Remembrance Day And The Future Of Humanity

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We're at a very important point in history, where those who can directly recall and reflect upon the horrible price of global warfare have passed on, having lived their full lives after surviving such a conflict that took place in the 1930s, into the 1940s. Their memories and stories all but words on a page. Their experiences lost to the social memory of human civilization.

It is remarkable that we've gone seventy-five years without a global conflict, yet that fact is largely due to those survivors, who kept vigil over society, especially where we were tempted to enter into devastating conflict. Surely a conflict whose final outcome could spell catastrophe for human kind, as evidenced by Mother Nature. She makes no guarantees for any of her children. She only does her best to provide for them, until she no longer can. Happenstance intervenes and entire biomes, even worlds have their slates wiped clean. From their ashes arise the next in the line of life, who get their chance to make it further than those before them.

Being consciously aware, and able to willfully adapt and change our environment imposes a great responsibility upon us. Those people who've fought for their country's principals, or their own ideals as life on this planet tend to learn just how precious that life is. With the fading of the last Veterans of World War II, we're losing both a stern memory and a voice. One that humanity needs, and not just in the face of war, but in reflection to other challenges we're currently facing, and stand to face for certain.

No matter where our destiny leads us, or where we lead it, nature will continue, with or without us. It might take hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands or millions, but the universe does not depend upon, nor does it need us to continue. We're as much spectators to the greatest show as any of the other life across this planet, and any other life there is across this vast universe.

Veterans of global warfare, and other wars that have raged across this fragile planet have directly faced their own mortality, and become acquainted with death and its arrival, without invitation and in spite of our ability to stave it off. Its ironic that as we come to face challenges that need experienced voices to guide us into the future, we're losing those familiar with facing insurmountable challenges in every moment of a portion of their life until peace was declared.

Our focus for the future should be to learn from their commitment to purpose, where that purpose is for the betterment of all life and its future on this planet. Learning to move forward with the guidance of those who've learned from such devastating experiences, even in their absence. 

In the absence of conflict, without a struggle for our lives against a direct and immediate threat to our being, will we learn to push forward with vigor and purpose as those Veterans who survived? 

In their absence, will we become like those whose voices gave strength and direction to the world for seventy-five years? 

Are we destined to enter into another global conflict, after the last of us who could remember such horrors have disappeared from the world, leaving only their words and their graves.

No matter how hard we try, we'll never remember what they truly experienced, and that is the tragedy of their loss as we progress through time.

The biggest immediate danger to our future, is treading into the same ground that led to global conflict. Without the guidance of those most familiar with it, humanity is facing one of its many threats dead on, without the benefit of those familiar with such unknown territory.

Thank you to the Veterans around the world, for benefiting the world by your perseverance and dedication to principle, and for reminding us what waits for us in the unknown territory of warfare and global conflict, for it should never be an option.

As always, our story tellers can help us explore this territory, with the guidance of those who've experienced it, as if the case in the works of Herman Wouk or in the movies of Steven Spielberg, particularly, for Saving Private Ryan. But without those familiar with the direct threat of conflict and warfare, story tellers are in the same turf as those trying to find their way in the dark. The stories of Veterans, even in their living absence, will continue to live on and inspire future generations to seek other solutions rather than conflict.

This is the importance of Remembrance Day. If not to spend years considering these moral questions of our existence, then for one day every year to think about these issues, and to keep them fresh in one's mind all their life. 

The greatest risk to our peace is when we forget what it is to be at war.

Within the upcoming week, I'll step forward one more year to the ripe age of 55 years old, though I'm celebrating that step forward into my birthday tonight (I even made my own strange looking cake for the occasion). I'll be continuing with The Butterfly Dragon III, and working on another project related to both Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative.

Once again, there have been issues with identity theft and harassment recently, as well as attempts to steal the credit or associate Shhhh! Digital Media with people that have nothing to do with it.

To those who've been supportive and positively encouraging, I can't thank you enough. The best I can do is to share my best with you, and hopefully to help you find inspiration within yourselves, at least as much so as I myself get from you. Thank you to writers, ASMRtists, gamers, developers, educators, fashioneers, many of whom you can find on YouTube and TikTok. 

Also, I recently received a notification from Facebook about the birthday of a member of my family (Amy, whose father Gordon was my Uncle).

Happy Birthday Amy!

I'm still having difficulty logging into my Facebook account, and there's evidence pointing towards the fact that there might be some admins holding my account and identity "hostage", and possibly helping others in my community to do the same.

In other words, if I can't login to my Facebook account, their logic is that I can't be the owner of that identity. This seems to be a growing trend with a number of online and social media companies, literally holding their user's identity hostage, and coordinating with others socially to deny a person of their identity, both in their community of residence and online, while replacing their victim's identity with that of someone else.

So, seeing as this site is why most people would want to steal my identity, I figured if I posted this here, that would pretty much confirm my identity. The next step in dealing with this is talking to the Federal Police about it, and filing a report to the CRTC. Apparently there's a growing list of similar complaints  from other people as well.

There are groups that oppose my own love interest being Asian, so much so that they'd actually steal my identity and replace it with someone else's just to hide such a fact, simply because I'm Caucasian. Also, its kind of ironic that Facebook seems to be the source of a lot of this identity fraud, seeing as Mark Zuckerberg is married to an Asian woman. Its horrible that there's still people opposed to mixed culture relationships that don't meet their criteria, and look for ways to cover it up when they can. In my case, its mostly identity theft that's involved. I'm sure they'll get nailed soon, as the list of people with similar complaints is growing at an alarming rate.

I've been using a VPN recently, so many of my posts would seem to originate from other parts of the world, though I don't think that's a factor as I was having this problem long before I started using VPNs, so its definitely not a love/hate or blood and fire thing. Besides, I'm not a member of any ideology that operates according to that idiom.

Its a shame when social media applications penalize the actual end-user. This is why I stopped using Facebook altogether, though it seems more the kind of effort to cut me off from family because that makes identity theft and other forms of identity fraud much easier against an isolated target. I should remind people that I am very much on the European and Asian side of the fence when it comes to my life philosophy and allegiances.

I'm sure my message will get through the correct channels to my family on that side of the fence. Once again, Happy Birthday Amy. I hope that you, Adrian and family are doing well.

Enough of that gripe.

Thank you, and have a great weekend.