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Quick Greeting

Hi again to my readers out there, and those who value the freedom of yearning and learning in this life, venturing forth with their hearts and minds, hopefully keeping their body healthy and vigorous, despite the passage of time. Take good care of it, as both your heart and mind depend upon your body to function well.

I'm back again after another one of life's social beatings, but very much in tact and gratefully so given the challenges around us in the currently turbulent world.

I've been struggling against hardware issues with my system, but that should be solved over the next couple of weeks and after another investment. That will allow me to post every day consistently, assuming the weather of social storms aren't too incapacitating.


I'm saddened to hear about the tragedy of Kentucky after a series of storms and accompanying tornadoes took the lives of some eighty people in the last week. My condolences to the living and sorrow sincerely so for their losses. We have to remember that in the plight of COVID that natural disasters pose an even more serious threat and struggle for some of us.

Toronto And Mel Lastman

In my home city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I currently reside in Regent Park, we recently lost a giant of politics and progress in the city, none other than ex-Mayor Mel Lastman.

He was a big part of Toronto's growth in the late eighties and throughout the nineties, having solidified the Toronto economy and its social and cultural attractions that have established it as a great tourist destination in Canada.

Losing him is certainly a reminder of our own mortality, and that with our forward progression we one by one fall to the advance of time. To see the giants who paved the way for us reach their journey's end, is to see the approaching end of our own time here. It saddens me and I'm most certain, many other Torontonians to have lost this hero of Toronto's history and legacy.

My sincerest condolences to the family of Mel Lastman. 

Mr. Lastman, you're already missed.

Story Updates

With the recent social beating and hardware issues, I retreated for a small break and to catch my breath. Its unfortunate that during this time there are so many social bullies and identity thieves. Something I'm sure many of us are familiar with in these times. 

Still, I have my health and am focusing on what's to come with A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity, Stories From The End and The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons. They aren't really on hold, but it does take effort to write and nothing I do in that way is free. I invest a lot of time and money into making this possible, and though I ultimately do it because that's what drives me, I still have to recover from the storms of social abuse and recharge. 

I always brush myself off and get back into the fray though.

As I've stated many times, I am an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, and I'm not a member of a cult that operates under the idea that they possess (as in like a spirit possessing a body) and "puppeteer" what writers and other creative people like myself write and create. 

Yes, there are social cults like that out there, many of whom make up the bullying aspect of these socially abusive ideologies and who do so specifically as a method to steal the work and effort of creative people. 

Of course, if you resist the abuses of such a cult, you stand the risk of becoming hardened and possibly even mistaken for being a hater or a mean person yourself, just by the appearances of your resistance. Consider that cults like that operate like a see-saw, and attempt to lure their victims onto the other seat, bouncing them between highs and lows emotionally, which they use to exploit their victims.

My letting you in on that is saving you a great deal of risk and pain in life, because if you're aware of something like that and heed what I've stated, you're way ahead of the game and abusive people of that ilk. Just pay attention to things of that nature, and how the symbolism of colours might be used to play you. Always appreciate a world full of colour, but don't let bullies define what those symbols mean to you. Take the see-saw effect and their misuse of colour symbolism away, and they have few means to affect you. In the meantime, you can work on keeping your body, and your nervous system healthy to protect yourself against those other means they might use. Eye colour is the fulcrum of this abusive social ideology's method of manipulating people. Most of what they do is based upon eye colour. If you've got a rare eye colour, then chances are it will be more difficult for you than it is for those with more common eye colours. 

Don't mistake my referring to colour symbolism as any kind of attack on the rights of others, especially against the vulnerable in society or those often targeted by hate. That commandeering of colour symbolism and social abuse is most often an attack on women, children and members of the LGBTQ2 community as well, and often, the kind of guys like myself who protect others' rights, often to their own risk of harm either emotionally, psychologically or even physically.

Consider that if such a bullying group plays you between two competing idioms, that they might use such an effort to affect what you do in the case that you over react. If you do over react, you might be prone to feeling guilty and then do something to compensate for that guilt, which in most cases would often mean that you're rewarding the very people who socially abused you with that very goal. Of provoking a reaction where you feel guilt by over reacting, and then feel indebted to those you over-reacted against.

In the 1970s, this was the sort of thing that affected many women, at a time when a number of people became "aware" of how such manipulation could be used to play them that way. Abuse them until they over react, then harvest the debt from their sense of guilt for having done so. This current version of the social cult ideology is the exact same thing, just in a different time period and with a different social vulnerabilities making this sort of thing possible.

Their methods of profiting and harvesting for this kind of abuse have changed, to include harvesting from the victim themselves, and from anyone who protects and enlightens others to the methods of this socially abusive ideology. For instance, stealing my identity as the outspoken writer from Shhhh! Digital Media and attributing it to someone else, often a member of their socially abusive ideology. Being aware of this certainly puts you years ahead of others who aren't, so share the knowledge so that such an ideology can't so easily victimize others.

I still very much believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, but nobody has the right to force others to live the rules of any belief system, especially where those rules violate their civil rights. Also, such socially abusive ideologies might try to manipulate you on the grounds of what you're allowed to think versus what you're allowed to do, maybe even creating polarity opposition between those two ideas: think freely, do responsibly becomes: no freedom of thought, but do anything you want regardless of the consequences.

Just as a heads up, I love the thought of erotic control. Its a fun fantasy thing, however, its not something I'd ever try to do to others in reality. I'm not Keith Raniere for instance and this isn't a confession, because I'm not a member of Christianity at all.

So my appreciate of control based eroticism is the fun of the role play opportunity with my romantic partner and their creativity. Its a shame that I have to say this in this context, but this is a necessary thing in order to expose this abusive cult.

Socially abusive cults like this learn a person's secrets by spying on them illegally. Their home life. Their internet. Everything. More like organized crime than the law, because they often do this as part of some forced conversion to their ideology or religion.

So by having your secrets, they attempt to use them to puppeteer you or control you by pressuring you by the implication of knowing your secrets.  They try to steal your identity by tricking you into contradicting your own secrets. How can you be yourself, if you contradict aspects of your own being?  Aspects they've learned by spying on you illegally. 

That's their logic and method of operation and pressuring you with knowledge of your secrets is their method of control. Just like Alomera Zek from my book The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own. Remember that everything about this abusive social ideology is about manipulating you through the symbolism of colours. Again, most people aren't even aware of this at all and have no idea they're being manipulated this way, and have been for their whole lives.

They do this often with other creative people all over the place. People in Hollywood, or any other avenue in the world where there is some form of attention placed upon an art form or form of expression. Hollywood. YouTube. Blogs. Anyone with influence. If you know the secrets of someone with social influence, you can puppeteer them. That's how this socially abusive ideology operates.

Fortunately, they tried to do this to me, and me being generally fearless and pretty observant and analytical when it comes to such things, chose to investigate it and dismantle it. Even though I had to do it mostly by myself. 

Its not Freemasonry. Its not Rosicrucianism (the Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn for instance). Its not any of those things that often become the target of conspiracy theories. In fact, its better not to identify it at all, especially by the people who do it, but rather by what is done and to be aware of it that way and brace yourself against it with that knowledge.

Those who do it will do everything they can to pit you against everyone else. Play friend against friend. Enemy against enemy. Friend against enemy, until everyone is in confusion. You'll know when you're being treated that way, but don't fall for attributing it to any group of people because that's exactly what they want. That will make you the problem, because they'll never admit to their abuses. So keep yourselves aware of this.

Keep your own identity and individuality in mind, and that you're a part of a society where you (hopefully) cooperate and collaborate to help society improve and grow. Its never hateful to distinguish your own identity from that of others. In fact, to be offended by your distinguishing of your own identity is a form of hate. If I declare that I'm not a member of Christianity (I'm actually an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism), and you're offended, that's the exact same thing as being offended that someone is a Christian or Muslim or Jewish or Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist or Atheist or whatever their belief. The problem is more yours than mine, and it doesn't make it any more in the right the more people that are offended by one's distinguishing of their own identity.

Are you offended that I'm a "white" guy? Wouldn't that be the same as being offended that someone is a black guy? Nobody has white skin or black skin, but to the kind of people who sort us out in that manner, I'd be considered a white guy. I'm not African or Caribbean at all and I'm not offended that there are people who are. So if you're offended that I'm white, then obviously the problem is yours, not mine as much so as if you're offended that I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. If you can't accept my individual identity that way and feel the need to replace my identity with that of someone else, keep in mind that we'll be getting legal at some point in the near future, because that's a violation of the law and my rights.

If you're offended that my love interest is Asian, and that I've been romantically involved with a South Korean woman (most recently ten years ago), and a Mandarin Chinese woman (fifteen years ago), then that's your problem, not mine. My right to feel that way and to protect the rights of women who similarly feel the same is something I'm willing to die for. So let this be a clarification of my identity and being, and nobody else should be penalized for distinguishing theirs. Replace my identity or attempt to erase it, and we're getting legal. 

I love Japanese eroticism and culture, but that doesn't mean that I am someone else (say John Penny for instance, though I wish him well where ever he is).  I'm not John Marshall either, though my blonde haired blue eyed friend of years previous I certainly wish well too.  I am not the hate side to their love side, as this socially abusive ideology often attempts to force such roles upon their victims, and I'm not a member of any blood centric ideology either. 

Offended? The problem is probably yours then and I still very much admire Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and the rest of the Far East of Asia.

Again, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I don't borrow them, accept them for free or steal them either. I drink alcoholic beverages occasionally and that's about the extent of my free radicals, besides my liberated perspective.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and that is that. I'm no better or worse than others, but I am myself and that's something worth protecting.

My own love interest is Asian by the way, and this ideology is opposed to that, and even wants people to think that I'm being controlled by someone else who just happens to play guitar. I don't play guitar. I've never owned a guitar. I certainly can play keyboards and synths well enough to sound exactly like a real guitar, but I've never been a guitar player myself. Great instrument. Great alone or in a band, but not an instrument which I play. I'm a keyboard and piano playing myself and have been my whole life.

Try to stay away from their see-saw, and maintain an emotional and healthy balance. If you react harshly to their abuse, don't be too hard on yourself. Its not like the bias of hate is the same thing as the bias of love. They're two very different things, and nobody will ever get your bias of love for free or as a result of abuse, as much as they'll never, ever get mine that way. My loyal fans and readers, you're on the top of that list for me and nobody will ever polarity reverse that into falsehood or obscurity.

I will be doing some online streaming more often, though as a sideline, either while I do the writing or artwork portion of Shhhh! Digital Media, or as a gamer, which I am avidly so long as I manage to keep my physique and health a priority. Every computer user should allocate a bit of time to keep their body fit and happy.

A Lady's Prerogative III might seem like its all over the place, but all the elements are definitely required for the final story arc I envision. Keep in mind that what you're reading and experiencing is a third draft as it is created, with bits and pieces taken from the first two drafts I attempted starting from 2018 onward. It is currently only about one sixth of the way through the entire story. Possibly less.

Work on The Butterfly Dragon III will begin within the first three months of the new year (2022).

Updates for Singularity will be coming soon, possibly by this coming weekend and if not, then next week for sure. I'll be writing the seasonal holiday story this year from the 22nd onwards and it should be done by the eve of the 24th.

For those of you who don't believe that I'm myself, here's a video from my YouTube channel that I recorded a few days ago to deal with this situation. Sorry, I think I'm a bit tired in that video.

FYI, I have studied martial arts in my life (formally), in fact, several, though I've never touted myself as an expert of martial arts but certainly strong in the philosophy. That is what I bring to bear upon the Butterfly Dragon and where it originates from within me, much to the chagrin of those attempting to steal it from me. Again, we'll deal with that with truth more so than anything otherwise.

Years ago, when I was in my mid twenties, I was actually quite fit and considerably well trained. I could easily do as many as three to six sets of thirty headstand pushups and used to measure the amount of stairs I'd do in kilometers. I remained very fit up until my late forties, even having done the CN Tower stair climb a few times, coming in less than eighteen and seventeen minutes, without having trained for the stair climb at all. If I tried that today without first training, I'd probably risk a health issue of some form.

At that time I was so shy and timid, that most of the women that I knew assumed that I was gay (which if I was, there'd be nothing wrong with that at all). In fact, I was just way too shy and timid and always felt more comfortable when women made the first move (not that I've slept around).

I'm guessing that those who tried to "build" me there after that time probably wanted to shape me into a more mean and bold kind of person, hence the forces that shaped me between my mid-twenties and now. Its a shame that people still build people that way. That the measure of being a man is often mistaken for how mean and forceful he is, a sort of fool's architecture, rather than being of mind, heart and virtue. Perhaps such social abuse is just the act of social bullies who are incapable of seeing the rest of the forest through the trees.

Perhaps the act itself of building has fallen victim to the same methods of the emotional see-saw, the end result being (women and) men prone to PTSD and over reactivity rather than firmness of character and confidence of mind and heart? Fortunately, there's women out there who are more than making up for this and I'm certain that the collective social bullies will eventually go extinct and be forgotten. It would actually be good if this happened sooner, so the rest of us could freely take part in society according to our rights. 

More such ideologies seem to be behind the rampant effort to erase or replace identity in their victims, but I have a feeling that they're going be the ones who lose out in the end. 

Live by sword, die by the same. 

Such a waste, but no less a shame.

You might want to check out the YouTube channel Martial Arts Females if you want a taste of women who are really training in Martial Arts from around the world.

Thanks once again to my loyal readers and those who still believe in the yearning and the learning and pursue as much with their hearts and minds.

I don't say the opposite of what I mean by the way. That's another example of how this cult gets around a person who speaks the truth. People who force you to live by that way of doing things are tricking you out of your own ambitions, goals and expression in life. 

Again, by using colour symbolism to alter the context of your expression (usually the colour blue and white symbolizes this for this cult). I'm not a member of any such cult or ideology and never will be. I'm prepared to take them on with truth and legally so. So it still stands that my love interest is Asian.

Don't let bullies like that that rob you of so much.

Brian Joseph Johns