Happy Holidays Update...

Wow. Heavy price for posting a picture of yourself wearing the colour blue (referring to my last post).

Just another manic Sunday for me at the home/office. I just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone who celebrated it this weekend. My own enjoyment of the holiday will be of a more Pagan nature (more towards Buddhism and Taoism), however I strongly believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose. 

Belief is of a personal nature and a personal yard stick for one's own (spiritual or philosophical) growth. Not a weapon with which to bludgeon others of differing philosophies, or an obscuring veil with which to replace or eliminate the identities of all those whose ideas contradict one's beliefs. 

Its a shame when a religion can hold those who don't convert and treat them as if they're in a "blue" prison. Quite honestly, simply because there are people capable of such treatment, that's enough for me to know that I'd never join such a faith as that. My hands are entirely clean of that.

Please, when you're celebrating the holidays, remember that others in the world don't always share the same beliefs. Respect that fact and enjoy the holiday, while not feeling guilty that you have differing beliefs from others, nor belittle them for theirs. While some battles might be joined by the second blow, every battle starts with the first. I'm certainly not perfect though I've never initiated a conflict, I have been guilty of prolonging a few by engaging the first attacker.

It goes without saying that the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces should cease, and there should be a peaceful end to this conquest that respects the original borders of both parties. There's some issues in the world that need all of our attention together, including Ukraine and Russia.

I spent most of Saturday working on the next upcoming update, which will be a big one and introduce much new content to an ever growing lineup on Shhhh! Digital Media.

Also, I had the chance to binge watch all three episodes of Moon Knight on DisneyPlusPlus (the object oriented version of Disney... er, that's a programmer joke). Great performances by the whole cast and the show really has a riveting plot from the start. Not only that, it makes a great addition to the growing library of Marvel series already available on D++. I can't wait to see how all of this ties into the upcoming Avengers lineup where hopefully they'll introduce Shang Chi and She-Hulk into the roster, or if it ties in with Doctor Strange 2: The Multiverse Of Madness. When we add in Wanda, Falcon and Winter Soldier, it should be a pretty interesting Avengers line-up.

Moon Knight is a popular character that rose to heights in the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s. I still have a reprint of one of my favourite Marvel Team-Ups (with Spidey and Moon Knight framed and on my home/office wall as seen below in this poorly lit picture). Its always great to see the impact of storytelling, both in words and art, which originated from humankind's earliest beginnings and essentially was the earliest form of education and mentorship.

So for the rest of the day and for at least part of Monday, I'll be spending my day gaming on my PC, doing mostly a strategy game and movie binge. I'm thinking Stellaris, Civilization 5 or 6, Company Of Heroes, Space Haven (an excellent game by the way) or something from Microsoft Game Pass... Or perhaps I could crush the armies of Set with a bit of help from Thor, Shang Chi, Hercules and Gaia...

So, for those you of you who got through the holidays without subjecting others to vitriol or harassment, I sincerely hope you had a happy holiday.

At the beginning and the end,
either of the ends of time, 
the two dragons converge. 
To the center where they meet, 
their destiny does merge.

And to the butterfly,
the first one calls:

Butterfly, Butterfly...
In the night,
In the sky.
Spread your wings,
to see you fly.
Butterfly, Butterfly.

The second much the same,
its words though do forestall:

Butterfly, Butterfly...
In the night,
In the sky.
Crush your wings,
to see you die.
Butterfly, Butterfly.

Coming soon...

Oh, and I'm not Batman or the Penguin by the way. I'm not any comic book, movie or streaming show character. ;-)