When Things Don't Turn Out

When things don't turn out, and I say things that you've been working on, planning and anticipating for a positive outcome. 

Maybe career progress. 

Maybe something so simple as day to day survival.

Maybe you've written a screenplay. A book. And you've been turned down by publishers or your was script rejected.

Maybe you planned a dinner for your friends and nobody shows up.

Whatever the case is and no matter what. 

Don't give up. Keep on keepin' on.

So what. Disney scoffed at the idea of a Butterfly Dragon movie. DC Universe thinks its amateur trash. Its already been done with Charlie's Angels or insert your favourite three heroine movie (Charlie's Angels was amongst them, which my favourite was Nine To Five). I gave it my all. Every single last bit of me down to struggling to ensure I can afford dental treatments just so I can smile without a black spot here and there. Only two black spots. Not bad. I really did my best. I'll just refrain from smiling for a while.

Even during the worst attempts of vitriolic and abusive people to traumatize me and thwart my efforts, did I keep going. Trauma is very difficult to overcome. The worst of things one can experience, because it often revisits when one anticipates a similar situation. Panic ensues, and from that point, a person can be their own worst enemy, simply to avoid similar pain to that experienced previously as dished out by abusive social ideologies. Another hurdle and one very difficult to describe to the uninitiated. However, I still keep going through the worst of it. I always have.

So what if they think A Lady's Prerogative is contrived post feminist trash. I gave it every last bit of myself in producing those books and stories for years of my life and didn't earn a cent from doing it. But you know what. I really pushed for women. I pushed for things that I longed to see in society.

I was a part of something that changed the world. Something that truly and literally did so, from the most humble and modest beginnings.

So when you crash and burn like that, what do you do?

You get up. Brush yourself off and keep on going until there's no life in you left to give.

If you really truly believe in what you're doing, then that's what you'll do.

That's because that's what it is to truly live, whatever vocation you pursue. 

No matter how low. No matter how far. You keep going.

Think about it. My own parents lived with that attitude as I'm sure many of yours did in raising you. Keeping that roof over your head. Keeping that food on the dinner table. Keeping your new school clothing in your drawers before the start of any school year.

That's the struggle of life, and any life worth living is meant to be lived pursuing your dreams to your fullest, while being ready for the disappointments. For they present the opportunity to learn.

So keep on going. Get up, and brush yourself off and show the younger generation what it is to never give up. 

Even when the venue's empty and the music has stopped, the show must go on.

That's what it is to live for your dreams.

So the way I regard it is that despite the fact that I started writing Butterfly Dragon back when I was 11 years old in 1980, the Charlie's Angels movies just opened the doors to a Butterfly Dragon movie. Maybe after I'm dead, regardless, it will have some influence on what's to come. The best part is that it isn't even nearly finished.

Sure. Bewitched and Charmed (both of which I watched and Charmed was another three heroine offering) all explored the Witchcraft trope thoroughly, but nobody has done it the way I have with A Lady's Prerogative. Yet, there's still so much of Singularity to be told, and it will come soon. Soon. Really, and MindSpice and Gabriel Asnon aren't the bad guys by the way just to let you know without giving away a spoiler. We'll get to the ending, soon enough.

Whenever I get kicked to the dirt by life, and stomped and kicked until I'm rendered into an unconscious lump on the sidewalk, the life slipping out of me (its happened before quite literally). I take a bit to heal and then I get up and get back into the fray. Not just for myself, but because I know there's other people out there who enjoy what I do, and I never want to let them see what it is to give up, because they shouldn't either. Never. My parents didn't when it came to raising their children. I won't, ever. Literally. I mean after I'm dead, I will continue to strive to see Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative become a lasting narrative in society, and popular culture. Not for me, but because it represents so much more. It represents a social philosophy and sentiment. A world where women and men live as equals pursuing the passion of life together, pursuant of philosophy and morality, while cautious of zeal and self-righteousness. The Yearning And Learning.

There is no passion in life worth pursuing as the one that drives you to live and thrive.

So all you writers, artists, thespians, poets and philosophers out there, everyday is an opportunity to live pursue your dreams to your fullest.

Rest. Recover. Do what you have to, but don't ever give up.