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Red Versus Blue - Polarizing Society

Please don't take the use of colours in this post as being anything related to the symbolism of political party colours, because that's not what it relates to. Colours are symbols. Ambiguous and can literally mean and be interpreted as anything.  Problems always arise when you worship the symbol more so than what it stands for. In these times, polarization refers to being bounced around between diametrically opposed symbols, via colours. So these colours are not a reference to party politics. Here's something quite interesting, and its certainly indicative of a much larger and more complex challenge in society. On the morning of the Uvalde school attack in the United States, in my own community in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about two to three hours before the actual time of the attack, several people in my community, many of whom I refer to simply as a cult, began harassing me excessively. This started in the wee hours of the morning of 24th of May of this

Happy Birthday Doctor David Suzuki!

I'd like to take a moment to wish a very Happy Birthday to Doctor David Suzuki, who turns 86 years old today.

As many of you know, Dr. Suzuki has been one of the most prevalent driving forces behind the modern environmentalist movement in his home country of Canada, and throughout the world. He's also amongst the inspirations behind some of my written characters, in terms of ingenuity and insight.

In 1991, I had the honour of working a convention where he was a guest speaker for a United Nations conference held in a Toronto hotel where I happened to be working as an Audio Visual Tech. I worked with their techs in setting up the audio system for the translation booths and was lucky enough to be working on the day that he delivered his address. A very inspiring moment in my life.

Long before, his show The Nature Of Things which still airs on television and streaming services to this day, was an important part of my education, right from the earliest moments I can remember. I was a real nut for science and nature shows and documentaries from a young age right up until now, and he was an essential part of what drove my interest in those areas, alongside my parents who sparked my curiosity for such things.

Its wonderful to see him thriving in this modern generation of environmental activism. You can find out more about his efforts both driving and inspiring and join in one of his many ongoing projects to make a difference by visiting his site at

Thank you for all you've done to inspire my life and I hope that you have many more Happy Birthdays!

Brian Joseph Johns

Photo of David Suzuki by Holger Motzkau 2010, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons (cc-by-sa-3.0), CC BY-SA 3.0,