Imagine they invented a seatbelt that when you wore it, in the event you were in a traffic accident while driving, not only would it save your life, but the lives of others.

Could you imagine how much safer the roads would be for all drivers, not just the ones wearing the seatbelt?

I guess you could say that it would kind of be like a vaccine, couldn't you?

So if you had one of these special seatbelts and you were a driver, would you wear it? 

Consider that wearing it isn't only saving your own life but the lives of others who might actually be harmed when involved in an accident with you. 

It would be selfish not to wear that kind of a seatbelt, wouldn't it?

In all irony, seatbelts became mandatory in Canada during my lifetime, back in the 1970s/1980s. There were many who opposed them, claiming they were an obstacle to their freedom. There were protests and a lot of resistance but eventually everyone started wearing them and more and more lives were saved as a result.

Well you could use the same argument for vaccines.

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Brian Joseph Johns

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