The Future Of A Lady's Prerogative And Singularity

Hi again. Brian (Johns) here.

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been working on A Lady's Prerogative for some time (its been about four months since my last update to Singularity).

Singularity has had a troubled life from the beginning as I've actually attempted to tackle writing the book three times so far. Yep. You heard me correctly. Three times. Where as The Butterfly Dragon III turns out to be three books. Go figure.

The version of Singularity currently published (and neglected) is the third attempt to write and push forward the story I initially envisioned for the finale of my own A Lady's Prerogative series which I began writing in 2010 and first published in 2012 in the form of A Lady's Prerogative I: The Yearning And The Learning.

Recently, I've been pushing hard to finish the Butterfly Dragon III, which crosses over with A Lady's Prerogative Singularity though I haven't decided on whether that will include a character crossover in The Butterfly Dragon III as it does already in Singularity, with the characters Zheng Ni Wong (who plays a critical role in the story), Stephen Briggs and of course Bryce Maxwell.

Both stories are very close to my heart, and each takes a very different part of me to write. Jumping back and forth between the two is just not possible, because writing a story very much becomes a way of life for the duration that you're writing it, and that doesn't include the usual gremlins that we all encounter in life, especially in these recent years.

So, will A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity be continued? 

Yes. But its on hold until I finish The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons.

Can we expect any changes to the current version of Singularity?

After giving the issue a lot of thought, I've concluded that another rewrite may be necessary, though it would basically involve combining the best aspects of all of the other three attempts, and taking the story from that point forward to its conclusion.

Will Singularity be one book or like The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons, which is three books?

Singularity will remain one book, however it is going to be a long one. Most likely even longer than Tolstoy's War And Peace, though certainly nothing like it. Oh, the irony of referring to Tolstoy and War And Peace given today's political climate.

Where will Singularity take place?

Everywhere on the globe and at various different points in time. The Mid Space. The Shadow Plane. Some other Planes, but not airplanes. Oh, and what's that place called? Oh yeah, Canada. I almost forgot about them. What the heck? I live in Canada. Toqueland. Eh?

How different will it be from the current version?

How different is Windows 8.1 from Windows 10 and Windows 11? How different is El Capitan from Mojave and Monterey? How different is Morrowind from Skyrim? How different is Ark Evolved: Ragnarok from Ark Evolved: Fjordur? How different are the Toronto Arenas from the Toronto Maple Leafs?

How soon can we expect it?

Three months to a year, though when I first publish it, it will be a work in progress much like most of my books and freely readable online. The future may bring other possibilities as I develop my brands. A man has to eat and feed his honorary employees after all.

When will you stop using questionnaire style writing in your posts?


Are you being remotely controlled by a King Tut wanna be and/or their lover?

No. I'm not a big fan of pyramid schemes. However, in the interest of cultural respect, I'd ask what the actual Egyptians think about such a claim, and what they think about the people involved?

Are you misappropriating Asian culture?

No. I'm just worshipping at the altar of some of my Goddesses, and showing honour and respect to some of my life mentors.

How do you feel about identity theft/swapping?

It is bull caca. Needs to be dealt with harshly and legally. Especially when one puts a great deal of effort into building something, only to have it stolen by people who have nothing to do with it at all and who wear it just for the notoriety and embrace that it might bring them. Life is not a game of identity based musical chairs. 

Identity and ego are not the same thing. For many, their livelihood depends upon their own identity being affixed to their person. If you beg to differ, and especially if you are an influencer or in the public eye, then try taking your name out of your brand. Take it off any advertising. Take your name off your royalty cheques. Remove it from your publishing rights. From your residuals. Remove it from everything, throw your money away for twenty years, and live on next to nothing while keeping your compass on track and speak with me then after having done so.

Socially, its frequently a game for some people to steal the identity of others and wear it for a day. For a week, and to be treated as if they're responsible for the activities of that person and as always, people who do this want to trade up, not down. I'd never join any cult capable of such behaviour, and never will regardless of whether I'm trading up or down. No matter how colour symbolism is used or by any means. Never.

I say what I mean, and mean what I say. No duality about what I mean here at all. So it is written and so it is meant. This isn't a role play at all. Its reality and meant that way.

Thanks for reading my stuff here on I'm off to the food bank, and then back here to write some more. Gotta eat though. Its not easy being a starving artist.

Brian Joseph Johns