Be Back Soon...

Busy weekend, not to mention a bit of "bad weather" if you get my drift.

Did some writing, watched a flick, played some PC games, braced myself against the "bad weather" and recovered. Still dealing with a few "gremlins" though.

Learned something new related to image processing as well this morning which will be helpful 4 the future of Shhhh! Digital, not to mention some other projects.

I should be back writing this week once I've dealt with the gremlins.

So once again, I'm not Bobby and I don't play guitar. Nothing on Shhhh! Digital Media is written anywhere else other than 200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I'm posting from my phone, so nothing fancy until I get to my computer.

I hope you had a good weekend, and that the week ahead is as enjoyable as it is challenging.

See You Soon!

PS: Happy Upcoming Birthday to a younger relative of mine! I hope that everything is weld!

200 Sherbourne Street Suite 701, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
and (they both come to the same person, me).