Shunning And Hate

For clarity's sake, I need to say this. I'm not Haitian and nor is my love interest. So that in writing this, I'm not confused for someone else. I'm essentially Caucasian and my love interest is Asian. I don't play guitar and have never owned a guitar.

Most importantly, I'm not on the blue team and never will be. Nor am I a Ziontologist or a Scientologist with all due respect.

As you also know, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect. I've never been a member of either ideology. I'm not a member of any form of Christianity at all either, and am in fact an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism, though I'm here in this post to talk about harassment and shunning. The context of why I clarified what I did will become clear as you read the text below.

Finally, I've never been a member of any hate group, racist group or gang.


Shunning is an activity conducted by Jehovah's Witnesses and other religions against Apostates (people they see as their enemies) and those they're disfellowshipping (kicking out of the religion). Shunning consists of consistent social abuse, harassment and stalking by supporting members of the ideologies, who do everything to make the life of their victims as unpleasant as possible, where ever they may be. 

At work. Volunteering. At home. At all of those places the victim is subject to this abuse, often with the goal of removing them from the workforce, any volunteering positions until they are unemployed and even homeless. I've been there. Many of the groups that participate in this activity also have ties to organized crime, specifically the distribution of narcotics such as cocaine, crack cocaine, meth amphetamine and heroin. Often, the victim of shunning is burdened with the weight of such activities despite the fact that they don't partake of them.

Shunning also includes other forms of abuse, including denying the victim of their own identity using the symbolism of colours, and also including racism as a context to the harassment victims receive. You'll typically be harassed by members of a different culture until you call them out for being racists, at which point the shunning will continue on, being conducted by members of your own culture. 

This cycle continues back and forth with the two cultures taking turns conducting the harassment, often as an attempt to radicalize the victim towards unlawful behaviour or violence. This activity is ignored by the Police and most other Policing agencies unfortunately, indicating a large scale corruption in support of it. It is also conducted by a network of organized crime that is the backbone to narcotics distribution in the cities where it occurs.

For instance, the victims of this activity will often have the burdens of narcotics related activities thrown onto their back. From that point, the victim will be treated as if they're the users of such substances, or involved in other local substance abuse and prostitution related activities. I get this all of the time despite the fact that I don't take part in any such activities, while my Shhhh! Digital Media identity is stolen and worn by other people that have absolutely nothing to do with it.

The people who do this will also attempt to turn the tables on their victims as well. For instance, my harassers constantly verbally harass me in groups, especially my immediate neighbours and when I stand against them verbally and their harassment, they tell me that I've "shunned hate" or "hate shunned".

Using the phonetic similarity of that statement, they replace my identity with that of someone Haitian, who has a long history of substance abuse and the use of prostitutes locally. They also use that in attempt to fool others into thinking that Shhhh! Digital Media is created by someone Haitian in the same building, where neighbours have attempted to steal my work and give it to the credit of this person using their illegal surveillance network.

From there, because I simply stood against verbal hate and abuse, I'm labeled as the one who "shunned", therefore the community is tricked by this cult into believing that I am a member and that I'm trying to shun them, rather than the truth of the matter, which is that they've been harassing and stalking me for years.

In saying all of this, you should know that I'm not on the blue team. I say what I mean and mean what I say. There's no two ways about it. Also, I don't play guitar and have never owned a guitar.

How The Abusers Algorithm Figures Into This

When you're abused like that, and when it occurs from an identifiable culture that isn't your own, if you speak out against the harassment, you're quickly labeled as a racist. Not only that, but everyone else who is aware of you, will take the opposite stance induced by your reaction to the abuse, in such a way that benefits the culture of the people doing the harassment, despite the fact that their activity is racially motivated. So, because I'm Caucasian, and when I'm harassed by members of the African or Caribbean community and I stand against that harassment, I'm labeled a racist, and everyone else who is aware of my stance against that abuse supports the abusers, just to avoid being associated with my stance against the group conducting the harassment and to avoid a public embarrassment.

What I've described is commonly known as the Abuser's Algorithm in reference to methods employed by difficult spouses who attempt to manipulate their spouse into a constant debt that they are guilt manipulated into paying to their abusive spouse. The above example is a variation on the Abuser's Algorithm, whereby the reward for abuse is paid by spectators rather than the victim. 

Here's how it works:

While they're out at the shopping mall, Bob begins verbally nagging his spouse Alice, a little bit at a time, slowly building up the intended tension upon her. He continues this treatment of her, eventually getting to a point where she "blows her lid" and perhaps responds verbally aggressively to her abusive spouse. It is usually something that is built up over time and given no opportunity to vent. Purposely so by the kind of people who do this.

Others, see Alice's reaction, but they didn't see Bob's nagging and abuse of her. So the only context they get from what they see is that Alice has suddenly become irate and angry at her spouse, without any motivation.

They come over and ask Bob if everything is alright. Alice explains that she's upset over something they were discussing. Bob then says something alluding to what he'd nagged Alice about earlier, triggering her once again to an emotionally extreme reaction (and likely purposely so if he's puppeteering her).

Eventually when Alice calms down, she begins to feel guilty as if she over reacted, because her body is producing dopamine and serotonin by this point. Most of the people who do this kind of abuse and emotional puppetry, aren't aware of the science of what's going on. They're doing what they do based upon a learned behaviour that seems to work in their favour for manipulating people, including their spouse. That and there are interpretations of the Kybalion that are geared towards exploiting people this way.

Alice eventually agrees that she over-reacted, and decides to make it up to Bob, essentially putting herself in debt to him, and unknowingly rewarding him for abuse and puppeteering her.

The people who came over to see if everything was alright tell Alice that she needs to calm down, and that she's over reacting. Eventually, Alice's reputation in the community nose dives as a result of these situations along with her credibility despite the fact that its all Bob's manipulation. The public sides with Bob against Alice, even showing public support that way. They don't realize that they too are rewarding Bob's abusive and puppeteering behaviour. They're helping to reinforce Bob's behaviour in this way.

Much the same, when a person is abused socially by a group, and that person has the courage to speak out against that abuse, risking the possibility that by standing against that treatment of their person, they might be regarded as being racist. 

Others who see the person defend themselves verbally against the abuse might think they're over reacting, and in order to avoid association with the person, they just automatically side with the people who'd initially done the harassment. So, according to the Abuser's Algorithm, the victim is blamed and held responsible for their own abuse, while the abuser(s) and the spectators reward the abuse.

That's the Abuser's Algorithm in action. The people who use the Abuser's Algorithm effectively, almost always benefit from their abuse of others, while they're rewarded by others for the abuse as well. The victim is held responsible for their own abuse, and then blamed as being the source of the problem.

When I speak out, and I see that certain people didn't stand with me when I defended myself against abuse, I see another case of the Abuser's Algorithm winning another battle for the abusers, and pulling the wool over the eyes of the spectators.

Once again, I'm not on the blue team and nothing I've stated here means the opposite of what I intended.

What I've stated here is as much a stance in defense of women who've been subjected to the same sort of treatment, but whom didn't have the awareness or experience to describe it. Now you've got the tools to recognize it.

Oh, and lastly, no Star Wars or Obi Wan Kenobi social game for me. I want and have nothing to do with Disney, Marvel or Star Wars after what I've experienced. Same with DC Universe. Bye :-)

That of course doesn't mean that I've given up my childhood or identity to anyone else.

Brian Joseph Johns