired other half of Shaela from back in the day. Definitely the Siouxie Sioux part, and much like Jennifer, the summoner of giant cats.

Happy Holidays to Kyoshi Stuart Morgan. Its been a while and I hope I got the correct honorific that would apply to your Kyu. It saddens me to hear of Hanshi Hind's passing, as you are both the inpsiration for one of Heylyn's most important mentors, as she started with Goju Ryu on her path to become the Butterfly Dragon. A path I would never been aware of if not for you.

Happy Holidays to my YouTube subscriptions (mostly ASMR, massage, relaxation, martial arts and science videos to help me sleep and to keep my sanity).

Happy Holidays to SQTI and Aikido Tendokai (which recently added Kenpo as another program).

Of course Happy Holidays to Helen Chen, the woman who will always be on my mind.

Happy Holidays everyone, regardless of what you celebrate. The nights from this point forward will grow shorter, while the light in all our lives will truly shine.

The latest A Lady's Prerogative story will be finished by the end of boxing day, at the latest the 27th, and The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons will be continued from Tuesday onward.