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My squad in Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Stadia

Hi again. Brian Joseph Johns here aka Shhhh! Digital Media ( There's a picture of me at the bottom of this post and by the way, I don't play guitar but its a good instrument and my name isn't Bob, but its a good name.

As you know, a few days ago I decided to close Shhhh! Digital after recent social and identity theft attacks by members of an abusive cult in my home city of Toronto where I live in Regent Park.

For the most part, Regent Park is actually quite pleasant, and certainly it is the home to many responsible citizens just like you and I, trying to make our way in these difficult times, so my qualms aren't with the community at all, in general.

I've been under attack some time by a cult that seems to believe my content is theirs. Ie, what I produce is actually produced by them, by a number of different means, including their belief that they can possess and control people and other similar nonsense. Hence they create situations as if a social game that justify their claims of my content and output.

Today, I played on my Stadia Account (yes, I'm an occasional gamer, more into squad level strategic simulations or massive scale command and control). One of my favourite franchises is the Tom Clancy franchise which was taken up by UbiSoft in the early days, when Tom had published a number of games based upon his popular books in the military thriller genre. I've read most of his books throughout my life and have always been an avid fan.

Much of what I wrote when creating Stories From The End was drawn from his inspiration. Now consider that I started writing that book in 2010, just after I'd written the short story Moving On, which was about a young woman struggling with substance abuse issues who suddenly finds herself mixed up in the middle of a murder investigation. The traumatic experience ends up being the catalyst for the beginning of her recovery, when she comes face to face with the realization of the concept of mortality, and the ultimate destination of her lifestyle.

So after I'd written that short story in 2010 while living in a homeless shelter (fortunately no substance abuse issues myself), I began on two of the A Lady's Prerogative books (The Yearning And The Learning and Test Of Time which became Testament Of Time). Both those books are still here on this site, though back then they were unpublished until I opened my first modern web site/blog back in  early 2012.

During that time I also started writing Stories From The End, which as I stated, was a tip of my hat to the Tom Clancy novel. It is a story about the apocalypse starting through internet leaked rumours that the fabric of the universe itself is doomed to unfold within weeks, according to recent discoveries at a particle accelerator in the story. The rumour becomes a social virus, and actually the seeds of this apocalypse itself as more and more people begin to panic with the impending end of everything.

Civilization begins rapidly collapse, prompting the elected powers that be to enact an operation in the form of a plan by the Canadian and American Strategic Command to manage and mitigate the collapse. The plan involves incapacitating several power stations across the North American power grid, as a stranglehold against any citizen's militias that might pop up in the immediate collapse. One of the operatives key to the mission in the Great Lakes area ends up joining a group of his former co-workers at one such power plant, and together they begin to unravel the mystery behind society's collapse.

In the midst of the collapse over the weeks as society deteriorates, many of the infrastructure unions begin forming their own system. Together they work to keep order and maintain society as best they can, as their resources begin to dwindle. One such group operating in the region is called the Nomads. A name I gave to it back in 2010/2011 when I was still living in a homeless shelter and struggling to get back on my own feet. It might not be too obvious what the significance of this is right now, but I'll elaborate.

Back then, I suspect that there were a number of powers that be, who had the ability to spy directly on my computer (which was a laptop I'd modified many times since having bought it in 2010). That computer had no internet at all and I did all of my writing on a computer that never had any internet connection, except on the very rare occasions when I'd go visit family and friends.

This spying on my computer is what I suspect the powers that be used to keep track of me, and possibly to protect me. Your computer use can be an accurate fingerprint, containing much data by which you can be identified depending upon the level of monitoring.

The problem is that there seems to have been more than one "faction" doing the spying, and these factions seem to be in fierce competition with one another, though one of them for certain is associated with the law and Federal infrastructure and that one seems to be the most protective and benevolent, amongst other possible candidates for the same observations such as friends. They're the ones who used that tech to prevent themselves from losing track of me when I relocated. In a sense, you could say they knew me by what I did with my computer, without having to know me visually by my looks, though they could identify me visually if need be.

Hence, others who were also spying on my computer and whose interests in what I was doing were only to commandeer this protection and its resources for their own dire uses, attempted to create decoy identities to fool the protective one into following someone else rather than myself. Since that time, those other identities and the people who own them have attempted to steal anything that ties me to that specific time, and anything before that ties me to my own identity. Much of their harassment is all about provoking me into contradicting aspects of my own history and identity so they can claim that I'm simply not myself. Actually, this cult is assaulting the concept of identity itself, in the physical form, implying that you can lose your own identity if you are not consistent with your own past.

Before that, there had even been efforts by the same dire groups to give others the impression that I was involved in crack cocaine and had issues that were simply never a part of my life or being. I suspect that the motives for this were related to money in some way, possibly in the sense that I had a benefactor unbeknownst to me and that said group who'd painted me that way had actually scammed the benefactor. Hence, any attempt to clarify my actual real physical identity would be sabotaged by the people who'd ripped the benefactor off. I mean, if it was ever known that I don't use narcotics and that I'm actually a pretty healthy and civil guy, it would certainly undermine the cover they'd created for their scam. This is what the evidence points to, and there's lots and lots of it.

So, since that time I'd worked on many things and writing was amongst the most involved of them that I'd put my time into. I also worked as a programmer in Pascal mostly (Delphi) writing a number of small applications and utilities in the IDE they had at that time. I also used Lazarus, another Pascal compiler and IDE. So most if not all of these things tied me to my own identity, and as more and more people became aware that something was up in connection with my identity, more and more of them would attempt to steal it or destroy my reputation.

Most of these efforts would come in the form of carefully orchestrated situations the members of this cult would play out, where their intentions were to get me involved in their lives in some way, as if to create an association that once again, simply did not exist.

As the weight and ferocity of these efforts grew, I became more and more guarded when dealing with people and by the time I left the shelter in April 12, 2012, it would seem that the ideologies involved in this effort were actually quite organized. For instance, my immediate neighbour in the new residence, the one I'd met when viewing the apartment, was switched out at the last minute before I moved in and replaced with a neighbour who has since that time been one of my most active harassers.

There is evidence once again of surveillance though this time conducted by a number of different groups in my place of residence, many of whom constantly harass and provoke conflict. This started out innocently enough, but grew substantially over time and really became a problem and barrier to getting on my feet. The real injustice is that there isn't anything in place to deal with situations like this and from what I've garnered, it seems to be protected. So its alright to attack someone making effort, but that person when they attempt to get something done about it is actually punished for it.

After years of investigating this, all while continuing my own efforts to publish and create a successful business model from my own content, these groups neighbouring my apartment have been spying on me illegally and conducting harassment, that is often coordinated with other activities in the community, making it very difficult to take part in anything.

Most of this effort really came to a head when members of these groups tried several times to steal my identity and content, while replacing my identity with that of someone else. Actually, they have a list of people whose identity they attempt to replace mine with. Most of them involved in something or other, while my identity of being a writer and the creator of Shhhh! Digital Media and the writer of my books is stolen and given to someone else.

I've heard reference to the term ghost, many times and this is something I've looked into quite a bit. There's ghost as in spook ie Federal Agent, which I can't say applies to my own identity and if I did, then I'd be lying. There's ghost as in someone whose identity and existence has been erased, and they are simply treated as if they don't exist. Anything they produce is up for grabs. There's ghost as in Holy Ghost according to some religions, where a person is elevated to the status of some kind of judge, presiding over a large number of people of the same religion, deciding things in relation to current situations and times, though I'm not a member of any such religion (I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, having dropped Catholicism in 2007). 

There's ghost, as in someone who torments others and whose existence is ignored as a punishment for their behaviour in this manner. There's ghost as in someone who maintains communication with family and friends and then disappears (ghosting those people). I would say that what I'm experiencing is an effort that completely denies me of my own identity and existence, while a group of bullies around me replace my identity with someone else's of their choosing. Every day that's a sort of lottery, where depending upon how I play my cards, the better the identity I end up with. This seems to be how the cult of "blue" colour symbolism operates. I certainly do not consider myself to be a part of the cult of blue, though I'd never have a universe lacking of any colour.

Ghost could also refer to Ghost from Ghost Recon, and it isn't any coincidence that the Nomads are a similar group of people in their game world who are trying to rebuild their society after another group tried to create a modern Utopia. Similar concepts, but the Nomads from my book Stories From The End are based upon the union infrastructure actually forming their own organized group to maintain society as much as they can in the immediate weeks after society's collapse. This is something I felt would probably happen in reality for a limited time until local resources could no longer support any infrastructure. So this seems to be connected to a common theme where many of us who'd fallen after the turn of the millennium were seeking a means to rebuild. My written work for that time is connected to many modern themes until this day.

As a result, many other people, including residents of that same shelter and even some workers have attempted to take that identity from me unfortunately, in order to force the appearances of my association with specific religions or specific people, often in attempt to twist me away from my allegiance to Asian culture, and the other people to whom I've become allied by way of my writing.

Where Does This Intersect Current Affairs...

So with the situation in the Ukraine and Russia, there's a bit of tension and a link to Shhhh! Digital in the sense of the fact that I have characters from both countries in my books (Monique Defleur who is also known as Eclipse, and Katya and Victor Piotr, two Doctors of Advanced Biology from Russia), and to tell you the truth, I actually don't support the war at all, but based upon my life experience and what I know of the way things work, I'm suspicious that this situation isn't what it appears.

I honestly think that both Ukraine and Russia are being played, and used by something else that created this situation and its originating impetus as a manipulation to begin the end game in Europe and something that will eventually lead into Asia. Hopefully not in the attempt at the large scale Christianization of Asia. I am of the firmest stance that everyone should come to their own beliefs by their own experience and choices and never have them forced by an outside party. Proselytization and aggressive conversion have led to some of the greatest travesties upon societies in human history. Freedom of thought and conscience should always be at the forefront of the mores protected by civil law and society.

Insofar as this conflict itself, if you look at the history of how such situations transpire, you'll notice some patterns and this situation is no different. The way that the public supports such situations is directly affected by the perception of the wrong, and who is being wronged. I believe that Ukraine is definitely the victim of a chess game played in the world of politics, finance and conquest that was designed to pressure Russia into a situation where if they didn't invade, their country would be at risk of existence in a decade or two. In other words, if they didn't act, they'd cease to exist according to their own projections and that the reason for this is something so strategically important that they can't reveal it. Doing so, would be like Achilles showing everyone the weakness in his heels.

If you think about this and consider all of the facts leading up to the war and eventual invasion, it makes sense. Russia postured their invasion stance for weeks (even months?) before moving. That likely translates to diplomatic pressure indicating that if something didn't change that was related to the pressure forcing them into this move, they'd act. As long as that pressure remained hidden from the public, it could be used to paint Russia simply acting out of the interest of conquest, hence vilifying Russia and conforming to this social programming meme of blue good, red bad. Where people put the symbol ahead of the definition and often without much thought.

So they stood their ground for a time, posturing that if something didn't change, that mystery thing they were pressuring for the powers involved to alter, they'd move their forces into Ukraine. Now consider that they knew what the world would do when they invaded in terms of sanctions and boycotting Russian products. They knew what they were facing, so the alternative has to have been worse than that from the standpoint of a threat to Russia and their awareness of it.

I really think there is something important behind these facts and that it would pay for the bright and inquisitive minds of the world to show some empathy and look into this. Remember, that a conflict abroad has the effect of distracting people locally from their own local grievances, and the global situation over the last two decades has been that the current leadership regime and paradigm around the globe has been under threat by a growing social movement seeking change.

We all know it exists, every one of us, but nobody is willing to discuss it. I am certainly not saying that I support any such thing, but rather the participation of citizens in due process involving their representative Governments. That's how progress is achieved without bloodshed and in all but the most tyrannical of circumstances, that is how it should be achieved.

So I would ask that you to question what you're seeing, without yielding your support for the protection of the citizens, both Ukrainian and Russian and without polarizing the situation by painting the Government as the haters and the people as the lovers or any other similar such disparaging methods as turning the situation into a see-saw of travesties.

So, when I played Ghost Recon Breakpoint on Stadia today (Sunday), I went on a mission and one of the objective targets my team was assigned to assassinate by Strategic Command turned out to be Russian. I just wanted to be clear that by the playing of that game and the completion of that mission, that I wasn't sending a coded message to any of the powers that be, who are watching my computer activities or spying on me that Russia should be further vilified or harmed as if to stoke the fires of a long and protracted warfare. Likewise with Ukraine. 

There's a big difference between pixels on a screen and reality. However, I'd be the first one to argue that pixels aren't that much different than letters and in groups: words. You put enough of them together in the right way so as to express or share the right concept or idea, they can sometimes be worth heeding however far they might be from reality. Just be sure to never confuse the two. In the case of my recent game and mission, it was just coincidence and I certainly intend no ill towards either Russians or Ukrainians.

Remember how close their ties are. Ukraine was one of the founding countries of the U.S.S.R. There are some heated memories involved and this situation goes deeply into regional history since the two Russian revolutions.

By the time I finish writing this post, most of my neighbours will be fighting over whom they think I was possessed by in order to write this. As I've stated, some people think some of us are nothing more than mirrors, and that people like myself don't have consciousness or our own mind. We're just reflections of whatever light is cast into our surface. 

Keep in mind that if you are treated that way, that you're in all likelihood dealing with narcissists. Those who are completely fascinated by only their own reflection, or the reflections of those in their ideology. 

They lack the ability to acknowledge that there are people in the world that have thoughts, that don't require them to be anything but themselves and do not require them to rent someone else's blood in order to be capable of such ponderance and expression.

What would it be like to be in a world where you see nothing but yourself in others, while you see nothing of them or their uniqueness? Probably, even for the people most surrounded and seemingly loved by others, that would be as close to hell as you can get, because you'd truly be alone always because the only person they can appreciate is themself. They only person they see and are willing to know.

The person who can see and appreciate others for their own being, even while in the midst of nobody around them in person, has more lovers, friends and allies than anyone else in the world because they  truly see everyone.

As far as what is in the future for Shhhh! Digital Media, I can't tell. Currently, I'm still as quit as I was last week and this weekend certainly didn't help matters, as the cult involved in that decision attacked again and considerably. 

They attempted to swap my identity with that of someone who frequents prostitutes (something I don't do at all). Also, this is a cult that wants to give people the impression that my love interest is African or Caribbean, which she's not, and wants to give others the impression that I'm African or Caribbean myself, which I'm not.

Now, if I was African or Caribbean, or any combination of cultures with those two or any other combination, there would nothing wrong with that at all as is the case for many people around the world.

However, I am not and there is nothing wrong with that either. 

For someone to impose a replacement identity simply on the basis of replacing my own (or anyone else's) culture and possibly the colour of my own (or anyone else's) pinkish yellowish skin, is somewhat of a hate crime on the part of the people making such an attempt, don't you think?

I am what most people would call a white guy (based upon my white, computer monitor tanned skin), and there is nothing wrong with that. Is there?

So where does that leave Shhhh! Digital Media? Well, I won't be writing anything new for the time being and I'm looking for a way to deal with this cult legally, with actual lawyers first. I have other options, but I'll take those steps when all else fails. I suspect the powers behind those actions they're already watching and their assistance is welcome.

The next ten chapters for A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity are already written in my head and carefully guarded against the intrusions that might attempt to extract them from me.

Likewise, some of the plot for Butterfly Dragon III is solidified and the first chapters are raring to go.

Maybe see you soon? Most likely not though given the amount of abuse and the theft attempts to which I'm subject.

Hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

I'm not Guyanese Bobby. I don't play guitar. I'm not Jake N.

I've never owned a dog, much less a Pitbull.

Brian Joseph Johns

As always, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism.

Thank you to my YouTube and TikTok communities.