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The Future...

From what I understand, most of the harassment and stalking attacks have been geared towards forcing me into a negative state of mind, which this cult symbolize by the shade black. They associate it with anything of that nature and tend to try to force their victims onto that side of the fence through constant verbal abuse and harassment. So any protest I make here to being treated like that has origins. I'm not a negative or conflict seeking person normally and when my rights are stomped on by an criminal cult that should be investigated by the way, I tend to get upset about it as I'm sure anyone would. Regardless I'm not like that at all and left to my own devices, I'm actually a very positive kind of person. One of the reasons that this harassment cult conducts itself this way is that they assume that I am trying to control everyone else. At some point the stalking and harassment cult dug its way into my private and personal life, especially with regard to my sexuali

Butterfly Dragon West Meet East Going Eco...

FYI. Much like Heylyn Yates with help from her new employee Valerie Aspen have done for West Meet East International, I've been focusing on going environmentally friendly myself at my own home office.

From the time I wrote the Butterfly Dragon story, Mr. Wrong Or Right, I've produced one half (1/2) a shopping bag of garbage refuse over the course of a month.

Here's the actual numbers over the course of 30 days for one person and his home office:

Garbage:   1/2 shopping bag 1KG of refuse for landfill sites.

Recycling: 1 recycling bag 2KG of plastic and paper materials.

Compost:   1 shopping bag 0.5KG of organic waste for my own balcony born spring garden.

That's a shift from approximately four shopping bags of garbage over the course of a month, and half a bag of recycling, with a very small amount of compost (2 - 3 Grams).

Consider that's one person. If in my home city everyone took up the same initiative and yielded similar results, that would be a reduction to one quarter of the total volume and mass of waste produced per capita every thirty days.

The math over 30 days:

Garbage:   From 4.5 Million KG to 1.125 Million KG of refuse for landfill sites.

RecyclingFrom 1 Million KG of recycling to 2 Million KG of plastic and paper materials.

Compost:   From 2-3 Million G to 1/2 Million KG of organic waste for city gardens.

Just an FYI for you, so you know that this author, coder, artist and web master puts his money where his mouth is. Actually, if I had more money for my mouth I could get one of my teeth fixed but that's a different story altogether...

Remember there's a pot of gold to be found in every rainbow.

I'm off to watch the movie Best Seller, with James Woods and Brian Dennehy, Actually, I already watched it and posted this addition after the fact. Great movie from the 80s.

After that, its off to ED, where my virtual wife will run the show for the time being...

Then its off to sleep and up tomorrow to work for six hours. Saturday, the same deal. Sunday is clean house and relax time.

Brian Joseph Johns