Dealing Directly With Adversity...


That was the worst harassment attack in a long time.

My neighbours mostly and nearly non-stop for the last three days.

Just a reminder that for cults that harass people, what makes something a burden doesn't have anything to do with freedom of conscience or what is morally right, but rather how heavy an abusive and intolerant group of people can make something simply by harassing a person or persons, non-stop. So in other words, they set the price for what deems being a burden and what isn't, meaning they can favour their members, while making everyone else's burdens very heavy in that regard.

Also, this cult seems to be under the impression that if they force others to carry the weight of this burden, that it explains any of the creative abilities exhibited by the people burdened, which I honestly believe is a load of complete and utter crap.

So I'll clarify some things about myself in order to deal with that directly.

  1. I don't play guitar and have never owned a guitar in my life.

  2. I've never been incarcerated in jail or prison.

  3. I've never been involved with narcotics trafficking or sex trafficking in my life, but I've supported the legalization of cannabis for as long as I can remember. However, I don't smoke at all and I don't use any narcotics whatsoever. I do however drink on occasion, but moderately so.

  4. I've never been a spousal abuser and certainly not a rapist or sex offender.

  5. I am not a pedophile and have nothing but optimistic admiration, but not attraction towards young women.

  6. I'm not Scottish, but I have many friends who are and this statement has nothing to do with the preceding statements whatsoever. Its a distinction rather than a casting of blame.

  7. I strongly believe in a woman's right to have the final say about what happens with her own body and always have.

  8. I don't believe in prostitution, but I believe that all women have the final say about what happens with their own body. The only way I can affect the first statement about prostitution is by not taking part in it. I never have and I never will. The only people who can stop it, are women themselves by choosing of their own free will not to take part in it and for their own reasons.

  9. I'm an adult and I enjoy Japanese erotic content, legally, and I see no contradiction with that attitude and my support of women's rights here on Shhhh! Digital through my books like A Lady's Prerogative series and The Butterfly Dragon series. Sexual imagination and gratification is an important and healthy aspect of leading a full life.

    I don't exploit that in my writing at all, because every intimate scene between my characters is only hinted at, because I feel that such intimacy belongs only to the people involved and nobody else, unless it is part of a medium that is entertaining that aspect of our being responsibly, such as it is in most adult content.

    One of the ways that women's most basic rights have been denied them throughout history is by not having the right of self determination, especially when it comes to matters of their own body. This very much includes their own sexuality. I'm not talking about control based role play (which is fun). I mean actually using peer pressure, social etiquette, imposed norms and oppressive traditions to impose limits upon a woman's right of self determination. Such as labeling women who've had a variety of partners as sluts, while labeling men of the same undertaking as studs. Society encourages men to go out there and sew their oats, while punishing the women through whom they gain this accredation.

    The ways those rights have been fought against for millennia is downright nasty and underhanded, and has led to many of the modern problems we're facing currently, including cancel culture, which is another attempt to take women's right of self determination and to weaponize it against men, many of whom have been programmed by the very same obstacles to women's rights to objectify women strictly as sex objects, and to punish those men for having that perspective. In all honestly, its taking women's rights from them once again, under another guise and weaponizing that power for other destructive purposes in society and reaping it for social or political gain. Sorry, but that power belongs strictly to women and nobody else.

    If women are upset at me for having kinky erotic fantasies, and entertaining them by partaking of Japanese erotic content (legally), then remember that the mind you're attempting to limit is the same mind that had the courage to speak up for you for many, many years.

  10. If you're going to punish me, punish me for my actions, not my thoughts and remember that the most exciting mystery in getting to know someone is appreciating that our thoughts are born of freedom while our actions are born in the confines of responsibility. One who limits the freedom to think and lacks the responsibility of and to action is far more dangerous to society than the former. Besides, I'm not in love with my fantasies. I'm in love with the idea that there's a women out there who that knows what makes me tick, and can play it that way using her own creativity. Most women with whom I've been intimate in my life, who weren't part of a scheme by a cult to create situations to harm my person, would vouch for me.

    Besides, by the time I have these thoughts posted, there will already be an army of scumbags dividing them up under the belief that they made me say these things using the holy spirit, abusive collectivism or some other cult of the mind ideology bent on stealing a person's output. Punish them.

    To them, what I say makes great pickup lines to fool you into bed with them, while they lack the real heart and conviction from which these statements originated. Also, not long after my posting this, they'll likely attack me in attempt to make it seem my reaction contradicts what I wrote here.

    This cult are nothing but thieves. They'll steal these words from me and give them to the credit of someone who kicks women out after midnight in thirty below weather. Then, they'll have a woman come into the building and create a ruckus in the halls in my building of residence in attempt to trick me into getting security to throw her out so that they can blame me for the same thing. Forces like that are where you should be focusing that power to deal with the real problems in society, because the source of them is never held responsible for them. They just create substitutes: lambs for the slaughter so to speak to take the punishment for their actions. I certainly don't go for that lamb for the slaughter nonsense unless it was my own love interest we were talking about. Then I'm too happy to be her pin cusion if it would save her the pain of a few pricks, so to speak.

  11. I am NOT a member of Christianity, but I am a Secular Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, though not devout.

  12. I am NOT possessed nor am I being controlled by anyone into writing these words as some people might have you believe.

  13. My love interest is a Mandarin Chinese lady, but she's not a news caster or television personality and I've never dated anyone who is or was a news caster or television personality. The thought makes an enticing fantasy, however it is something I've never objectified when watching a news cast. Again, this is just a distinction and not an attempt to blame or undervalue any woman's friendship or allegiance.

  14. I'm not a member of any blood centric cult. I certainly appreciate the fact that the stuff flowing through my veins seems to be healthy, but I'm not a member of any ideology that would force me to pay for their blood based upon their belief in their superiority as a cultural group or ideology.

  15. I am not African or Caribbean, though if I was, there would be nothing wrong with that, but I'm not at all, and there's nothing wrong with that either.

    If you think there is something wrong with that, or are perpetrating the lie to keep people under the impression that I am, then it is you that has the racist problem, not me. You're likely just upset because I'm a white guy and my love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman with whom I've been in a relationship previously.

This post will stay up for a day or two, when I will take it down. I probably won't be writing for a few days and have decided to postpone working on art until long after this most recent round of harassment is two weeks or more in the past. If I did start working on art or writing, then this cult would be under the impression that everything I created and wrote originated from them. They're that kind of blood centric cult. They seem to watch for people who are obsessed with being creative, and then attempt to create situations that they use to siphon that effort from their victim and funneling it to someone else's credit. They seem to be have been very active over the last thirty years.

In the meantime, I'll continue studying my courses. I'm taking an online course, studying something I've had an interest in for a long time that might lead to other things here.

Many congratulations to our Olympic athletes, both those from my home country of Canada and others from around the world. 

What a great feeling and privilege it must be to take part in something so grand. There have already been a number of records set, not to mention that there have been a few firsts for women from what I understand.

Very inspiring!

Brian Joseph Johns