Quick FYI About Colour Symbolism And Me...

I'm Brian Joseph Johns, the force behind Shhhh! Digital Media that created it, writes the stories and books and generally coordinates everything else that goes on with this site. I do some of the artwork myself, but I also try to use third party artists as well when its within my operating budget. 

I just wanted to deal with some things related to colour symbolism and how some people use it in an abusive and forceful manner.

First of all, most of you know, that my own love interest is Asian and I tend not to lean towards any blood centric ideology that would make Asian culture into my garbage bags, or enable others to unload their garbage onto me in the hopes they'd hit Asian culture, and yes, there are people who makes such attempts.

So, I don't define the colour blue in that way at all. I don't define it as meaning that anything I state in an agressive or even mean manner is intended as love, because it isn't and I don't often speak in an aggressive or mean manner, unless provoked. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

As well, if I stick up for others, I am not sucking their blood. There are some people who define the symbolism of the colour blue in that way and I can tell you honestly that I am NOT one of them.

If I stick up for someone, its because I mean it. Not because I'm sucking their blood. The idea is that some people believe that if you stick up for others, that everything you do beyond that point is the result of their blood. So if I stuck up for someone verbally or online in some way, there are those who believe that everything I do beyond that point is the result of the blood of the people for whom I stuck up.

Quite simply put, no its not. Its the result of my willingness to make an effort and how I represent those people that I stick up for is also my doing as it is for anyone.

I don't say the opposite of what I mean, and I live more by my heart and mind (and occasionally my eros) than anything. I would never be a part of anything that operates otherwise, or that forces others in a form of sponsorship to pay for the blood of some allegedly superior persons in this existence. I believe that sort of sponsorship is very wrong, and that it leads to corruption that really creates obstacles in life for people who don't play along and pander to it.

So if during my spare time, I say go online and play a game (yes I'm also a gamer) whose logo colours involve the colour blue, such as Ark Survival Evolved (which I was playing this past weekend) or Conan Exiles for example (both of which I play on occasion), those colours never mean anything to me that would alienate or prove a burden for members of the Asian community on the basis of blue being defined in some blood centric way. If I go there, they're with me as much as are all those who are part of what Shhhh! Digital Media represents through books and stories like A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon. I stand by that wholeheartedly.

I only say because I've been running into that sort of thing more and more over time. I really do care about family, but when family (or anyone else) are a part of such a thing, I don't follow them, and that generally defines what family I feel the closest to, because the family I care about didn't raise us to turn members of the Asian community into our garbage bags, and I won't stand for it and hate isn't love and love isn't hate. 

The dynamic of love means hate and hate means love is between the people it specifically involves and nobody else.

Lastly, as I've stated before, I'm an Atheist and I lean towards Buddhism, Taoism and more recently, Paganism and I stand by that by my own free will and choice. As long as we all protect our right to believe as we choose (even Atheism or any other belief), it works out to the benefit for all of us. Truly,  it is through Charter and Civil Law that defines the standards of our rights as individuals and how they're protected.

Also, I don't say the opposite what I mean and never have.

Right now the future of Shhhh! Digital is up in the air once again

Thank you. 

Brian Joseph Johns