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Red Versus Blue - Polarizing Society

Please don't take the use of colours in this post as being anything related to the symbolism of political party colours, because that's not what it relates to. Colours are symbols. Ambiguous and can literally mean and be interpreted as anything.  Problems always arise when you worship the symbol more so than what it stands for. In these times, polarization refers to being bounced around between diametrically opposed symbols, via colours. So these colours are not a reference to party politics. Here's something quite interesting, and its certainly indicative of a much larger and more complex challenge in society. On the morning of the Uvalde school attack in the United States, in my own community in Regent Park in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and about two to three hours before the actual time of the attack, several people in my community, many of whom I refer to simply as a cult, began harassing me excessively. This started in the wee hours of the morning of 24th of May of this

Writing Will Continue...

Hello again. I just wanted to post a quick update to let you know what's going on.

I've recently made some progress on my health issues and I've hit the ground running so to speak. Actually a brisk walk would be more accurate. I will be continuing with writing as usual, but my time will be divided up between that and several other projects to further Shhhh! Digital Media and its growth. 

Its hard to define exactly what Shhhh! Digital Media is, but one thing for certain is that it has to at some point become self sufficient and hopefully grow from there. Not just for my own sake, but for what I intended it to be from the beginning. The goal of my next focus is to take it in that direction. 

So I'm re-posting A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity and will continue writing that as I had been up until about a week ago. Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons is coming soon, but as I stated, there will be one more short story before I begin work on it. 

Until then, you can find more than a few of the characters from the Butterfly Dragon series within Singularity. Zheng Ni Wong's role is already a significant plot point as is that of Bryce Maxwell. There will be a few other short cameos in the chapters ahead as well.

When these other projects are available for your perusal, I will be sure to let you know by way of announcement here in the form of a post.

Thank you to my readers and to those of you on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19.

Brian Joseph Johns