Siptah's Tower Is Just Too Short...

This screenshot is taken from one of my bases on the Conan Exiles: Isle Of Siptah map.

It was built it as close as I could to the tower in the center of the island, with my favourite female character (Ai Tien) on a local single player server.

It takes eleven elevators to reach the top and then a double height ramp up to the penthouse. Jumping from that point takes about nine seconds to fall to the ground.

Just my way of ensuring that cold, mean tower never has the complete reign of the land.

The tower she built is a companion base to this one on the same map:

Its designed this base as two pyramids, one inverted over the other. This was actually an experiment I did in using Unreal Engine for the design of the Sanctum from my A Lady's Prerogative series of books not to be confused with the incredible Conan Exiles server: Sanctum Of Cthulhu, which I recently tried. That server has some incredibly detailed custom interiors and landscapes, all created by a dedicated team and active admins.

Again, the inverted pyramid base above isn't available online as its part of my own local server.

Sure, there are some people that might believe that you lose what you don't keep secret, but I'd rather look at it in the sense that I'm showing and sharing, rather than being selfishhhh.

My female Conan Exiles character is a complimentary character to many other women characters I've played as, in both local and online play games in order to ensure that if there weren't women players in the population, that they were (well) represented in some way. 

As is this case with this pilot character from Elite Dangerous:

The dash of this ship has the traditional Shhhh! across its dashboard.

Used to have 99 on each side but I replaced it with this the oe Danish character...

Or this Red Dead Redemption 2 character:

I started this long before there were many women gamers, especially on games that allowed you to design your character rather than having your character chosen for you. I wouldn't play the character socially, ie I wouldn't mingle with other players as a result of some of the complexities that might arise. I just wanted women to be visibly present and represented as skilled characters and players, rather than as a representation for myself.

Nowadays, the population of actual women players is getting very close to that of male players. Remember to take care of your physical health though. There's a lot wonderful experiences in life that requires your body in working order, that you wouldn't want to miss out on.

Recently, when gaming (which I generally do two nights a week and a bit on weekends), I tend to create male characters now, and as a result of increasing population of women online, I've returned that borrowed women's identity to those from whence it was inspired, rather than any attempt to control them, despite the fun and possibilities there might be in that sort of inspired fantasy, nudge-nudge wink-wink.

These aspects of my social output were as much subject to attempted theft as was my work and creative output from Shhhh! Digital Media (which the same criminal group responsible attempted to steal and cover up by using illegal surveillance of my computer).

Hence I decided to share the images associated with those characters and a bit more about my identity.

For the rest of the day I'll be doing some of the courses I've signed up for on Udemy.

As usual, I'm an Atheist that leans toward Buddhism and Taoism, and my own love interest is an Asian woman. I really verbalized a lot of defence for women from my life this weekend, especially the older women I've dated, such as Cynthia and  Jasmine. 

Brian Joseph Johns