Guitars Are Expressive Instruments...

 Since the creation of the Violin and even the Urhu, the Guitar is one of the front runners of instruments that are nearly as expressive as the human voice, the benchmark for any instrument with a melodic inclination (an instrument used to carry the melody of a musical piece en solo).

Now, if you think that I'm going to write several paragraphs kissing the ass of guitar players, and sugaring their egos, you're certainly wrong. I'm here to clarify a few facts for those of you who seem to be inclined towards giving the credit for my work to a guitar player. 

I just thought I'd soften the blow because I think guitars and (most of) their instrumentalists are wonderful, and the problem isn't so much guitars or guitar players as it is the kind of people who'd take the credit from something one person did, and give it to another. I don't need ego food to drive me to write, but abuse is something I can do without.

So let me get started here clarifying a few facts.

This also comes shortly after my own mother having sent me a birthday card with a guitar on the front, which means something entirely different to her and I mean no offense with regard to anything I have to say here.

Perhaps more proof that there is an effort to make my online identity seem like its different from my android phone identity and my in-person identity. So first of all, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Regent Park at 200 Sherbourne Street in Suite 701.

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Nothing on Shhhh! Digital Media is written by a guitar player at all. I don't play guitar, though I do play keyboards and piano, but my name is not Peter. Its Brian. I'm a Caucasian guy that is somewhat fit, in his mid-fifties. Six feet tall and about 175 lbs and I'm not Irish, nor am I Italian.

Often, there is effort to claim that is the case but that's not in fact the case at all. This isn't hate and hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

Quite simply, I don't play guitar, and I'm not a member of ANY cult that uses colour symbolism to alter the context of their expression or speech, or to polarize people to diametrically opposed points of view and then to switch the sides of the two.

Original Image by Freepik (see bottom of post for web address)

Also, I'm not a member of ANY cult that utilizes the symbolism of the colour blue to alter or replace a person's history or identity, or to switch identities between people and never will be.

Lastly, my love interest is Asian and she's a woman, and someone with whom I have been romantically involved previously, and I have no intention of changing my mind in that regard, even if that means I spend the rest of my life single and alone. I haven't got the slightest problem with that, because I'm not changing my mind on the matter.

I stand by Asia and Europe, and I don't express anything in the opposite context of what I intend. The cult I'm exposing use colour symbolism to alter the expression of context in such a way that they attempt to pidgeon hole a person to an extreme on one side of a diametrical duality, and then attempt to switch the two to the advantage of one and the detriment of the other, but almost always never in the form of their originally expressed sidedness.

Such a cult operates under the assumption that if you are but once inconsistent with your own previously expressed views, that you are not the originator or owner of that perspective. That it can be freely taken from you and given to someone else's credit, including all of your devotion and dedication to whatever it represented. You simply have to fumble just once for such a cult to take everything from you and the cult part is defined by the fact that they are people who do just that. Twenty four/seven harassing and tormenting you with the goal of tricking you into contradicting something for which you've previously invested a lot of your effort protecting, so they can take that from you and give the credit for all that effort to someone else. Usually to elevate them in some public way or to iconify them. 

The harsh reality is that illusion is almost always at the cost of someone who stood by their principles, from whom that effort was stolen and all of the effort that went along with it was given to another person, all in order to prop them up in some completely inapplicable way. Like stealing finely crafted bricks from the construction site of one house, to put onto the ad-hoc construction of another, as a form of bling.

I am not a Politician. I am not a King. I am not opposed to either as I vote and file taxes yearly, and I support our system of Governor Generals as a traditional oversight of due process and representatives of the Crown.

However, I'm quite simply an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism and I don't play guitar. I  also don't believe that if you don't use it, you lose it. I haven't swam in years, but I guarantee you that I can still do it fairly well. I haven't ridden a bicycle in about six years, but I'm certain I'd have no problems doing it again if I needed to.

Original Image by Freepik

Lastly, nobody is in control of me except me, and my name is Brian Joseph Johns, and I am Shhhh! Digital Media and the writer of every short story and book here.

I can't say when I'll be updating my writing, because its been a pretty hectic weekend for harassment again. Harassed for playing Civilization VI as Wilfred Laurier of Canada? When I'm not working, I tend to lay low as I struggle with finances. So I choose things to do in my spare time that cost me little and make use of what I already have, and certainly things that keep my mind engaged and my imagination active. It doesn't matter how old you are. Keeping your mind engaged and regularly exercised like your body is good for you, but you also need peace and time for reflection and meditation.

I'm sorry if you're offended that nothing here is written by a guitar player, but that's the truth. If you're looking for content written by guitar players, I'm certain that you can find a lot of that online if you search for it. But don't take what I write and give it to the credit of others who have nothing to do with it.

Not to mention this cult harasses people in order to trick them into speaking out against colour symbolism so they sound like they're bashing other things represented by colour symbolism. For instance, The Sick Kids Hospital is often represented by the colour blue, and if I sound like I'm speaking out against colour symbolism, someone might take it so far as to indicate I'm speaking out against something of that nature. Again, I don't do hate means love or love means hate and never have and never will. I say what I mean and mean what I say. 

If you do live that way, by hate means love and love means hate, then people will abuse you until you react hatefully against them as a means of implying that you love them, when you really are upset and angry at them for abusing you. So that's why I'd never join anything like that. People all of the time will abuse you if they have access to you, just to provoke hostile reactions from you so they can claim that you "love" them, more so than you love someone that you truly love. Its almost always easier to provoke an angry reaction from someone than it is to earn their respect or admiration. So polarity reversing love and hate just leads to problems.

Don't know when I'll be back, but again to those people out there that aren't a part of this abusive cult, and upon whose shoulders I choose to lay my weary head (the ASMR community, and many of the other channels to which I subscribe on YouTube and other online venues), I sincerely thank you.

I'll get back to writing soon. Its not that I'm incapable of doing so or that I've somehow lost the ability, its that I won't reward abuse. is not a part of Shhhh! Digital Media, but recently they flagged one of my posts as spam, likely trying to get above me in terms of my company Shhhh! Digital Media, so I'm going to move my website to another server. Its been a slice working with them over the years, but obviously this cult is trying to use my own fiction against me.

I had originally posted this but it was flagged as spam, so I deleted it and reposted under a completely new post, though there was no spam content within the post to begin with. The site that I credited for the guitar images was flagged.

That's alright.

I'll find another webserver, but the Shhhh! Digital Media URL will remain the same.

See you soon.

Guitar Images by Freepik

200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

PS: I'm a non-smoker and I don't play guitar, my name isn't Tom, and I'm not Marty Shea.