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This is the Butterfly Dragon. Her Chinese name is Ai Yuanlin Ying.
The character herself is Mandarin Chinese is origin, though Canadian in Nationality.

 I was going to write a new addition to A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity, but I got socially attacked (mobbed?) by people who are very obviously jealous or just mean people. Some of them people whom I actually trusted at one time, but you know the saying: 

One, two three strikes you're out at the old ball game.

Once again, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics. I drink (alcohol) far less than the average per capita of a man my age, so substance abuse is not an issue and not the reason for such a post. In the last forty five days, I've spent less than forty dollars on alcohol (Canadian dollars). That amounts to about four bottles of wine, or twenty cans of beer, which works out to be one beer every two days, or a bottle of wine once a week. Just in case the membership of this cult tries to steer you into believing such rubbish. The truth is, they're abusive nearly every day, and I consume alcohol maybe twice a month. I'd say the problem is theirs more so than mine.

As most of you know, I've indicated that I'm being abused/stalked by an abusive cult in my community who live according to colour symbolism and who are racist, especially in the sense that I'm white (Caucasian?) and they oppose my love interest being a Mandarin Chinese woman, or any Asian woman for that matter and this is a cult that regards Asians as the devil and their garbage bags, so I'm very opposed to this cult. This most recent attack of theirs was something they obviously planned, and something they did so knowing that I had the attention of people who've known of me since 2002, from Florida and the "South" of the United States, whom are some of the most gracious people I've had the pleasure of knowing and having spoken with in my life from where I worked in 2002 (an animation  and production  company in the West end of Toronto).

This is pattern abuse conducted by the membership of this cult, and it occurs monthly at around the same time almost like the membership of this cult are "milking their cows" if you know what I mean.

I won't let this sort of thing bring Shhhh! Digital Media down, and I'll certainly keep going when things are a little more civil, though as I stated, I'll make sure I stay clear of those who've used up all three strikes. Sorry, but self respect and dignity are important, especially when a person is being abused or harassed by an abusive ideology. A cult that deny a victim of their own effort in life.

Also, I recently have been playing (in my spare time) Conan Exiles, a 3D third person base building and exploration game. I often play as a female character, mostly because I like promoting women and I also prefer to see a female character's visage (rather than a male's visage) for my playing time. I like women, hence playing as one in a game is actually very enjoyable, though I don't play characters in games as representations of myself. Its role play, not a mirror. I guess some people just can't get that idea through their thick skull. I live with myself every day. I'm interested in other people, not myself. So playing a video game as a female character is quite rewarding and fun and gives me insight into my female characters in A Lady's Prerogative, The Butterfly Dragon and Stories From The End. Not as much so as real women, but it does allow me the chance to gain an understanding of the kinds of things that female players might endure in online (and offline) gaming. I think it makes me a better man, especially when I write such strong and present female characters in my books. Its not an expression of my intent to become a woman physically in real life. Not at all. I love being a man, but I love being a man that spends time looking deeply into and admiring women.

So for those of you waiting for updates and additions, they'll be coming soon. I just have to wait until the psychological bruises heal. This is a cult that deny other people of their own identity, dealing with others only when their identity is sufficiently replaced with that of members from their cult, because they don't regard anyone else to exist unless they are of the same belief and ideology. 

So in a way, if this cult ever got a hold of power, everyone who wasn't a member of their ideology would be considered not to exist and would be required to buy or rent an identity from one of the members of this cult in order to be considered to be alive and recognized as a citizen. Like the anti-thesis of the Sanctum. 

I guarantee you that I am still Brian Joseph Johns, and that I am not possessed by someone else or hijacking someone else's account (identity theft is a big part of this cult's activities). So playing their victims against their family and friends is one of their biggest methods of criminal activity in that regard. They'll even convince family and friends to go along with their ploy in this regard in order to  deny you of your own identity if you become a victim of this cult, and they're spreading like wildfire. 

Much like identity extortion, pay them, or be denied of your own identity. Apparently posting pictures of yourself isn't good enough for them. They're method of operation is that if you aren't a member of their religion, then you aren't related to anyone else who is a member of their religion, even if they're your relatives. So denial of family and friends on the basis of religion. 

Very much not what Canada is supposed to be about.

Enough for now. I'm sure that the civil authorities will catch on at some point. Oh, and I'm not a security guard and have never worked as a security guard, though it is an honest way to make a living for honest people.

Brian Joseph Johns