So What's Up With These Posts?

So why these posts all of the sudden, when Shhhh! Digital Media was on such a good roll?

Well, as most of you know and probably many of you experience from time to time, I'm subject to a great deal of harassment by a variety of groups in my vicinity.

Shhhh! Digital Media during the span of its life has managed to garner a lot of "hidden" attention around the world. It has been a beacon in some instances, and in others a bit of a morgue or mausoleum and despite the fact that the communication mostly occurs in one direction (I get almost no feedback or direct communication from anyone in the outside world regarding Shhhh! Digital Media).

Many people want to wear what I write here, as their own. To take it away and give it to their friends.

So one of the ways they do that is by having a sort of harassment bash. Like a weekend party that occurs in my vicinity where a lot of people take part in harassment against my person. Neighbours invite friends to stay in their place. Neighbours turn up the speakers on their phone or computer, and get into internet voice chat, allowing other people from distant places to get in on the harassment as well.

The idea is that this group is attempting to provoke the worst possible reaction from my person. Against them. Against others. Just anything that seems to be different from the mindset it takes to write Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End, amongst other works in progress.

This effort of theirs is an obsessive one, and many people take part in it, including members of infrastructure as well unfortunately because the way they see it is, that if they can after abusing someone for weeks on end, push them to a reaction that contradicts their own productivity or output, the members of this abusive group can steal it from that person and give it to the credit of someone more consistent with what I've written here at Shhhh! Digital Media.

There are many people for whom this is a method of puppeteering people, and what I'm writing about is the core topic of the most recent Butterfly Dragon book, the Two Dragons.

So the last two posts were pretty controversial and directly to the point and I kept the posts away from hate. They could be regarded instead as having a passionate perspective about some things that need to be discussed in society. I didn't back off of anything I felt that needed to be said, because if I did, I'd have done no service to the multiple points that I was trying to make.

So my response to their latest harassment attack upon my person was swift and harsh, and directly to the point. And I will NOT withdraw my words at all, under any circumstances. I believe in what I said and will make no compromise with regard to what I eloquated.

Many people out there are given the impression that what I'm saying is coming from people that my harassers choose to be the source of my words. So the members of this harassment cult are taking what I say, including what I write as part of Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative, convincing people that its coming from someone else that it isn't. They're doing this so that they can associate my words with their brand, whatever it may be. Religion. Race. Any other identifying and polarizing demographic that takes the wind out of the words and repurposes them to promote that brand. Whatever the case, that brand almost certainly has nothing to do with what I'm saying.

In my post about how colour symbolism can be misused to create a blue prison, I was getting at the fact that there are ideologies that are commandeering colours in such a way that upon seeing them, a person is experiencing not what they feel or how they define a colour, but rather, what they've been indoctrinated and enforced to experience with regard to that colour. Imagine if you used a word your whole life, and then a bunch of people started abusing you and harassing you every time you used or saw that word. I mean innocent enough words, like shoe or wonderful, so that over time, every time you saw or used that word, you'd become afraid or anxious. You're conditioned to have a specific emotional reaction to it, that isn't your own.

This is exactly what's going on with colour in our world right now. Think about it? We're being globally bombarded in such a way that our children are having their interpretation of colour forced onto them, rather than being something they experience for themselves that isn't mentally debilitating. Many adults are going through this right now to the extreme, but imagine how it affects children. So my first point about the colour blue, was exactly that. Its important because blue is prominent nearly every day. In the sky. In large bodies of water. Do you want kids to feel a sense of terror every time they see the sky or a body of water? What about red? Why is it that everything red becomes associated with bad things? One my favourite things in the world is red, or at the very least, pinkish. A woman's lips (when I've ever been that close). Colours have a big impact upon our psychology, and we're being conditioned by an abusive social ideology. Be mindful of this. That's what my first point was in the first strongly worded post a day or two ago as my first response to the attack upon my person, which meant more so they were attacking the things I represent, or at least do my best to.

The second post, one dealing with Shunning, which can originate from some religious groups and other ideological groups in society, I once again refrained hate, and kept it objective, keeping my eye on the goal and that was to explain what that abuse is about, and how it manipulates people in the same way that what I call the Abuser's Algorithm does. I used the names Alice and Bob, common names used in such examples where two people are involved.

So to illustrate my point, Bob and Alice are in public. Bob starts nagging and verbally pushing Alice, purposely. Alice, has a bit of patience, and she knows Bob, but doesn't understand the process he's applying to manipulate her.

The more he nags and harasses her, the more it accumulates and builds like stress until she eventually bursts. She rants at him loudly, drawing the attention of others. They come to see what is going on. Alice explains that they were having a discussion. Bob tells them the same, secretly alluding to one of Alice's "buttons", which triggers her again. She rants, this time in front of the people, who immediately regard Alice as being irate and unreasonable. They stand with Bob, not knowing that they're rewarding the abuser.

Then, after a half and hour, Alice calms down, and begins to feel guilty for her reaction. That guilt imposes a hidden debt upon her that rewards Bob again, essentially meaning that he's being rewarded twice for that abuse. Once by Alice, who feels guilty about her reaction to Bob's knowing effort to push her over the edge. 

The second time, by the people who witnessed her reaction, who then regard Bob as the victim. So the actual abuser gets rewarded twice, at the expense of the victim's reputation and their emotional equilibrium.

This same concept applies with groups in society as well, who might harass a person until that person bursts, and rants verbally against members of that group, drawing the attention of others. The spectators then ask the ranting person to back off and tells them that they're being unreasonable without knowing what actually was going on behind the scenes, hence rewarding the abusive group.

The person who ranted might at some point later feel guilty over their reaction, and do something to make it up to that group. The abusive group is twice rewarded for abuse of a solitary victim.

Those two aspects of puppeteering people are commonly used by both people, and groups. When you're given the eyes to see know and see when that's happening in society, you'll be shocked to see that it happens more often than most people know.

So I exposed those methods and not because I've ever used them, but because I am frequently a victim of such attempts. I say attempts, because after a long time of being subjected to such efforts, you eventually become wise to them.

The harassers that abuse and harass people are looking for a reaction and they'll call any reaction you have against their abuse, shunning. In other words, they attempt to turn the tables on you because that's exactly what they're doing. Shunning. When you react to it, they turn the tables on you and call your reaction shunning.

So, my whole point is that I refuse to back down on any of the points that I've made in the last couple of days, despite how shocking my posts might have been to some, given the mostly docile nature of my activity here over the last few months.

What Shhhh! Digital Media represents to me is far more important than to yield in the worst of an abusive attack, because it really means something. Butterfly Dragon, A Lady's Prerogative and Stories From The End all mean something. 

However, those ideals belong to everyone, and in order for them to remain strong, they have to be protected by everyone, without zeal or violence, but certainly with courage, commitment and most of all fairness.

The other extreme is just as dangerous as the one by which you're being harmed. 

Be in control of yourself, and try not to let others see-saw you to the opposite extreme.

I'm not Ronald Silk by the way. I've never been married, let alone married to a Filipino woman. The cult in question has attempted to trick people into thinking that I'm being controlled by Ron, which is not the case at all. 

I think the Filipino culture and people are wonderful, however, my own real life love interest is Asian but she isn't Filipino and I'm not being controlled, and I don't steal aspects of other people's lives to wear as part of my own life.

For the most part, I've shared the best that I have to share with people here on Shhhh! Digital Media, while in return I've been subjected to continuous abuse and harassment for nearly 20 years without any justifiable reason or motive. The motive of this cult is to make me into a blue rose or a hate means love/love means hate kind of guy (which I'm not and never will be). Also, I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology either.

They use this to milk people like myself as if I were a proverbial cow. When you're forced onto the hate side of the fence by being abused, all of your loving positivity is taken from you and affects other people. The price is that you take a psychological and emotional beating from an abusive cult.

When I do produce good content and am not under the effects of constant abuse, I'm a civil person and actually quite polite. The problem is that this cult want other people to believe that any of my good qualities originate from other people. The cult members literally convince others that are gullible enough to believe such things that I'm possessed by other people. That's how the blue team operates by the way.

So my best qualities originate from other people to whom they give the credit and my worst reactions to the abuse as well, they put the weight on other people because the members of this cult operate under the assumption that I don't have my own mind. They're a cult. They don't allow you that privilege to be considered a distinct individual.

They actually operate under the ideology that you're a stack of other people's personas, and that everything you say and do should go to their credit first. The cult hold power over people by denying them of their own individuality and identity and by wielding this power over them, they're denying them of their rights, and ironically, many people, even people sworn to protect those rights take part in this activity. Meaning they're spitting on the Constitution, Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act.

Also, the cult members want to trick people into believing that I use narcotics and that my reaction like these posts originate from narcotics use, which is not the case at all because I don't use, buy or sell narcotics.

The recent Rogers network crash resulted in many people having to use withdraw money from their bank in person, and in cash, meaning that there is no electronic trail of what that money was spent on. So essentially, the cult could imply that you spent money that you withdrew from the bank in cash on narcotics, if they want to force you to carry the burden for narcotics use for instance. I'd be willing to bet that was a big part of the motive for the network failure as cocaine and crack cocaine are popular items in the city right now.

So the members of this cult want to associate me more with crime and narcotics than they want me to be associated with the law. They want to convince other people that I use narcotics, and they want my readers to believe that I use narcotics. The truth is that I don't and certainly don't have any plans to in the future.

Its not that I feel above the people that do. Years ago, I used to promote the idea of not throwing people away and I still believe that, but the problem is that people who are involved in that aspect of life will make it an immense weight upon you. You're like a free ride to them, and harassment is how they keep you in a state where you're carrying the burden for their narcotics use as well and if you don't use them at all, that weight can be very disruptive in your life.

Not to mention, everything good you do will be stolen by this cult and given to the credit of other people, much like the bad too, but the bad are mostly your reactions to their abuse, so really they're creating the worst by abusing you, and using it as a justification to take your best from you because this cult's ideas are also based around the idea that if you don't accept the responsibility for your own bad, how can you take the credit for your own good? This is the entirety of how they steal from people.

This is also known as Osirification, in relation to the Egyptian God Osiris, whereby Osiris was murdered by his brother Set. Set then cut Osiris up into several pieces, giving those pieces out to other Gods to carry. Isis, managed to obtain Osiris' phallus and used it to produce a child, Horus Re, who avenged his father's death at Set's hands and killed Set.

So Osirification is the act of taking everything from a person, good and bad and giving it out to other people to carry in such a way that the person ceases to exist. It is also how this cult erases a person from existence, because essentially, the people they do this to cease to exist and leave no trail that they existed at all. The cult never refer to the victim by name, or regard the victim as having their own name at all.

In some versions of Egyptian mythology, the Amit, the Goddess of the underworld, weighs the human heart and if it is out of balance with the weight of a special feather, the person is cast into the underworld, where they're erased from ever having existed. No, I'm not ripping this off from Disney as I knew about this long before the Moon Knight show existed and had exposed instances of a rip-off cult  version of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn that does to people what I'm talking about. My red shirt by the way has no association with the Ethan Hawke character on Moon Knight. I absolutely despite everything that Amit represents and I don't follow any Egyptian based ideology at all. I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism.

I don't watch the show anymore, and have shied away from both Disney and DC universe as a result of harassment related to their shows and characters, as well as attempts by the harassers to get at details of things I'm working on for Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative or to sabotage those stories.

Now the group I'm referring to aren't the real Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn, but the group that do this imitate what they believe to be the ways of the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn. Kind of like a phony version of the HOOTGD. The fast food version. I've personally known real members of the HOOTGD and they do not operate that way. They promote the arts and often raise money for charity. I'm not a member myself, but as I stated, I knew real members. 

When I say real, I don't mean they listened to a Led Zeppelin album and thought they were suddenly members. No offense, Led Zeppelin are great, but listening to them doesn't initiate one into such a group anymore than listening to Rush initiates someone into Masonry. By the way, both Jimmy Page and Neil Peart experienced the same treatment by a social cult many places throughout the course of their lives.

In fact, the cult purposely imitate any group they're trying to pit their victim against. So if they want to pit you against Scientology, they'll pretend to be on the side of Scientology and harass and torment you using tidbits they learned about it from the internet so that you react with hostility against Scientology. If they want you to be an enemy of the Catholic Church, the same thing. 

They'll do this with any group they can pit you against. In essence, they're trying to force you onto the blue team so that everything you say means the opposite. If you say you love someone Asian, then they'll find the opposite of Asian culture (usually African culture) and claim you really mean that you love someone African. If you claim not to use narcotics, they'll claim that you really mean that you do. Colour symbolism of blue representing the fact that everything you express means the opposite. Of course if your love interest is really Asian, and this cult starts trying to force you to be with someone African, your resistance to that effort might make you appear to be a racist, which again is the kind of damaging thing to your reputation that they're trying for.

Also, if you're a content producer, this cult targets content producers because they want the audience of the content producer to be forced to carry the burden that they throw onto the content producer. So the bigger the audience, the more burden they attempt to load onto the content producer.

I'm a solitary content producer, and many members of this abusive cult have access to me. I live next to an abusive neighbour who harasses me 24/7 and I'm not kidding. So there is a lot of effort to attack me in this regard.

I'll just say this. I truly do not use, buy or sell narcotics. I truly am not a pirate. I pay for my content where payment applies. I am not a spousal abuser and never have been. I am not a sexual predator or pedophile or any risk to anyone in that regard. I am not a violent person (though sometimes my books can have a bit of violence). I do drink alcohol occasionally, but I am not dependent upon it. I've definitely produced more good in my life than otherwise. Cults that abuse people are trying to push that in the opposite direction. Its ironic that when you're good to your city, a cult like this abuses you so much and singles you out.

I'll be revealing way more about them too over time. Stay tuned.

Brian Joseph Johns