Midjourney And New Chapters Coming Soon...

Artificial Intelligence In The Toolkit

I spent earlier part of the day on Midjourney on Discord on my Shhhh! Digital Official Discord examining the possibilities of using AI based artwork. I see the future of such tools becoming another tool in the artist's toolkit, in much the same way a painter might have many different kinds of brushes.

Image produced by Midjourney Discord Server with the command:
/imagine A dark starry night, a highly detailed shimmering
dark tear in the fabric of reality in the foreground
through which the terrifying eye of a giant dark feline with
red eyes stares before it ventures forth to the lady who summoned it

From what I saw on Midjourney, it can be used on a variety of different levels, going from minimalist:

Image produced by Midjourney Discord Server with the command:
/imagine An infinite smile punctuated by tears

To images created with extensive parameters, including various camera settings such as film ISO stock 400 ASA (for example) to shutter speed 1/1200, to F-Stops (for depth of field) F/22 to other various CG parameters such as HDR, PBR surface parameters, occlusion, shadow mapping and other options you'd find in photo developing and rendering solutions.

Its pretty remarkable what you can do with this technology, and I see it being a tool in the artist's future tool kit more so than I see it putting artists out of work.

With Midjourney on the free tier, the works are protected under the Creative Commons 4.0 license with attribution, meaning you can do anything with them short of using them for commercial purposes so long as you give attribution.

I remember when digital drum machines first arrived back in the late 1970s, and my own parents having a drummer in their band who rather than doing away with technology, embraced it right away. He eventually even bought his own Simmons Drum kit back at that time.

When other drummers weren't getting work because they weren't familiar with playing against MIDI click tracks (MIDI had just been born at that time) or alongside a digital drum machine, this same drummer went on receiving more work simply because he knew how to work with tradition and technology. So he was light years ahead of every other drummer on those grounds. Ironically, he was also one of inspirations for one of the characters in The Butterfly Dragon and holds a traditional honorific in a connected martial art until this day.

Whenever faced with advances of this nature, I always regard that lesson as an important one.

The Two Dragons And Its Connection To My Life

I was very productive last week in writing, and felt very inspired to do a tribute to my own love interest from within The Two Dragons as she's Mandarin Chinese and has had involvement with aspects similar to the story between Heylyn and Braden.

My own love interest is a Mandarin Chinese lady with whom I was romantically involved over the course of 2006. She worked at a donut shop at Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street, and I was actually introduced to her by a security guard named Rob who worked for a private security firm called Forensic at a location just around the corner from Broadview Avenue and Gerrard Street. There are others who also remember me from that time who knew about us, and those are times that nobody is ever going to take from me. They are the most precious memories I have, with her.

All of The Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End are like that and contain cues through which the people who know me will recognize me, though very little is related to or about me. In all truth, I'm just not that interesting as the stories are, and they're about people far more interesting and fascinating to me.

I've got a bit of other stuff to do this week (studying a few courses), but I'll be back to writing soon.

The Challenge Involved With Being Harassed And Its Motives

Monday was also a bit bad for the proverbial harassment gremlins and especially later in the evening, though I held my ground against them without going overboard, though it was close. Consider that when I experience that sort of thing, that it involves constant harassment attempting to provoke me towards extreme reaction, especially being verbally loud or aggressive. Usually I'm very good at dealing with it, but occasionally they really push the limit.

Their goal is to push me overboard so that I appear to contradict the good nature of what I write, likely to push me more towards appearing more consistent with the criminal side of the books than otherwise. This is a cult that operates according to colour symbolism, so if you wear red, they'll do everything they can to make you appear to be the hate side, while blue they'll try to make appear to be the love side. 

They do this with other colours as well, in a daily competition over the course of the day, abusing and harassing people based upon colour symbolism in order to define specific colours to mean specific things according to the outcome of this competition.

A Universe Full Of Colour

I love all colours and certainly wouldn't want a universe absent of any, but I'd never live according to any idea that confines how I have to behave according to what colours I was wearing or the colours with which I interact. So being tormented simply because I was wearing red, and a cult doesn't want a person wearing red exhibit any form of love? If you're attacking someone simply because of the colours they're wearing, then that's proof that you're already the hate side without even getting out of the starting gate, though I'm not trying to force any such person to the hate side at all. That's their choice, not mine.

I have to watch out for things of that nature because there are people who will attempt to take my writing from me on the grounds that if I'm inconsistent with it, how could it have been me that wrote it? 

Distinguishing Thought, Expression And Action

I don't subscribe to the point of view that if a person isn't consistent with what they write, that it couldn't have been them that wrote it, as writing does not require consistency with one's actions. Its more like thought. It is an exploration and expression of potential, in the form of either fantasy or reality, without being committed in any particular way. Thought is contemplation and potential, and should never be constrained by any limits, implied or otherwise. Action is specifically where commitment becomes involved in any concept and where responsibility becomes a factor. That's why there's no crime in what a person thinks, versus what they do. I think Orwell's concept of the thought crime does pretty well to describe the ideas behind that and why a person should always be free to think, not matter what they think.

Polarity Alterations Are A Means Of Censorship

Also, my writing is hitting upon a very important topic when it comes to the nature of consciousness and free will, and ideologies that attempt to puppeteer others without their even knowing.

The motive for cults that operate in this fashion is based upon the idea that the colour symbolism of the colour blue is often regarded as opposite polarity, ie hate means love and love means hate, while red means sincerity rather than opposite polarity. 

This interpretation of polarity is actually a form of taking away a person's expression by means of reversing its context rather than being a personal coping mechanism for when someone expresses something with which someone else disagrees.

Especially when those conducting such an activity disagree with the context of what is being expressed. Cults of this sort often abuse dualism in this form to dilute context and obscure expression using these means. 

If you express something with which they disagree, the context of your expression is then reversed to its polar opposite, which in most cases becomes something with which they agree, or something that benefits them at the expense of the context of your expression, which for all intense purposes is taking away a person's expression.

My Case Against Them Is Built On The Charter

Members of this cult disagree with my love interest being Mandarin Chinese, because they want people to believe that my love interest is Filipino or transgender, and want other people that read my books and this website to believe that I'm being remotely controlled (by members of the same cult that are trying to perpetuate that lie). I can assure you that is complete and utter nonsense, without indulging my ego or entertaining hate. I'm still very much an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism and nothing has changed about that, nor will it ever.

If my own love interest was Filipino or transgender, there would be nothing wrong with that (as long as they were a consenting adult). By the same token, there is nothing wrong with the fact that my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and a woman, and isn't Filipino or transgender.

By the fact that they have a problem with my love interest being Mandarin Chinese and a woman, simply because I'm a Caucasian male, they're already admitting to being the hate side of the fence because their non-acceptance of that fact is based upon culture and gender.

There is also the factor of religion, because this cult are against my religion and beliefs being that of Atheism leaning towards Buddhism and Taoism, because they'd rather I was part of a paradigm which is polarity reversible and would thrust me into their battle of Black Zionism/Brown Zionism versus White Zionism, ie. fighting over the origins of the Hebrew religion based upon race and skin colour, while denying Israel their status as a nation of the world and stirring further conflict between Jewish and Muslim people of the world, rather than fostering peace.

I have no problem with the idea that an adult may hold affection for any other adult regardless of gender or culture, though I myself tend towards members of the opposite sex and in this case, towards a particular woman who happens to be a specific culture, and someone who entertained and reciprocated that interest.

I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose and to hold a belief in any and all religions or none at all. However, the practice of any belief, religion or ideology that violates the Charter and Human rights of another person should be held accountable before the law and a court of justice, as should the people found guilty of such practice.

Their Motives In A Nutshell

The motives for this cult even attempting to sway the impression of my culture, gender and authorship is based upon a number of factors which I've hit upon above.

The first is making it appear that I'm not the one writing my own content here on Shhhh! Digital Media. 
To make it appear that what I write is originating from someone else, but I can assure you that isn't the case. I, Brian Joseph Johns am the writer and the source of this content and it originates from within my mind.

The motive of this cult is in order to make it appear like someone of a different culture and possibly of a different religion from my own is the real writer, or that I'm being remotely controlled by said person. The motive for that is to benefit that person and a particular religion or ideology and a specific group of people, while stealing the credit for my content without ever actually being held accountable for it.

If I make a statement to the effect that my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese, and that I'm Caucasian, polarity reversing my expression would result in the statement being interpreted as: my own love interest being the opposite of Mandarin Chinese, and that I'm the opposite of Caucasian and the opposite of an Atheist and the opposite of a Buddhist and Taoist.

Their motives are also based in manipulation, specifically the motivation of bouncing their victims around between two diametrically opposed ideas in order to polarize their victim to extremity and exploit them as a result of such efforts. Once again, that is often conducted via colour symbolism with the goal of pushing their victim to the extreme negative side, while benefiting someone else they elevate to the extreme positive side. 

Why My Case Is Just

People of every culture and gender are creative and productive, and that is without a doubt, however, in this case such a polarity reversed expression referring to my identity and person, and the nature of my own love interest, and my own beliefs would be a complete lie, and one created by this cult for the purposes of benefiting racism, specific religion or ideology and attributing my content to people that have nothing to do with it.

Their motives are based upon polarity reversals which benefit and exacerbate black and white politics in terms of symbolism, while excluding other cultures and religions of the world, and fanning the flames of conflict between Black Zionism/Brown Zionism, White Zionism, Israel and the Muslim world. Meanwhile as I've stated before, I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism.

My own statement with regard to the cultural identity of my love interest and myself, is not made to benefit racism or hate, but in order to distinguish the specific identity of individuals. My own love interest, and myself, while protecting my content here. Stating my own beliefs is much the same not an effort to deny others of their right to belief, but to distinguish my identity and to protect my own right of belief.

Two very different motives between mine and theirs, with theirs being perpetuated by people who want you to believe that my content is produced by someone that is the opposite of my culture, full well knowing that if I speak out against such an effort, I risk sounding like a racist myself.

Also, if I clarify that my love interest isn't Filipino or transgender, I risk sounding homophobic despite the fact that nothing could be further from the truth.

In both cases, the cult perpetuating this are the ones who are in the wrong and actually conducting the hate. The reason is that they can't tolerate my truth because it doesn't involve the ideas of cultural exclusivity they're promoting, or the aspects of gender that they'd prefer to be the case with the identity of the person producing this content, despite the fact that there is nothing wrong with the gender, culture or identity of the person producing this content. If, by chance my culture or gender happened to be different, there would be nothing wrong with that either. So the things that this cult have a problem with are culture, gender and truth.

Meanwhile, I've already indicated that I believe that people of every culture and gender are creatively capable of anything they put their mind and being to.

So, the problem is theirs and what I've explained here is a clear indication that the hate is theirs, not mine, on the grounds that they simply cannot accept the truth because it defies the aspects of culture and gender, and the specific egos of people they want credited with what I write despite the fact that such people have no involvement in writing it, or creating the art here in that regard, and their motive for wanting it is based upon culture, gender and what essentially amounts to plagiarism and theft.

Their effort constitutes a violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act, while I've effectively online and offline defended both, while defending my love interest and her rights, my identity and authorship as well.

I sincerely hope that my loyal readers are doing much better.