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A Lady's Prerogative: Sanata Claws And His Helves - FINISHED or is it?

Please support the local Building Better Schools . If this were a movie or streaming holiday special, this would be the opening music... Four Years Ago... [Thank you for using the Google Holiday Blogger Template. Please Insert An Appropriately Themed Cliché Holiday Story Introduction HERE] Once upon a time, there were three little girls, each of whom grew up in different homes and under very different circumstances. There was Nelony. In a tiny back split, detached home, in suburban London. She was a little blonde-haired girl whose favourite place was the garden greenhouse kept by her successful post-sixties musician parents. Except for her parents' greenhouse cannabis plot, Nelony would look after the garden balance of the  entire  ecosystem within, maintaining the harmonious growth of the plants, and the animals who'd often care for the garden in her absence.  Her parents, though responsible adults, were literally bead loving pot smoking hippies still caught in the delusion of

Short Post On Coming Updates...

Happy New Year from Shhhh! Digital Media!

Sorry for the delay. I'll be working on getting The Nutcracker Sweet finished this week (by Thursday is the goal), and will resume A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity after that (from Thursday onwards).

Also, BFD III is on its way, but you're going to get one more short story that will bridge the events of Nutcracker Suite and Singularity.  Also, I wanted to have something for Valerie Aspen (aka Valkyra) as she isn't present in Nutcracker Suite but will continue to be a prominent presence in BFD III, joining Alicia, Heylyn and Monique in their most challenging adventure yet, which will tie into the events of Singularity, but follow its own unique story line and one that some of my original readers will recognize.

I spent the last forty hours dealing with some hardware/software issues which most likely arose from compatibility of some of my older software and possible hacking. Most of the issues are resolved, so I need to have a quick nap. I probably won't continue writing until tomorrow or Wednesday. Neighbours have been very harassing recently unfortunately.

In the meantime, I've been reading articles and watching infoclips on social media, YouTube and what not about how serious the COVID situation is, with a surge in cases thanks largely to the highly contagious Omicron variant. Please remember that those working on the front lines to fight this pandemic need our help.

One of the most effective ways to help is to ensure that we have ample front line workers that reduce the overall stress and work loads of those already exhausted by the first way of COVID over the last two years. Supporting and promoting policies of your local Governing body that will make that happen is the surest way to achieve that goal.

Ensuring that you are vaccinated, wearing a mask where required and respecting the social distancing measures will go a long way to alleviating and possibly even limiting the spread of the Omicron variant.

Just remember that despite the fact that we've come this far, there are still an army of frontline workers who are working around the clock to see us through this crisis. Go on enjoying life, but be respectful of the fact that we're still not completely out of the woods yet insofar as COVID goes.

Oh and once again and in order to avert the theft or replacement of my own identity, I'm not a guitar player but it is certainly a great instrument.

Also, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness. I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. 

Brian Joseph Johns