Why Did I Not Post On Earth (Aerth) Day?

Why was there no Shhhh! Digital post for Earth Day?

I mean, it is one of, if not the most important day of the year with respect to honouring the host of our continued survival. So why would I abstain from posting anything on Earth Day?

Firstly and most importantly, I feel that Earth Day should be a celebration of the wonders of the Earth itself, with a focus on ways people can get involved actively in their daily life making the kinds of changes necessary to create a sustainable existence for humanity.

Now definitely I'm not the first one to say this, and there have been many giants upon whose shoulders we all stand in that regard. Jane Goodall for instance or the two Davids as I like to call them - David Suzuki  and David Attenborough. Grey Owl? How about Greenpeace and its hall of fame? How about these Guardians of the Planet (courtesy of A Mighty Girl)?

There have been many women and men throughout the ages who've tread this same earth (pun intended) many times over but it is something that needs saying and doing in our lives. Preferably without being busy bodies about it as Heylyn Yates might say. 

Environmentalism isn't a social weapon to sort out the loves from the hates. It is something very important to us all, and even more importantly, to the future descendants of humanity.

Therefore, I regard Earth Day more like a celebration of the planet itself and a focused entry point where others new to the cause can find out how they can make a difference.

Really though at a fundamental level, it is something we all need to integrate into our way of life and something that should become second - no wait - first nature to us. Like eating or going to the bathroom, because much like those two things, if we neglect the environment, even in jest or as part of a social game, we're going to suffer a lot in the end. 

Actually, that's not true. It will be our children that suffer and not just humanity, but all of the other creatures that inhabit this infinitesimally tiny globule of carbon, water,  oxygen, nitrogen, phosphor and ammonia moving through space around the Sol (the Sun) at 30 kilometers per second, which in turn is moving around Sagittarius A* at ~250 kilometers per second, which in turn is travelling through space at ~583 kilometers per second. 

Never worry about any of us being still for too long, for we're always in motion, literally moving at millions of kilometers per hour every single moment of our lives and long after we're gone. 

All of us.

So what is that mysterious image at the top of this post? Well that image has a history that traces its roots back to Doctor Carl Sagan. You see, he was one of the leading forces that pushed for the funding of the Voyager space probes, based upon a planetary conjunction that happened during the 1970s and 1980s.

NASA funded and built the probes, Voyager I and Voyager II, both of whose trajectories took them through a path close the outer planets of the solar system. Their resulting scientific data is the milestone that gives us our most detailed knowledge of the solar system planets to date. Canada too contributed its engineering expertise to the Voyager program, years before the existence of the CSA, who went on to design and build the Canadarm I and II for the Space Shuttle program.

So lets get back to that photograph. As Voyager approached the end of its mission, Carl Sagan, one of the imaging specialists on the mission pushed for having the Voyager I and II craft turn themselves around and take a family photo of the solar system. 

Portraits of every planet from its location nearly 6 billion (or beelion as Carl would have said) kilometers from the Earth when it took the photos. The Earth in that photo takes up less than one pixel. Saturn and Jupiter, the gas giants and largest planets of the solar system by contrast take up nearly a full pixel, just to give you an idea of how far the craft was when it took the photo. The photo was taken by Voyager 1 on  February 14, 1990.

We're one spec amongst trillions and trillions of other similar such specs. We still don't know if life is abundant throughout the universe or not, but we're on the brink of what will be the most profound discovery of all time. 

Whether it is or isn't, doesn't change the fact that we have to make it an intrinsic part of our nature to live in harmony with the planet, and plan our future in the cosmos accordingly.

Another thing is that I've been working hard on something related to the other side of the things in terms of all that is Shhhh! Digital Media. I haven't by any means put a stop to A Lady's Prerogative at all. I've just postponed it while I complete another project and I don't want anything to take away from that, or to leak it too early. I don't have a multi-million dollar budget to work from, but like many people in these difficult times, I'm trying to stretch my resources to progress the future of my organization.

So my neglect was partly because I felt that I should just lay low and complete the project that I'm working on and that I'd focus on other things, like A Lady's Prerogative in the near future.

Until then, Happy Earth Day but really, Earth Day should be a celebration of the planet and we should be environmentally conscious every day.

Brian Joseph Johns