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Quick Update...

I was going to write today, but I was promptly harassed the moment I sat down to do so earlier in the afternoon. So I've changed my plans. I'll write sometime this week and try to get the A Lady's Prerogative story finished so I can focus on Butterfly Dragon. Hopefully, I won't be harassed to the degree that I was over the last six days as this was one of the worst in a long time as you can probably tell by the previous post.  Hopefully the Canadian feds read that post and filter through the immediacy and get to the nitty gritty of the intelligence I've provided there because it is very accurate and perhaps the best picture of the dynamics of what is going on, short of what's coming up in other venues I'll be taking to.  So I'll see you sometime this week and I'll make it up my readers who aren't members of a stalking and harassment cult that steal the credit for other people's writing. Everything still stands that I stated on the previous po

Introducing The Shhhh! Digital Media Shop!


Shhhh! Digital Media now has its own store!

That's right. Now you can choose from an ever growing catalog of exciting Shhhh! Digital Media merchandise, all based upon your favourite short stories, books, characters including the cast from A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon.

Initially, we are only selling and shipping to Canada, but that will be growing over the next two weeks, to include other global locations throughout North America, South America, Europe and certainly Asia and Oceania. 

Check back frequently to find out when we'll be selling and shipping to your location, and often with a turnaround of only a few days, even in other parts of the world!

The one thing that sets our catalog apart is that every sale will donate a portion of its proceeds to a charity of the month. 

So any item you buy will help charity, hence ensuring that Shhhh! Digital Media and the stories of A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon having a real impact upon the areas they seek to affect.

We will operate that way for a month or two, and then we will associate each specific product with its own connected charity. For instance, an Eclipse (Monique Defleur) T-Shirt, will benefit the UNHCR Ukraine effort, while an A Lady's Prerogative Mishima Sato T-Shirt will benefit the David Suzuki Foundation.

We will try many different product designs in order to find those which suit your tastes and do some good in the world.

More importantly, you'll be supporting Shhhh! Digital Media and its ability to bring you innovative new content.

Thank you very much for your support over the last decade. I hope to see this grow into something making a difference in the future. Thank you to Daz3D and some of the other software manufacturers that had provided so much content that has helped this site to grow.

Brian Joseph Johns