Red Versus Blue - Polarizing Society

Please don't take the use of colours in this post as being anything related to the symbolism of political party colours, because that's not what it relates to. Colours are symbols. Ambiguous and can literally mean and be interpreted as anything. 

Problems always arise when you worship the symbol more so than what it stands for. In these times, polarization refers to being bounced around between diametrically opposed symbols, via colours. So these colours are not a reference to party politics.

Here's something quite interesting, and its certainly indicative of a much larger and more complex challenge in society.

On the morning of the Uvalde school attack in the United States, in my own community in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about two to three hours before the actual time of the attack, several people in my community, many of whom I refer to simply as a cult, began harassing me excessively.

This started in the wee hours of the morning of 24th of May of this year (2022), only a couple of days ago. This "harassment" attack was rather complex and extreme and involved many people. I'm sure there are people in other parts of the city, and the country who can probably attest to the same sort of treatment, or to having witnessed it occurring, though most people don't become involved out of fear of being targeted by the same thing.

This verbal attack was applied with direct intent, likely to provoke a nasty reaction on my part and was even participated in by members of infrastructure that I had trusted at one point. That trust has been compromised and is no longer as a result of their participation.

I became quite upset, but I still managed to keep it together without overtly reacting to their harassment and abuse. This continued over the course of the day, decrescendoing to a withdrawn murmur about a half an hour into the same time the Uvalde attack had occurred, though at that point I had no idea that a gunman had gone on a killing spree in the United States, but I did check the timeline of the Uvalde attack against the time that I'd been harassed by some abusive (certainly far from all) members of my community in Regent Park. An hour and a half after the Uvalde attack timeline, the same harassers in my community picked up their same effort with as much fervor as they had earlier. I have to wonder if there isn't some sort of connection between the two events. Maybe some kind of mass psychosis?

This sort of thing seems to be growing in commonality in society and its further compounded by a not-so-secretive battle in society often held according to the symbolism of colours, ie red versus blue. That is, people on the blue side of the fence engage in a battle with people on the red side of the fence (excluding the politics of colour symbolism such as political party colours), as part of some large society wide game that even compromises the alleged integrity of the people involved. Truth is often sacrificed as many people who take part in this red versus blue battle often declare: "truth dead", in all likelihood referring to the symbolism of the shade white. As much so as we're polarized along the symbolism of red and blue, we're also polarized along the symbolism of white and black. Apparently, if you lose truth, you can then lose your identity and a whole host of other social crimes that the groups that get involved in this activity to high degree are guilty of.

Symbolism goes much further as well. For instance, it might involve the media we consume, which might paint the red side of the fence as being "evil" while painting the blue side of the fence as being "good", depending upon from where you're consuming these common social memes that are woven together into a streaming show or story. As if to get people fired up enough to fight these battles in society, simply attacking someone because they're wearing the colour red.

One of the worst atrocities conducted by the kind of people who take part in these battles is identity denial and destruction. In other words, the people who take part in this can actually deny a person socially of their own identity and in my community, this is a very common activity. I can seldom venture out into my community wearing my own identity because the people who take it, use colour symbolism to do so. So upon leaving my building, someone arrives who takes my identity away from me and replaces it with someone else's, so that when I'm out in the community, I'm treated as if I'm someone other than my own self, and often that doesn't work out very well for me, while whomever stole my identity is wearing the best stuff of me as if it was theirs.

Red is my favourite colour, however that doesn't mean that I coincide with everything that is symbolized by the colour red. For instance, I'm not a Nazi, and for that matter, not a member of Christianity at all. I'm actually an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. So if I wear a red shirt, does that mean that I somehow become someone different from my own person based upon what that colour symbolizes?

I watched a couple episodes of Marvel's Moonknight, which is a pretty good series, though I was once again turned off by the fact that the villain character, played by Ethan Hawke, was again symbolized by the colour red. I'm not a member of any pyramid scheme firstly, but just because I wear red doesn't mean that I share the same views as this character. I don't believe in the Egyptian Goddess Amit, who weighs the souls of the recently dead, by comparing the weight of their heart to a special feather. If the two are out of balance, the subject is then cast into the underworld where they are erased from history. That's not delved into in the Moonknight, but in the real Egyptian Book of the Dead, that's an important aspect of the life cycle of a living soul (according to Ancient Egyptian religion).

Not to mention, I'm completely against thought police. The kind of people who'd punish you for what you think rather than what you do. I'm not on the blue team (or brown team) at all per se, but I'm nothing like Ethan Hawke's character except for my being a Scorpio (Ethan Hawke is also a Scorpio). Great performance by the actor, but because I wear red doesn't mean that I'm like that character at all. How many times does that happen to people in society?

Truthfully, I don't base my life upon that at all, but if you live in an area where people become obsessed with such details, they might forcibly treat you as if you do, simply because of the colours you wear. Some of these cult members even believe that according to their abuse of you, they can infuse you with a different persona than the one with which you were born, while using colour symbolism to steal your original persona to transfer to someone else. Like taking your life history, and giving it over to another person, while your original life history is replaced by that of someone else.

What happens when a person reaches their breaking point in being treated this way socially? I mean, everyone has their limit. Some of us simply hide under our pillow, with the blanket pulled over us for days. Some of us might become defensive, trying to stand against such abuse by verbally countering it. Some of us might gradually become a ticking time bomb. One thing of which I'm certain. The people doing this "radicalization" are fully aware of this end destination as being a possibility. Using love and hate or some other dualism to push a person to their limits, which seems to at least in some cases end in mass murder.

If Charles Manson could be tried for his part in the Sharon Tate murders, despite not being present during the commission of the murders, then what's so different than people who'd radicalize someone to their breaking point, knowing full well how its going to end? Like say, a shooter in Uvalde going on a killing spree and murdering 18 children and 3 adults? Or a driver in Toronto using a van to run down and kill 11 people, and critically injuring 15? If you don't see a growing trend world wide, then take a look at this list which goes back to 1996. Still not convinced? Then read this NPR article that covers the mass shootings in the United States of 2022 alone.

One thing I've noticed in being a victim of such social abuse and attempted radicalization is that the people you trust will actually take part in it. People you've defended tirelessly. When that happens, you feel very betrayed and in my case, I usually cut ties with them permanently. Most recently, Police took part in some of the harassment (which has happened before more than a few times). This time I reached my breaking point and I want nothing to do with the Police. I'll stick with the RCMP thank you very much.

The idea is that if someone you trust but don't suspect is helping this harassment cult suddenly takes part in it, you end up behaving in a way that contradicts your own consistency with your own historical identity. For instance, I strongly supported Police for most if not all of my life. If I'm suddenly harassed by them in addition to the usual abusive stalkers in my community, of which there are many and by whom I'm very frequently abused, then I'm more likely to feel betrayed and as I said, cut them off permanently.

Others who've known me would be shocked to hear that I had such a reaction, because its so different from my own being and personality. I've been pretty defensive of Police my whole life. So they would think that's not like me at all and would even go along with a scheme whereby I am not considered to be myself anymore. Like my own original personality has been replaced by someone else's that is more consistent with that attitude, because that's how this cult defines identity. Not by how you were before, but by how you are now. So if the abusing cult can abuse you to the point that you contradict aspect of your being from yester-year, the cult then sells the idea to others than you are no longer yourself but in fact possessed by someone else. That's their whole illusion.

Most of this activity is conducted by this cult in order to steal a person's output in society and often they target people who are isolated, or the cult isolate their targets themselves.

So what if you've been subjected to this for decades? Might you be a risk of becoming a ticking time bomb? What if this what's behind every radicalization? What if that's the case with every mass killing in the last three or four decades? Social radicalization by ordinary citizens who target their often isolated victims. 

Wouldn't that mean that everyone who takes part in that radicalization has blood on their hands? I mean if Charles Manson could be charged with murder, why not them? If Osama Bin Laden became the most hunted man in the world despite never having killed a single person, then why not the people doing this social radicalization? I mean they're exactly the same as Charles Manson and Osama Bin Laden. No direct participation in murder, but they radicalized others to conduct murder for them. What's so different about people in a community who'd harass and torment someone until they break, grabbing a weapon, building a bomb or jumping into a vehicle and using it as a weapon of mass killing?

I certainly wouldn't go so far as the blame the victims, or alleviating the responsibility of the person whose hands are on the trigger, but they got there somehow and I think there's far too many people in society with blood on their hands that aren't being dealt with over such things.

Then again, they know who they are and there's one person that nobody can escape from. 



I stopped writing over the past weekend (I was binge playing Galactic Civilizations 3 until Monday). Tuesday I was attacked verbally by members of this cult for most of the day, from early morning until late night and its been that way so far until now, Thursday morning.

I had been writing book II in the Butterfly Dragon III series of books until this point, but I paused while this harassment has been going on. Not only that, but I'm getting the feeling that my computer might have a keylogger as part of a legitimate program on my computer by someone (organized crime presumably) who is conducting illegal surveillance of my computer, and using it to steal the content I produce. Indications are that it does involve organized crime.

So I'm just slowing down enough to deal with that, and figuring out how I'm going to deal with this legally.

So if I do pursue legal action, is that going to make me like Darth Vader or Obi-Wan Kenobi? I have a better answer. I'm not any character from any movie or streaming series, being Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, DC or what have you.

I'm just an impoverished struggling writer who is being victimized by a large group of bullies and organized crime.

And nobody is controlling me except me.

See you soon with book II.