Great Throne Speech For Canada And Happy Thanksgiving To Those Celebrating...

Happy Thanksgiving To All Those Celebrating In November

To all of my readers south of the border, I'd like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. I'm very grateful for your readership and for Canada's American and Mexican neighbours. Please continue to ensure that liberty and freedom of conscience remain at the forefront of your ideals.

Our problems in this world are solved via cooperation, not stalking, bullying or forced coercion and any ideology that builds its foundations on that platform will be sure to fail, and more likely devour itself in the absence of those it preys upon.

The Speech From The Throne very much reflects my own sentiment, especially with regard to challenges like climate change and sustainability and certainly our future here in Canada. Despite having celebrated Thanksgiving in October (as is our custom), I'm grateful that what I know and love about Canada, America, Mexico and the rest of the world is built on values of free thought, free speech (responsibly so, as is Canada's way), free expression, good conscience and the liberty to pursue one's own path in life in accordance with the laws and rights we've agreed upon so as to navigate the compromise between our differences, regardless of our beliefs. 

Religion can be a wonderful yardstick for the self evaluation of one's own spiritual journey, so long as it never becomes the means to enforce any specific journey upon others outside of one's own self. We all have the right to our belief, including Atheism and any other neo-pagan concepts - whatever they may be, and that right should never be infringed upon by the enforcement of the rules of any other religion upon a person.

Perhaps in the aftermath of this very changed world, we'll learn to overcome the means that have kept us polarized to unproductive extremity for so long and move forward with the common ground that we do have.

Thank you Canada for the great Throne Speech, and a most Happy Thanksgiving to America and all of those celebrating it in like.

Brian Joseph Johns