Shhhh! Digital Media And The Big Picture

There's a lot going on in the world that far surpasses the importance of one web site, I'm specifically referring to this one, but in all honesty there's also much going on here that is interconnected, especially where it concerns man made struggles.

Last week on Friday, I began work on the first chapters of Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons, however I didn't publish what I wrote. I'll be streamlining my writing a great deal without publishing first. 

Rather, I'll be writing and editing in such a way that by the time I publish, there will be few changes to the text. This also gives me the chance to screen against other factors (such as my neighbours taking the credit for my work).

I went to check the status on my taxes (I filed a month ago) and it seems to have created a scurrying of cover up activity, as if my identity thieves don't want people under the impression that I file Canadian taxes.

That leads me to two possibilities. The first is that they want people to be under the impression that Shhhh! Digital Media is produced elsewhere, other than Toronto in Canada. The other possibility is that they want people to believe that Shhhh! Digital Media originates from someone that it doesn't, possibly someone that doesn't file taxes for whatever reason. Be it that they are too young or that they are members of an anti-Government group or something of that nature, they seem to want to give people the impression that I don't file taxes and that I don't get vaccinated in which case they're wrong on both counts. 

In the case they aren't anti-Government, then they want people to believe it originates from someone other than myself, and that I'm taking it from them rather than the other way around, which of course is nonsense. 

That possibility has gained strides in the last few weeks. As I've stated before, I'm Brian Joseph Johns. I published A Lady's Prerogative I, Stories From The End, The Butterfly Dragon I all in mid to late 2012 after having started writing these projects from 2010. They began on the site that spawned this one, which I nicknamed Poetry And Fiction. I expanded into Shhhh! Digital Media from 2014 onward, eventually taking down Poetry And Fiction in 2016. The site I linked to is a backup copy I made since having taken it down. I also expanded A Lady's Prerogative into Tales Of The Sanctum and The Butterfly Dragon into its own site for a while, but remerged them into Shhhh! Digital Media in order to centralize everything and make it easier to do updates and posts.

So those original sites still exist as backups, but I don't develop them anymore. I focus purely on Shhhh! Digital Media and in the time since I first published, I've literally taken years and years of social beatings and numerous attempts to steal my identity, my content and crush my drive to keep doing this as well. So these challenges are nothing new.

In the two latest projects, A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity and The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons, I'll be taking on issues close to what we've faced over the last twenty years and deal with some  daunting new challenges to come. These two books will finish their two trilogies respectively, but the characters might appear from time to time in short fiction from that point afterward.

One reason that cults socially abuse their victims is because they want to create a dualistic dichotomy in which they elevate one person and crush another. So one of the two is from a point in time where their repute is relatively good, is then socially abused and harassed for years and years by various people, who are attempting to provoke the worst of reactions and behaviors from their victim. In the meantime, the other one is treated amazingly well, treated respectfully and with kindness.

The abused one has all of their efforts stolen from them and credited to the one that is treated with kindness, while all of the bad from the other is attempted to be transferred from the one treated kindly to the one treated poorly. In essence, this is mostly about switching the identities and output of two people, and sorting that output between the good (which goes to the credit of the one treated kindly) and the bad (which goes to the blame of the one abused). This sort of thing is actually very organized and seems to be happening more and more frequently as well. It can also take place over the course of years, starting seemingly as minor annoyances and growing into constant stalking and harassment by members of an abusive ideology.

I've also noticed that some situations centered around the means of the people who do this are planned years, sometimes even decades in advance before they're even used in this manner. I'll be elaborating on this in the future in different ways. Suffice it to know that there are people who stoop to some lows to do this, using the two people in this way.

The Big Picture: The Synchronicity Of It All

I think we're seeing a society where certain people more and more are being erased or "cancelled" as a form of social punishment and that often appears in the form of identity and existence denial. This will be a theme in some of what I write in some upcoming stories when I finalize a new publishing model for all of this. We're very much heading into an Orwellian world, and its pretty scary to see so many people jumping on board.

The truth is that recorded history is at stake, and we're seeing evidence that it is going to be one of the first and most tragic casualties of this decade. It has been a growing issue since before the turn of the decade, but this decade really has brought it to the forefront of the social arsenal. For instance, I just read an article stating that Yuri Gagarin's record of contribution to space history is being erased as a measure against the Russians over their invasion of Ukraine. 

While I oppose the invasion and actually support a lasting peace between the two, we in the West are treading a very dangerous and precarious ground in taking actions such as these. Sure, they certainly are much safer for stability than sending in a NATO Air campaign to the region, but measures such as "vaporizing" or "erasing" citizens or elements of history are a step in a direction from which we might not return. Also, I ask you to consider that there were indications that something was afoot that led right up to the invasion itself and that Russia even gave time for those aspects to change as it applied pressure before the invasion. That isn't to blame Ukraine at all. That is to say something was going on politically that led to the pressures prompting Russia to act, and we're not getting the whole story. That's another matter altogether, so let me get back to my point.

Given that both Stalin and one or more Roman Emperors did the same thing several times (it was called Damnatio Memoraie), removing specific citizens purposely from the public memory, including eradicating all traces that they had ever existed, this does not justify nor excuse our currently using these methods as a form of punishment in or out of court.

In all irony, these are measures not taken up by Government, but by agencies and interest groups, some of whom might have at one time accused the Government of such atrocities. Its ironic how quickly in the tardiness of their apocalyptic monster, how quickly they started taking its place. This sort of madness will lead to some very dark places in humanity's upcoming history unless we correct our course.

What worries me is that cancel culture might become the defacto stand-in punishment for everything and anything. Not administered by any court of law, but by a snarky group of well to do zealous idiots  and morons that have never thoroughly considered the impact of their own actions to this or any degree. Many of whom have likely never experienced hardships or struggles of their own in order to get a well rounded understanding of the world and the way of things.

Just because you have the bomb, doesn't mean you should use it for every incident.

What does Yuri Gagarin have to do with today's current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, other than those two countries being amongst the founding members of the United Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922? Should Russia start removing recognition of key points of Western scientific history from their public recognition and record? 

Although I idolize many great Canadians from our history for their global achievements such as Dr. Frederick Banting and Charles Best, the Group Of Seven, Terry Fox, Dr. Roberta Bondar and Marc Garneau. Margaret Atwood. Pierre Burton. Lester B. Pierson and many more. Many of my own idols, the people that inspired me came from the global community.

I can't imagine just how devastated I'd be to see Charles Yeager's name erased from the annals of aviation history by other global states who held contention against the United States. What about Amelia Earhart? Ferdinand Magellan? Nicolai Tesla? Albert Einstein? The Poet Rumi? Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi? Brahmagupta? Lao Tzu? Shinmen Takez┼Ź?  What if they went missing from the record as a punishment against other nations? We'd be robbing the people of the future and its irrelevant that most of us rely on external means to recall these names (sometimes myself included) hence underlining the importance of our records. How easy would it be for a misnomer of identity to become fact?

Don't worry, history is a stage upon which there's room for all of us.

If we continue down this road, history itself will be at stake. That doesn't include the countless people who've already likely been victimized by this sort of thing. There are courts and in some cases, tribunals for a reason. I agree that victims' rights must come first, but in taking steps to eradicate people and aspects of history, we're treading down a very dangerous road and the thing is, unlike in George Orwell's 1984, it isn't the Government taking us down the road to that tyrannical dystopian state.

Its the people.

I think we're seeing what would have happened if the atomic arsenal had been in the hands of the people, where everyone had their own atomic weapon. The dangers the world would face upon their understanding of what an incredible power it is to wield as a sword against the unjust in any situation. 

Cancellation is the atomic weapon of modern social punishment against targets big and small.

Also, consider this. The vast majority of the human record of existence is kept in the public memory, by more than just books, digital storage, movies, pictures, audio recordings and what not. It is kept alive by the sum consciousness of the human population. This is exactly what the Olympic torch symbolizes, this sum awareness being passed from generation to generation for it is humanity as a whole moving through the darkness of time. That first spark of consciousness and self awareness is the only torch we have. 

One thing for certain is that I'd consider eliminating software (and games) from the public access as part of these sanctions to be the modern equivalent of book burning. We might scoff at what happened in the past, but sometimes it can creep up upon us and we become a party to it in a different guise.

Not only that, but modern cancellation also includes methods whereby upon the achievement of your best, whatever that may be. Your best words. Your best work. Your best discovery. Your best contribution to community. A bunch of these cancel culture minded idiots will attack you until you reach your worst moment, as a decrescendo to your best. 

Those two aspects, your best and your worst will essentially become two completely different identities, almost separate from your own being.

Then, for the rest of your life, based upon which side of that fence you are more consistent with, they'll assign you with the identity responsible for that side, or even worse, take both identities from you and replace yours socially with a third. This is their trick by the way. Even this writing is subject to the same methodology. Upon writing it, I'll have been tormented by members of these groups until I react in a harsh way. Then at some point in the near future, based upon my consistency with one of those two extremes, the ideology responsible will socially reassign my own identity from one of those two. The worst or the best. Or in another case, remove them both completely, and replace my own identity with a third.

This is the secret of their method and this is what is and will be driving the future of everyone if we're not careful to put an end to it. You'll no longer prosper from your own efforts because someone else will be wearing them much like your identity.

Now consider that in the west, we make up about one sixth of the total population of the world. That is, our conscious memory makes up one sixth of the total conscious awareness. That means that other regions that come to understand and begin utilizing these methods to deal with people and issues, that there are regions of the world whose effectiveness by way of population will essentially eradicate those same methods as used in the west by six to one.

We're living in the illusion that the public memory is the media, but we're forgetting that most of the world doesn't have access to constant delivery high speed media and for many people, it simply isn't a factor (yet). This is exactly why there is so much interest in it, because it is one of the fastest growing markets as well as the largest yet untapped. Imagine what happens when those numbers cover everyone on the planet, and those others are now capable of the same methods of social alteration (ie cancellation or erasure), but are six times more effective in terms of total presence.

Imagine if the United States had gotten the atomic bomb, and then the USSR had managed to do the same, but had been able to produce six times as many.

In all irony, it seems that for such a peaceful ideology, the people using these methods are and have been pushing the rest of the world closer and closer to global warfare with each passing year. 

Sure, if you won't take up arms and you won't fight, that does make you peaceful. But if you stir up the conflict around you in order to measure who are the war-like and who are the peaceful, and to polarize that measure in order to amplify your greatness simply because you claim to be peaceful, then you're a hypocrite and quite honestly, a monster too. 

The worst part is that you're putting everyone else at risk just to satisfy your own ego over how peaceful you are (or your icon is). That's far worse than someone who is ready to take up arms and die to protect their ideals in my books.

The greatest proponent for peace isn't the unarmed one, who torments others attempting to find the weak link in the chains of peace or attempting to martyr themselves.

It is the persons with the weapons ready in their hands (in a metaphorical sense), that choose not to use them but rather to deal rationally towards some form of compromise, for their doing so has far greater credibility and meaning to the target of their conflict.

Before we reach that point where the other five sixths of the population realize that power and start to wield it against others, I suggest that we correct our course. Erasing popular icons from the other side will surely yield the same, with five times the effectiveness in the global awareness. 

Imagine a world where that is the weapon of choice? Imagine also if you will, that the example others who've acquired this weapon will have to go on will be the example of the people who used it and abused it extensively for the last two decades.

Take that, and multiply it by five and you'll get the idea and considering that power doesn't care about borders, there is no ballistic missile program that can stop it. We're talking ideology and social methodology and given the fact that so many people have already wielded it so carelessly and to great devastation for years, I'd say there's some risk in what's to come unless we get ourselves back on track towards the bigger picture. 

Like solving some of these global issues threatening the world and moving out into the solar system.

Anyway, that is my humble and often frustrated and sometimes even angry opinion.

I'll be back sometime soon with more new content. Please give my statements here a thought.

Never rely entirely on hope, part of your every step forward is because of you. Never be paralyzed by fear because when you face your fears, they'll back down every time

Unless of course your fear is being eaten alive by Piranha. If that's your fear, then please don't try to face your fear by jumping in an infested river. 


Just thought you might like to know.

Butterfly Dragon III is under way and I've been writing it somewhat covertly for a bit. I have a problem with one or more of my neighbours trying to steal it and to give others the impression that it isn't me  (Brian Joseph Johns) writing it. I think that people also attempt to push you onto the "blue team" because the blue team regards things in the sense that if you are capable of multiple skills or ability (we all almost certainly are) that you lose everything you're not currently using. 

I don't believe the idiom that if you don't use it, you lose it. That might apply to your muscles, which will deteriorate to a certain level once you stop being active, but not something like knowing how to swim or ride a bicycle, which if you know how to do either of those things, if you cease doing them, even for decades, you'll still be able to do them if you choose to resume as such. We all have many skills and abilities and I don't believe that any of us lose the ones we neglect, we just become stronger in the ones we favor.

Don't get me wrong, I would never have a universe absent of any colour. The problem is when mean groups of people attempt to use them symbolically in ways to harm others emotionally or psychologically.

Brian Joseph Johns

As usual, my love interest is Asian and I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism.

I'm Canadian and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in Regent Park.

I don't play or own a guitar. Here's more proof of that...