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A Few Remarks Regarding Recent Events

Divide And Conquer The one thing about rights is that we're all supposed to have them, equally. One of those rights is the right of free expression and in Canada where I live, (responsible) freedom of speech. In modern society, the underlying organized chaos in the form of manipulative groups of nasty people tends to play us each in a dualistic dichotomy of bifurcation. Sorting us out from a vast allegiance of people who share common interests and goals despite our differences, to isolated cliques and individuals based upon what I just described: bifurcation. Bifurcation is kind of like a tournament championship ladder, where two concepts or idioms are played one against the other according to the biases of specific individuals or groups. So for example, believers versus non-believers. Vaxxers versus non-vaxxers. Workers versus the unemployed. Educated versus the non-educated, the old versus the young and so on. Each bias we make with regard to one of the two sides of these dichoto

Official Shhhh! Digital Media Tiktok account

This is just a post to let you know that I started a Tik-Tok account.

You can find me under Shhhh! Digital Official @shhhhdigitalofficial on Tik-Tok. And no, I don't play guitar but its certainly a great instrument.

Someone nicknamed "Yeech" has been using my identity for some time, so I thought I'd post this to clarify the situation. Also, someone trying to impose the identity of a guitar player upon me has also been using my identity or at the very least trying to give others the impression of my being a guitar player (which I'm not).

I think guitars are great instruments and are distant relatives of the piano (my personal instrument of choice, along with their MIDI keyboard counterparts) and I have friends that are very adept at guitar, but I am not a guitar player. My music theory is good enough that I could probably fake it to a certain degree, but as it is for any instrument, it takes dedication and focus on technique to really learn how to play. 

The Guitar is actually related through a series of instruments to the Harp, which is in turn related to the Lyre. The Harp is a common ancestor between the Guitar and the Piano, because a Piano is essentially a Harp with a mechanical apparatus built around it allowing one to strike the strings of the Harp with felt tipped hammers, which give the Piano its sound. The Piano is descended from the Clavinet and the Harpsicord which are directly related to the Harp. Harpsicords pluck the strings of a Harp, while the Piano hammers them. 

So the Guitar and the Piano are really relatives of one another, many people don't know.

Hence, I cannot fashion myself as a guitar player, but I play an instrument related through a common ancestor.

So here's one of my posts from TikTok just to prove the connection between my TikTok account and the Official Shhhh! Digital Website and to prove that funny looking guy in the video is actually me. Its ironic how many people attempt to convince others of their being the owners and creators of this website. Maybe that's something that everyone in the public spotlight faces.

Thanks and hope you're enjoying the latest updates to A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity.

Brian Joseph Johns