Kudos, Recovery And Updates

Deep Field: SMACS 0723
Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, STScl
Kudos To Biden

Although I'm Canadian, I want to give kudos to President Joe Biden for his remarkable achievements over the last few weeks. Amongst other landmark achievements he made, It was very inspiring to see a President introduce one of NASA's most remarkable accomplishments since the Hubble Space Telescope launched on April 25, 1990.

He introduced the first image(s) from the James Webb Space Telescope before the press, showing that he regarded science as one of the priorities for his administration. It is always great to see leaders take an interest in scientific and technological progress. Giving a little time and lip service to it. Not to mention, it sends a big message to scientists, educators and students, that their investment in their craft so to speak, is being noticed. Kudos to President Joe Biden.

My Condolences

On the other side of the fence, I'd like to wish my condolences to the family of Ivanka Trump. I wasn't a fan of Donald Trump, but this isn't about lambasting someone who is in mourning, recently having lost someone very close to them. Life in that position hardens one up very quickly to the rigors of politics and being in the public eye, though when a person loses someone close, we should all show a bit more of our humanity than the absence of it. That is, if you believe humanity to be benevolent and fair (most of the time). My condolences to their family.

Assassinations On The Rise

Within the last week, we've seen various (politically or apolitically motivated) assassinations in across the world, a dynamic that seems to be rising. Justice should always be in the form of law and based upon investigations using all of the resources possible. It should be debated in a court of law and judged by a jury or Justice Of The Peace.

When we make decisions to take the law into our own hands, especially where it involves doling out justice, we're taking the risk that should our limited knowledge of an event be inaccurate, that innocent people might be harmed as a result, and that is the same thing as taking the first shot. 

From that point onward, conflict continues, perhaps even drawing in new combatants to the fold, so that it might continue for many generations to come, when at that time they do arrive, they've forgotten what it is that they were fighting over in the first place. They're just caught on a see-saw of reciprocal violence. Some of the most enduring conflicts in the world have become as much.

When such a thing does occur, let the authorities and other hired investigators investigate, so that truth might be known and further conflict and violence averted.


A bit self involved a title for this paragraph, but after my experiences last week, I've mostly calmed to a reasonable level and will continue my efforts here at Shhhh! Digital Media. However, I do not withdraw anything I stated, though I am a bit more lenient towards the idea that I might watch a Marvel or DC movie or two in the future. My qualms were never against the creators, artists and performers of those brands, but with fans who take it a little too far and believe me, they are the exception rather than the rule. I guess its kind of hard to see the rest of the forest through the trees if you know what I mean. However, everything else I stated, stands and I will stand my ground on all of it.


Having recently acquired my first Shhhh! Digital Media merchandise in the form of one of our shirts, I'm working on getting another soon, if for any reason, I can become a human advertising billboard. The shirt I picked first is one of my A Lady's Prerogative shirts, and not because my heart is closer to A Lady's Prerogative than it is Butterfly Dragon. I love them both equally, but each in very different ways. Maybe it was guilt because I'd given so much attention to Butterfly Dragon recently?

Nonetheless, I'll be working on writing (after a couple of days of mostly work-moping) and I hope to have a few things new posted, in terms of chapters over the weekend.

Thank you for reading my content and have a good weekend!

Brian Joseph Johns