Had Plans To Continue But They Were Sabotaged...

I had plans to continue writing, but they were almost immediately sabotaged by my neighbours in the apartment immediately neighbouring mine.

Sorry to my non-abusive and non-harassing readers, but I'm still as quit as I was before and I'm not Bryan Toms.  The cult that conducts this harassment operates according to a number of means to break down a person's identity via symbolism.

So for instance, if your last name is Johns (as is mine), the cult members will socially deny you of your identity if you cannot maintain a palpable definition for it. So in the case of Johns, that would mean protecting a number of people whose name is John, or as this cult often attempts, to force upon me the identities of the customers of prostitutes. If I don't protect at least one of the definitions chosen by this cult, then I no longer have my name.

Consider that this is something they do with all aspects of a person's identity as part of their daily game to steal identity and apply the output from their victims to the credit of others. So they'll do the same thing with your first name, your middle name, your address and anything else that uniquely identifies you in the world.

Once they've broken down your identity, they'll replace it with the identity of someone else, and all of your efforts will go to fueling that person or person's life, and never be recognized as your own efforts. In fact, this cult will socially deny you of your entire existence, labeling you as a ghost.

The cult members often replace my identity with that of someone named Bryan Toms, whom from what I know struggles with substance abuse issues related to heroin, crack cocaine and methadone (no disrespect to him as that must be a very difficult hurdle, albeit one that most people can avoid by their initial choices in life). The previous assumption is based upon the speculation of rumour, so it may or may not be true as is the often destructive nature of rumour. Even more so when that rumour is shouldered by someone that has nothing to do with the situation that spurred it.

So with this new name of Bryan Toms, the cult then tries to force me to live up to the symbolism of that name, instead making me carry the weight of people named Tom (last name Toms is plural of Tom, right?). Also, its likely a ploy to redefine the spelling of my first name in order to use me to fuel the life of a Bryan that spells their name that way (rather than my spelling of Brian).

Colour symbolism comes into this particular situation because the cult involved want to make colour an aspect of identity as well. So in this case, the colours blue and brown mean something specific to this cult which they want protected. Often in order to do this, they'll place that upon the shoulders of someone unaware of this symbolism cult game.

Colour symbolism can also be used by this cult as an aspect of identity denial, especially where it involves denying a victim of their own cultural identity and replacing it with someone else's. For instance, white to black and vice versa and any other combination thereof, though I've never been fond of using colour symbolism in that way, but when someone uses it to deny you of your identity, you often are forced to fight fire with fire.

So, cocaine is symbolized by the colour blue, while heroin is symbolized by the colour brown. Blue and brown can also mean a plethora of different things as well. Everything from specific races and cultures (Irish, Polish, African for example), to love and hate, to the two most common eye colours in the world: blue and brown. Blue can also mean "lie" or "opposite of truth", meaning that anyone forced onto a blue association is then regarded as expressing the opposite context of anything they express. For instance, to state that you love someone specific is to mean that you hate someone specific. That's how it will be contextually remembered socially by members of this cult, when they're required to recall it by others. So they most often apply this definition to anything with which they disagree. When I state the truth that I am not a member of Christianity, they often force the blue meaning that would reverse that statement to its opposite.

So knowing that, you now have a greater idea about how this cult works to steal from, destroy and sabotage their victim's lives.

Also, I'm not on the "blue" team. I'd never have a universe lacking in any colour, but I'm not a member of any cult that alters the context of a person's truth and expression in reality according to colour symbolism.

Also, I'm not a ghost. Certainly not the holy ghost and not a member of Christianity or Ziontology at all, with all due respect.

Another definition for ghost is the concept of a human soul, in the form of a fragment of psyche and persona that is assumed by some cults to jump from one body to another, and that some people simply do not have their own mind. Instead, they are regarded as bodies without a permanent mind that borrow bits and pieces of the disembodied fragments of psyche and persona of other people with real minds. Its another form of elitism by denying a group of people of the very core of their own humanity and existence.

There are some ideologies that regard people who have a reactive mind, ie that respond reactively when harassed, as simply having no mind. Simply being automatons or robots.

Most cults that do this sort of thing try to trick their victims into believing something of that ilk, and then using that belief against their victim. 

Cults of this nature might attack you simply for reading views that contradict theirs. That's pretty harsh considering that reading isn't direct consumption of an idea, instantly accepting it as truth, but rather taking it in for internal dialogue or conjecture and should it pass one's own internal regimen of scrutiny most often based upon experience, they might add it to their own understanding of the way of things.

The cults that provoke reaction believe that everything happens because of them. So even this post is something which they'll attempt to take credit, simply because I began writing secretly to continue Singularity, Two Dragons and Stories From The End, and they being able to spy illegally on my computer began harassing me with the intent of provoking a reaction like this, which in turn they'd believe was their accomplishment, rather than my own effort to expose them. That is a perfect example of the kinds of scams they perpetrate against their victims.

Insofar as the concept of ghost is concerned, where it means fragments of persona and psyche, this cult will regard this post as originating from a ghost they call "conspiracy", meaning they believe me to be possessed by a specific ghost that makes me write "conspiracy" based posts like this. This cult has a long list of different names for different ghosts according to the kinds of activities I engage in over the course of a day. They make no effort to keep this to themselves, but rather verbally harass me about this all due. Some of them even believe that it is them or their friends that are possessing me and making me do whatever it is that I do for a given day. As if they're controlling me (which they aren't).

Ghost can also mean the method by which this cult erases people from existence. For instance, the victim will be surrounded by people who are members of this cult, who will take everything produced, expressed, emoted and any other form of output from that person and attribute it to other people. Online, offline, absolutely everything that comes from that person will be attributed to other people while their name will never be spoken or referred to as a whole by such persons. Using these methods, this cult literally erases the social footprints that a specific person of specific identity ever existed. The cult doing this also might replace the identity of the victim with that of someone else living at the same time, so that the victim fuels the life of that person without knowing it. That's another form of ghost.

Another aspect of colour symbolism is that their harassment also might be part of an effort to prevent someone from working (another definition for blue), so that person can be forced to be the burden carrier for everyone else that is working. So in my case, the cult might abuse me in order to distract me from working for a full day. 

For most of them, its about one specific ideology or race being the controlling one. That should give you an idea of their ilk.

That certainly doesn't make me the negative side of the fence. Not at all, especially if what I revealed liberates many from this sort of thing.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics by the way. I don't play guitar. I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. 

I'm not Jake "N". By the way, this cult uses the initial "N" to refer to a word that means "lazy" that also begins with an "N", that used to be a slang term referring to people based upon the colour of their skin.

However, in this current form, it is used by the same people victimized by it, as a claim of ownership over someone else. So by calling me Jake "N", they're claiming that I'm someone named Jake (of no relation to me) that is their property and the property of their cultural group and to be used however they wish. Something they'd certainly have no success attempting.

This is also a cult that attempts to trick me into standing up for someone they refer to as "Zoe" and "Ella", because they want me to bias someone else on the basis of culture (she's African or Caribbean) more so than I bias my own love interest (who is a Mandarin Chinese woman). So by forcing that person's burdens upon me, they're attempting to trick me into speaking out in her defense, in order to push my bias in her direction and away from my Mandarin Chinese love interest. So their motives are entirely based upon race, and seeing as members of this cult are racist against the Chinese community, believing them to be the devil, they're trying to force me by deceit over to the other side culturally, knowing that if I risk speaking out against this sort of thing, I risk making myself appear racist.

From what I understand, this "Zoe" or "Ella" person is harassed similarly by members of this cult. I know little else other than religion is involved and as I stated, I'm not a member of Christianity at all. I believe that it is wrong to stalk and harass a person. That's the best that I can do for that person and I will not sacrifice my own bias in such a way that it is used to replace my own true love interest in favour of someone else on the basis of race as part of a mass social and cultural manipulation.

I have a strong affinity for Asian culture, and my last two girlfriends are both from Asia, one being Mandarin Chinese and the most recent being from South Korea. I'm certainly not a womanizer and never have been. I'm also not an incel, frustrated because a cult of scumbags is keeping me from the right to be social. I've had opportunities that I've turned down simply because if I'm going to be with someone, its going to be the right woman and the woman for whom I feel the most. Anything less of a personal or emotional investment is better kept as a friendship or acquaintance.

As I stated, most of what I say here is regarded in such a way that these cult members believe me to be a mirror of themselves or their friends. So they literally believe that what I'm thinking and saying is a reflection of them more so than me, simply because I also enjoy adult erotic material online. Not as a substitute for a committed relationship, but as a form of short term affection that is important to one's own emotional and intellectual well being despite what some crackpot religious zealots might tell you. I'd be the first person to tell you how much I appreciate that there are women who have adventurous attitudes when it comes to the expression and self exploitation of their own sexuality. 

To tell you the truth, most of the ills directed towards women aren't the result of women, but the result of bitter, zealous nutbars who are still angry over being swindled out of the responsible enjoyment of their body, while being taught to hate nudity and perhaps the most wonderful natural creation of all, the human body. They wrongly invested in an idea that robbed them of the most precious moments of their life and they take it out on everyone else who didn't make the same choice on the grounds of sin. 

Most of those people support exploiting women via prostitution simply to help men avert the sin of masturbation. So in other words, put it all on the women, including the risk to their health, violence, robbery, substance abuse and exploitation at the hands of a goofball pimp rather than an empowered woman who is educated (or not) that is completely confident with their own body and sexuality, and uses it how they choose without the need to answer to anyone but themselves.

With that power comes responsibility to one's self and well being. Not every woman who realizes this will pursue a life of their own sexual exploitation. Most will pursue an education and/or meaningful career confidently, alongside men who have the same ideals. Education is certainly a key, but it isn't everything that is needed to have a meaningful life.

No, I am not Eugene Andre Francois for saying this. I am myself, Brian Joseph Johns. I'm  not Irish or Italian with all due respect.

No disrespect meant, but I have nothing to do with the Matrix films or any societal games or alternate reality games arising from their plot. As stated, I am not a Ziontologist. I am not a guitar player either.

Most of all, my name is not Shane and seeing as my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese and emigrated from China at some point, I am certainly not anti-immigration and never have been.

I have to say that because there are members of this cult that believe that I'm being controlled or puppeteered by this harassing cult. If you had something to say, wouldn't it be easier to just say it than it would be to organize a thousand people to attempt to puppeteer someone else into saying it for you?

They're just thieves. Nothing more. Nothing less. I am not a Jehovah's Witness and I am not a member of Prince Hall and quite honestly, I have the right not to be as much as others have the right to be. I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism.

Brian Joseph Johns