Back With Some New Content Soon...

On a first not, I'd like to offer congratulations to all the Olympic athletes who've been keeping us inspired the world over, and helping to keep our focus on positive momentum as we near the point of emerging from the COVID-19 crisis into a very changed world from the one we left.

As we enter into this next chapter of our humanity, recall that we're doing so less by six million people the world over (most likely much more) whose lives have been taken directly by the pandemic, or by the stress upon the health care system.

I'd also like to point out this Gender Equality Quiz I received in my email this morning on behalf of the United Nations Foundation. Their timing is immaculate especially considering that we're on the brink of the starting gates opening in this next chapter of our global community, having survived difficult times with the pandemic. This is the perfect time to consider such things as well, for we'll take them with us as we leave the gates in our sprint forward.

After being subject to a fair bit of abuse and harassment, I nearly considered postponing any new content for an appropriate length of time. Then I considered that perhaps when such obstacles are making it difficult to fight the good fight, that is when whatever we do to further that effort is needed the most.

I spent a week and a half laying low, working mostly upon a course I'm studying at Udemy that will eventually lead to other things here, not to mention I spent a good three or four days very hedonistically over the weekend, recharging my thumos

You know, thumos? That spark within that pushes us to pursue that which drives us to get out of bed and take risks in order to etch our motivations onto the world in someway, hopefully to push it forward into the realm of progress and opportunity for society and the environment from whence we arrived

Its a good thing that we don't need to take breaths between words when we read, because if we did, then I'd likely have suffocated most of my readers by now with run on sentences.

Hedonism for some of us is the comfort food of the soul (I know it is for me as a Scorpio) and despite the fact that in the sense that I often gorge myself on it, nothing I post here is ever done so out of guilt having consumed it. So I don't sway one way, and then in guilt push hard in the opposite direction struggling to rebalance myself lest I fall over lopsided as others try to puppeteer me based upon that perceived imbalance.

In this world you have to remember that there are people who feed upon others simply by the dichotomy of their contradictions of character. How can one be so poised to write and promote women's rights and strong women characters within their content, if their hedonism seems so affixed to fantasies of control of the same?

Would not that contradiction indicate that two opposing forces are operating within the same person? Each more so applicable to a third party outside of that person who is more consistent with one or the other, leaving the remainder with the person from which both originated?

Oh, the paradox of the bifurcation of the gnosis, though that is not implicative that I am indeed a Gnostic. Knowing isn't in itself a membership to anything but the realization that truly, we don't know.

And yet, it is possible that within each of us, similar forces are at work, both pushing and pulling us in two different directions while an external group of individuals seek to rob us of that which makes us seem inconsistent by the contradiction. Taking the better of the two which originated within us, while leaving us with the less flattering of the two.

Ironically it would be within such people that you'd ultimately find the origins of inequality, because people who can originate contradictory paradigms and operate within the context of their life and society, seem to be most at home with balance and fairness. Perhaps giving ample time to either extreme over the course of their life while others attempt to rob them of that which may seem to be contradictory to any compass direction.

The truth is that fairness and balance is a compass direction itself, and progress doesn't require us to have a compass that constantly jumps between pointing north and south (or east and west for that matter). It only requires us to progress forward in the direction that reconciles that dichotomy of the two. For some of us that happens from one half of our life in one direction, then the other half in another in relation to some things, while maintaining a daily balance in others. What keeps this hidden from the understanding of others is the concept of the time scale over which balance is amortized.

So when you want to deal with issues of equality, remember that one of the first places that you should look are within those who attempt to milk you by playing you between either of your extremes to the point of self contradiction, so that they can take the more flattering one and give it to someone more consistent with it (hence creating inequality), while leaving you with the lesser of the two (forcing you to rebalance and reconcile that which was taken from you).

When it comes to issues of gender equality, having a very strong empathy for either gender and in this case those affected by the progress towards equality in the world of the two, is very much imperative to being a part of the movement to achieve this gender parity globally. Fully appreciating and taking the time and empathy to understand either gender is the force with which to be reckoned and that which will propel us into the future of humanity.

I am not explaining this to excuse myself for my hedonistic nature at all, because even that is kept in check by an aspect of my own being that is very pragmatic. The two are in a constant tug of war and that's my balance. If I end up staying in bed, most often its in relation to health struggles rather than hedonism besting my pragmatic nature. I always make sure that what I take in hedonism is paid in droves in other ways.

I've been involved with this for the long haul for some time now, and I don't plan on ceding anytime soon. Hopefully, all of you feel the same way because there are a lot of people who need us.

I'll be posing something new today, and then trying to better balance between my studies and my content here.

These two pics above are concept images for shirt designs I'm working on, though that doesn't guarantee that these are the final images. So don't take them, download them and start producing your own. They're low resolution for one, and two, if you did want to produce your own shirts using Shhhh! Digital content (and the artists involved), make a deal so that those artists (and I) can get paid for our work. 

Oh and before I forget, Happy Birthday Delphi!

Thanks and have a fair day ;-)

Brian Joseph Johns

Thank you to Soma FM and Ambient Sleeping Pill for the  relaxing music to which I often create content.

Thank you to YouTubers and TikTokkers, especially the ASMR artists out there.