Delays, But Upcoming Material...

I had a minor computer outage, though it resulted in a reinstall and I lost a bit of the next chapter for The Two Dragons so I thought I'd post an update to let you know what's going on.

First of all, the harassment problem has mostly disappeared over the course of a two days. We'll see how that goes and continues. That's really good news as it opens doors to a lot of creative avenues, and means no time will be wasted bickering with harassing groups. Also, it means peace for not only myself but  for others affected by this.

So I'm going to attempt to rewrite what I lost, and will work on that first until I've completed the new chapter(s). From there, I'll be working on some other written material, some of which you're familiar with and some of which you're not.

I'll also be working on some martial arts training over the next few months as I'm adding another martial art to my repertoire. Its been six years since I last trained, so I thought I'd try something new in that regard. 

I hope everyone's December 1st is going well, and that you're enjoying your foray into the holiday solstice season, or whatever you might celebrate at this time of year.

I've a few more things to setup, and then I should be back to par.

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