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My Identity And The Identity Of My Characters...

As a result of not being able to recover my Facebook account, I've decided to give up on Facebook, though that doesn't mean that I don't have my own identity of Brian Joseph Johns. I am still very much myself and that is my own identity. I don't accept replacement identities from anyone and I'm not a member of any identity swapping cult and never will be. It was suggested since my last post that I'm Jamie Foxx, which would be another attempt to replace my own cultural identity with that of someone African or Caribbean. Jamie Foxx is a great piano player and lover of music like myself, but I'm not him and he's not me. I am also a piano player and don't need to "purchase" the illusion of having that skill from anyone else, because I already have it in real life. As I stated, I'm not a member of that identity switching cult and never will be. As I stated in my previous post, if you're offended that I'm Caucasian, that would be the

Missed Deadline...

I'm sorry to report to you that I missed my deadline for finished The Butterfly Dragon: Leave It To "A" Beaver. I will however be correcting this grave error on August 1, 2022 and hopefully will have the story finished before the end of the day.

Work will also resume on The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons either later today (August 1) or tomorrow and thereon in.

After all, a little bit of strategically applied indulgence can go a long way, so long as you remember to take good care of the vessel that got you there. 

It always pays to love someone or something that can love you back, and your own body is certainly no exception.

Anyway, I've got to go deal with some nasty harassing neighbours again, who are likely trying to steal my identity or aspects of my life activities (such as my immense appreciation of Japanese erotica).