Quick Update...

Very bad weekend for harassment so I'm going to cease writing for two weeks and focus on other things.

FYI, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and not a member of any ideology that uses symbolism of the colour blue as part of a blood centric ideology or to switch people's identity.

Also, I don't play guitar and I've never owned a guitar in my life and I'm not Bobby.

I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect and I never have been. I am not a Mormon. I am not a Seventh Day Adventist. I'm not Roman Catholic either. Actually, I ceased being Catholic in 2007, for the record. I have no plans ever to be a part of Christianity at all, and I do not say the opposite of what I mean. I've never operated in that way.

Also, I'm not on the blue team and never will be, or a part of any blood centric cult. Hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

Shhhh!  Digital is not connected to or associated with Channel 99 (https://www.channel99.info) but I do sometimes watch their streams.

See you in two weeks... maybe, or maybe not. Most likely not. There are some things that are forgiveable, others...  not so much so. The worst thing you can have happen is when people you trusted betray you and actually assist the members of a an abusive social cult in erasing you, and your social footprint while taking over aspects of your own life and efforts for their own credit. Especially when those same people attempt to replace your identity with that of someone else (like Jake N whom I am not?).

An evil cult very much so and social bullies all the way and this isn't a matter of mental illness by the way. I'm fine in that regard (actually quite healthy in that way and grateful that I am), but when people harass me, its not my imagination and I've already gone the distance to change how I take it, and its gone the distance to be abusive and disruptive the whole way.

Don't look forward to anything too soon from me, and you never were controlling me. I just played along here and there in order to humour some of you. Won't ever do that again.

My real life love interest is Mandarin Chinese by the way and I don't say the opposite of what I mean. Cults often switch the identity of their victims in order to get away with crimes against them which are permitted against their own members. Hence, members of cults will often switch your own identity with that of one of their own cult members in order to get away with their crimes against you, assuming you report them to the authorities (as I have on a couple of occasions). Also, I've noticed that some members of these cults actually believe their victims become possessed by people who "inhabit" them from the outside by some means. I am not a member of any such religion or cult that operates in that way and never have been. Members of these kinds of cults will often deny you of your own identity, and just keep treating you as if you're someone else. Each time you eliminate an identity, they come up with another replacement. This is one of their methods of harassment. 

What can I say? Its a abusive cult and most often full of narcissists and I say that in all truth and nothing in the opposite context just as certainly as I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media at https://www.shhhhdigital.ca. Oh, and I'm not brown shoe aka "Valentine". Also, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I certainly have never used cocaine or crack cocaine in my life. I supported the legalization of cannabis however from the beginning, though I do not smoke at all. I completely support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, however, I myself am heterosexual and my love interest is a woman both mentally and physically and has identified herself as such from birth.

Oh and no Kybalion for me. Most people who mistake that for being hermeticism are basically closet abusers and narcissists using its teachings to exploit other people by playing them between two diametrically opposed extremes, and timing it in such a way that they can maximize exploitation (which is called the rhythm in the Kybalion). Such people often refer to playing others in this way as "milking a cow". I do not accept abuse and mistreatment in that degree whatsoever and I have no fear of revealing methods used by people of that ilk. Some people who follow this way of doing things even attempt to manipulate or control people using these methods. It would seem that this sort of attack is exactly what this cult attempted to employ against me this weekend seeing as I was pretty solidly well in terms of my productivity for the week, hence they'd attempt to push me from a high in that regard, to a low, in accordance with the methods of this ideology based upon their interpretation of the teachings of the Kybalion. When you consider that in most people the biggest weakness with emotional balance has to do with hormones, the cult that utilizes these methods are depending upon the delayed response time when playing their victims between two opposing emotional extremes. A lot of spousal abusers use this method to play their partners by the way. I'll have to be careful for revealing this because this cult will attempt to make me appear guilty of the same thing (when in fact I'm not and never have been). I love control role play fantasy kind of things, but that aspect of my being is related to how women interpret fantasy, and I'm never one to try to control in reality. I'll react to abuse and attempt to quell it, but I never attempt to control. The cult members will attempt to claim that they're responsible for what I'm saying as well. They'll make claims like "blood hit" or nonsense of that kind which is their way of saying: "we made you say that". This cult uses the verbal defense of its victims to protect itself. So for this reason, I am not on the blue team. Besides, this cult defines blue as meaning hate means love, and amongst other things, cocaine. I don't use that stuff or any of its byproducts.

The cult that does this sort of harassment, does so purposely in order to destroy opportunity and the future of their victims. So likely they did this to me in order to destroy Shhhh! Digital and ensure that I don't continue or get any opportunities from other bigger publishers. I'm not Rob by the way. My neighbours unfortunately have been a part of this abusive cult for a decade and more, and helping them as insiders to harass me.

Another way this cult seems to use the symbolism of the colour blue, is that they attempt to break you away from your family by any and every means possible, including co-opting your own family to take part in that effort as well like an inside job. If you don't keep your ties to your family, the cult then regards you as a lost cause and steals everything from you (your creative properties and any efforts you put into your own business or creative effort). This is a risk especially if you're a creative person as this cult will literally steal your creative properties this way. I have reason to suspect they even involved one of my ex-cellular providers in the process, illegally, using a disconnected phone number to gain access illegally to my Canada Revenue Account, to gain personal information about me.

Oh, and I'm not a gun or a rose and I'm certainly not Jamie Foxx or Peter Andrews with all due respect. Also, I'm not a pedophile or sexual predator and never have been. I'm not a spousal abuser or rapist and I've never been incarcerated in jail or prison. I think most women with whom I've been romantically involved would vouch for me and my character. In this day and age though, you have to watch out because cults like the one I'm contending with will swap your identity with that of other ex-boyfriends of the same woman. Especially where those boyfriends have really wronged women emotionally or physically. What ends up happening is that you get treated sometimes for years as if you're responsible for that man's actions against her.

Kind of like a competition ladder between ex-boyfriends of the same woman for the best reputation while trying to avoid the worst reputation, because to cults, identity is interchangeable in that way. Oh, and I've never been in a relationship with anyone named Karen, and I'm not Chuck, or Darren or Derek or John or Clarence (whomever they are) or Marty Shea.

Hence why I'm bringing the law into this.

Brian Joseph Johns