Rant-Zilla Is Back! This One Is Very Productive - I Think Many Of You Will Like It

 Hi again. It's me, Brian Joseph Johns aka Shhhh! Digital Media.

So I've been working on Singularity (A Lady's Prerogative III) over the last little while and as I've said many times, I live in an area that's a little colour symbolism centric, especially in terms of stalking and harassment, though today was a little different.

That is, it seems to be occupied by a stalking cult that operates according to the symbolism of colours, and they use those colours to symbolize the transfer of identity from person to person. So, when its convient to them, they take my identity and replace it with someone else's, not to mention treat me as if I'm being controlled by others, remotely. Sounds crazy? You should see and hear them.

I take it that includes what I write as well.

Most of their activity seems to be based upon some brand of racism that is seeking to prevent me from being with someone Asian and instead trying to force me to be with someone Christian, preferably African or Caribbean, likely knowing that my resistance to this effort would paint me as being a racist, rather than the truth which is that their cult are racists who manipulate people according to a dualistic dichotomy. 

Basically, the members of this cult are against a white guy being in a relationship with anyone Asian, instead forcing others into relationships based upon rules of religion, and a sidedness war between African origins and Asian origins. Meanwhile, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and have been for some time and I don't use colour symbolism to alter the context of my expression. If I say it, I generally mean it and considering this post isn't in the context of a fictitious story or work, what I'm explaining here is exactly what I mean.

I actually explained it earlier as being like a game of tug of war, where the cult involved pull the rope, knowing that their opponent will also pull. So they pull harder, and their opponent pulls harder in order to avert being pulled over the line. Then, the other team lets go and the resistance results in the opponent falling far onto their side of fence, so to speak.

Taking that as a metaphor, when you attempt to force someone in a direction not of their own choosing, especially if its a direction they're not considering or libel to take, on the grounds they've already got a compass as to the direction they're headed. Perhaps they're motivated by attraction or even love. Perhaps they've done enough soul searching (from an Atheist's standpoint) to know the direction they want to go.

Regardless, someone else decides they're going to force that person in a completely different direction that coincides with their goals and beliefs.

Some ideologies see dealing with people, especially where it involves integrating people into their community, like taming a horse. In that sense, I'm like a wild horse. As wild as you can be in terms of the fact that I've been untamed my whole life. I choose my circle, friends and certainly my romantic relationships. So when I run into a group of people who attempt to tame me and reel me in, perhaps as a reward for a specific woman on their "team", I get pretty offended especially if that effort involves religious conversion as well as being readied to become handed off to a woman as a reward in their religion or cult or what have you.

Some people know that my love interest is Asian, and that I'm very dedicated to Asian culture and generally speaking, my most recent relationships have involved members of that community. Not to mention, I don't know or socialize with people in the Regent Park community. I don't really know anyone here.

When you're a writer, and when the stuff you write draws attention from others in the world, what I've found is that there are situations where people locally will attempt to create situations that make it appear that what you're doing is coming from them or involves them. As if they're under the impression that you're on the doorstep of fame and riches. They're suddenly smitten with the gold rush bug, and come up with schemes about how they're going to take whatever it is that's getting you noticed from you and make it appear to be coming from someone else, somewhere else.

Failing that, they attempt to weave a web that mixes you up in an illusory sense their social lives, despite the fact that you don't know any of the people, let alone socialize with them. Some of them are even crazy enough to believe they're remotely controlling you, and abusive enough to stalk and harass you in public to enforce that idea. Especially using colour symbolism as their weapon of choice in such an effort and I'm not referring to Japanese culture or art at all, because I love colours and I love art and I love Asian culture and have a deep camaraderie with it. There are however elements in society that disagree, seeing as I'm a white guy and my attention isn't devoted to their side. Any neglect in that way occurs solely based upon being mistreated by members of those communities, or their efforts to steal my efforts or to tame me like a horse, as if they can reel me in and make me a prize for a single mother in their community, in just to convert me to Christianity and to keep me away from the Asian community.

I can't even begin to explain the kinds of things this cult has done in an invasive and sabotaging manner for at least two, maybe three decades with that goal in mind.

The harder they pull on that rope, the more I resist until one day they'll let go of the rope and I fall far onto my own side of the fence in a way that is publicly disgraceful and probably would end up making me appear the racist. The mindset behind this whole thing is like that, playing it out like a war of public opinion so that they never face the responsibility for their efforts, and instead their victim is made to appear as if the problems stem from them.

Now, I'm a guy, but I'd be willing to bet that this cult have likely done this to a lot of women as well. 

The worst part though is that if they can't have you, they usually have setup some kind of situation they use to discredit you if you choose to distance yourself from this cult. Something that acts to discredit you in some way should you expose them as I have. 

Not to mention, they keep a pretty close eye on their victims, not limited to keeping them under illegal surveillance locally (which I've reported to the Federal Police on occasion by the way).

This is something they've been doing for quite some time as I said. More than two decades, though I haven't been here in this community for two decades, they seem to have a lot of players in various communities throughout the city.

Also, they tend to regard the human psyche as being transferrable from body to body using colour symbolism and a bit of harassment for good measure. Using those two methods, the members of this cult believe they can transfer the consciousness of one person into the body of another. They're so into this as a matter of fact, that it becomes their daily game of what I call identity musical chairs. So they literally operate under the assumption that you're not the same person as your physical identity indicates. That your consciousness has jumped out of your body (or been removed using colour symbolism) and transferred to someone else's body, while the same fate has happened to someone else that is now occupying your body.

In other words, they don't treat their victim as if they're themselves. The only people they treat as if they're themselves are themselves. Its kind of like gas lighting. Operating in a coordinated manner within a community  where the goal is to convince others that someone is either on narcotics or mentally ill, by triggering reactions that result from long sessions of stalking and harassment. Trying to drive someone insane or at the very least, make them appear as if they're headed in that direction.

Now the goal in this case, is likely to steer me to someone specific or to make it appear like I'm being controlled or puppeteered by someone specific as indicated by my reactions. Like this post.

Now if I speak out against stalking and harassment, and this cult has someone specific in mind that is also stalked and harassed (and likely a member of their Christianity based religion as well and most likely African or Caribbean) and I stand against the activity of harassment and stalking, the cult will sell it that I'm sticking up for an biasing her, more so than my own love interest (who is actually Mandarin Chinese and older than myself and someone with whom I've been in a relationship previously and I'm 53 years old).

So the idea as conducted by this cult is to make it sound like I'm biasing the woman that they're attempting to push me towards and likely at some point to hand me off as some kind of reward (a bad reward because I'm not exactly a prize bachelor after years of this) rather than have me end up with someone in the Asian community, even though I'm not the kind of person that jumps from bed to bed. Its been almost 12 years for me and my last girlfriend is South Korean and a wonderful woman. I sincerely wish her well because she really helped me to feel good about myself, and I hope she feels the same about herself because she should.

For them, its a competition of bias, where they attempt to break the bias of love and dedication someone has, even for a woman (Asian in this case) they might never see again in their life in favour of someone else who they've picked out on the basis of religion and culture, specifically to counter the person's first love interest. 

Like a social game where they attempt to break the bias of love and loyalty.

That, or making the victim seem like they're being controlled or puppeteered by someone else in order to explain their behaviour and explanations for things.

So if I say my love interest is Mandarin Chinese, then they'll attempt to find someone else whose culture if the opposite of mine (in terms of white versus black) whose love interest is also Mandarin Chinese, and then claim that person is controlling me into making the statements I'm making, which of course is nonsense. Their motive though is that if they can get enough people on board, then they can convince the public that what I write and create is coming from this other person and their feelings for their love interest rather than my feelings for my love interest. So in other words, its a really complicated form of theft where they try to pull the wool over the eyes of the public whom they believe to be gullible or stupid enough to believe it.

Now in all honesty, I love control role play in a romantic sense. Its fun. Its a very private thing about myself that I've been forced to reveal by the activities of this cult. I can tell the difference between make believe and reality. 

However, this cult really do try to control people, for real. No role play. They really try to do this to people and if they fail, they try to fool other people into believing they can. Again, I'm not talking about any Asian culture nor making any reference to their culture, because in all of my experiences, I've never been in situations where that was a dynamic, except in some forms of training, like martial arts, where there is a hierarchy and where your instructor is attempting to imbue you with their knowledge in more ways than just practice and repetition. Hence, I've found that Asian culture has a high regard for the immense responsibility that comes with any trust of that nature between people.

However, there are other people who do not understand or have any respect for that aspect of our being and the nature of trust and responsibility. Those who live under the eidos that if it is something that can be done and there's no laws or moral compass defined that prohibits it, then its completely alright to do seeing as you'll never be caught. If that chance stands to value, then the cult in question are organized enough to transfer the blame to someone else. 

It all comes down to a person's respect for reality versus fantasy and being able to distinguish between the two.

I've a lifetime of experience in this issue, and a number of partners who've known just about every aspect of my being in that regard that would likely stand up for me.

So the members of this cult seem to be under the impression that they are either taming me in preparation for being handed off as some kind of reward to someone that I choose not to be with (my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and she's a woman). They also seem to be under the impression that I'm being controlled by someone Jamaican, African or Caribbean, which I'm not. That's precisely how I feel. I'm not being puppeteered or controlled by someone else.

I completely support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, however my love interest is a woman, was born as such and has remained physically, physiologically and mentally a woman. I support relationships and marriages between other adults by their own criteria for what is right for them, so what the hell is the big problem with supporting mine? Is the problem that I'm a white guy and that its wrong for a white guy to be with an Asian woman? Why is it necessary to replace my identity and culture with that of someone African or Caribbean in order to accommodate such a relationship? WTF? To match up with a cult idealized ideology symbolizing colours? Like red brown? Blue brown? Red blue? And what happens if I don't match up to that colour symbolism, then what? Who the hell are you to police such a contrived ideology in society and enforce that form of colour symbolism upon other people.

I love colours, and I love art, but I don't have any regard for your colour symbolism ideology and your forcing it upon other people in society like its civil law or something associated with our Charter Of Rights And Freedoms or Human Rights Act. Actually, in Canada, no it isn't. There is no such legislation forcing people to live according to the symbolism of colours in a way that undermines their rights. Traffic lights might be construed as an exception to this example but they're not limiting your rights, but the chances of you succumbing to injury crossing the road, not to mention, the example you set for children by crossing a red light in front of them.

I think someone tried to do something of that nature, and then attempted to get it to stick to me. This cult does things like that as well, using colour symbolism and the determination of your sexual orientation to do so. I think because they regard members of the LGBTQ2 community as being garbage bags for everyone else, simply because they regard that aspect as being a "sin" and therefore such persons should be required to carry the social burden for everyone else, simply because from a religious standpoint for some ideologies, they're sinning.

First of all, I'm heterosexual, but I believe that nobody in the LGBTQ2 community should be forced to carry any kind of social weight based upon the idea that they're "sinning" compared to the rest of society because quite honestly, that's not a part of civil law and those ideas are steeped in religious dogma, and have nothing to do with human rights or law, anymore than two people who are of different cultures being in a relationship together should have to carry the weight of the social burden simply because they're breaking blood.

So, today, when I crossed the road, I crossed on green, not red, simply because I don't do that and I don't set that example for kids. I'm certain that I'll run into a situation where I'll be forced to take an alternate point of view. Anytime you solidify an eidos into concrete, it isn't too long before someone tries to smash it to bits.

So regardless, I stand my ground on the fact that my love interest is Asian, and she's Mandarin Chinese, and that I have a strong affection for Asian culture and Eastern Philosophy as well, while respecting and protecting the ideals of my life in Western society.

Lastly, about that other person who is stalked. Stop stalking them. That's not right to do that to someone and my saying so isn't any kind of bias for them that goes above and beyond concern I'd have for any other citizen's rights and certainly nowhere as close to the bias I have for my own love interest. There's no trickery or deceit using colour symbolism or mock situation setups on the street that attempt to trick me into contradicting my own values that you could use to take that away from me.

I'm an Atheist and I lean towards Buddhism and Taoism, and I'm not a member of any Abrahamic religion (including Jehovah's Witnesses or Prince Hall with all due respect), though I have no ill regard for anyone's right to their beliefs. Just ill regard for anyone who chooses to enforce their beliefs upon others in violation of their rights, or any manipulation that seeks to discredit them publicly simply because they don't follow the status quot. Like my tug of war example, where one side lets go of the rope simply to push the other side way over their own edge and into a rant that would get them labeled as being racist, when in fact, the whole thing is a manipulation by the people who let the rope go.

I doubt I'll ever end up back with the woman of my dreams, but I'm ready to accept that and I have no problem being alone, even for the rest of my life. I'd choose that before I'd choose being tamed and handed off as a reward for someone on the grounds of religious conversion or some kind of Afro-centric racist blood centered cult ideology.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics by the way and I don't smoke either.

I'd especially have nothing to do with any group who, after my refusing to be a part of their cult, would setup situations in order to discredit my person and reputation locally, even attempting to destroy my career and steal my creative and intellectual works. I would most certainly do everything legally I could to stomp out such a cult and to ensure that the correct authorities were aware of their activities and modus operandi, here and elsewhere and I would certainly meet that goal at the Federal level.

So I'll continue with A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity and then Stories From The End over the next week or two. The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons will be coming soon, ie I'll start it soon but I need a good head start in ALP and at least to be nearing the end of Stories From The End.

I don't do hate means love or love means hate. If I say it, especially on a post like this, I mean it.

To those spying on my computer illegally and sharing that output with others, don't do it.

And by the way. The Butterfly Dragon, the character from my books is Mandarin Chinese and doesn't use, buy or sell narcotics. Nor do I. 

I think the members of this cult tried to associate me with their circle of friends, none of whom I know and attempted to make it sound like the people I was writing about was them and that I am involved in the use or distribution of narcotics, which I'm not. So a form of criminal substitution.

That's how they seem to use their powers of illegal surveillance and keep in mind they're civilians and likely organized crime more so than anything. I honestly don't know or socialize with anyone from around here. I think the members of this cult just took someone else's reputation and pasted onto me to replace my own. As stated, I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all.

I don't use the services of prostitutes and never have, because I simply disagree with it. There are far safer ways for women to exploit themselves. Ultimately though, I believe in a woman's right to have the final say about what she does with her body and that right should never be taken away. So the way that I impact my feelings about prostitution is that I don't partake of it.

I've never really been that kind of guy anyway, but you'd be surprised how low an abusive stalking cult can push a person, especially since such cults regard it as a social game they orchestrate upon their victims, trying to trick them into doing things they claim they'd never do, or things that seem to contradict their nature as a person. If you find yourself surrounded by such people, move to another location in a hurry because they'll make it their mission to trick you and steal from you in any way they can. Some of them even believe that they're stealing and erasing your soul, the very essence of your being and devouring it for themselves. Hence their motives in stealing aspects of other people's lives. 

Its very Faustian, they believe the soul to be like a currency with which you can buy things in society, except this cult takes it a step further and steals aspects of your life and history from you, regarding that as being your soul. They even believe that they can transfer aspects of other people's soul onto your person, as a crude form of transformative alchemy. Mostly, the explanation for what they're doing is basically causing mental and social trauma to their victims, which can lead to disorders such as PTSD, Bipolar disorder and social anxiety. 

Such people are the ones they regard as the eggs they break when making an omelette. They're looking for that one person they can turn into gold at the expense of all the others whose lives they destroy.

Once again, my love interest is Asian and she's actually Mandarin Chinese and older than myself and someone with whom I've previously been in a relationship. Unfortunately the membership of this cult wants to keep people falsely under the impression that I'm a different person than I actually am. Ie replace my identity with that of someone else of a completely different culture, most often someone African or Caribbean and for their benefit, while the cult stalk and abuse me to the point of making me seem like a hater or racist that is involved with narcotics and prostitutes etc.

The cult also make it seem like the identity of the person posting on Shhhh! Digital Media is different from my own person when I'm in public. So they go to great lengths to make the two seem to be different people. Myself at home and myself in public. Whenever I leave my building of residence, the cult use colour symbolism to transfer identities in and out, so that to others in the community who are members of this cult, they'll paint a much different impression than reality, based upon the symbolism of colours they applied to my being. It works kind of the same way that criminal gangs do with marking their property, except the mark is simply represented through colour symbolism and is mostly psychological, but its reinforced socially by their numbers in any community they operate. 

Colour symbolism might be applied according to what a colours person is wearing, the colour of their eyes, hair or even skin. It might also apply based upon the colour of the floor or ground they're walking on compared to their shoe colour or the people they pass as they walk and the colours they're wearing. Using these methods, the cult can replace a person's identity and the impression they leave to others with whom they interact. Those impressions come in the form of meaningful coincidences planted by members of the cult either verbally or symbolically. Hence, if a person has comprehension for the language of meaningful coincidence, they can learn alot about how colour symbolism affects the hidden aspects of lifestyle and reputation related to a person. Using colour symbolism, these gangs can give the people who know how to interpret meaningful coincidences a much different impression about a person than their person in reality. In this sense, you can leave your place of residence wearing your own identity, and after passing a few of these cult members who use colour symbolism strategically, the impression of your identity and person is much altered, possibly originating from someone completely different than your own true identity. That identity is the one that others will get impressions about you when interpreting meaningful coincidence. So they'll be picking up details that are essentially lies, but believing them to be some form of a secret truth when in fact, they apply to someone else entirely different from the person they were attached to by this cult using colour symbolism to do so.

Consider the way this cult uses colour symbolism to be like a secret language. We all use colour symbolism in our own way, but this cult attempts to force everyone, or very specific people to live by theirs and theirs alone. In other words, it would be like you looking at a painting and interpreting it as meaning love and desperation when the cult will forcibly tell you it means harm and opportunity or anything different than your own interpretation. What I've observed about this cult is that they seek to control how colours are defined across the entire city, province and country, but start with teams operating in communities to accomplish the goals of "owning" the country by colour symbolism and hierarchy.

In order to cover up anyone who reveals their secrets the cult's method of choice is usually to identify their victim as a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall (as connected to Jehovah's Witnesses). The motive for doing so is the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses don't deal with law enforcement, unless absolutely necessary. For any crimes committed such as harassment or stalking, a Jehovah's Witness would be required to have two witnesses to confirm the account of the victim. Most victims of this cult are solitary and most often, isolated while the cult members that do the stalking and harassing always do so in groups of two or more (likely for this reason). Also, the Jehovah's Witnesses are symbolized by the colour blue, and to this cult, the colour blue means a polarity reversal. That is, anything the victim says against them is regarded as being a lie or the opposite of what they meant to express. That's why the cult stalkers often try to force everyone onto the blue side of the fence in terms of colour symbolism. That's because if what a person said goes against this cult's agenda, the person's expression is simply interpreted as the exact opposite, which would work out in the cult's favour.

When I expose this cult's activities, it is those two methods that fall at the forefront of their strategy in dealing with me. Either they attempt to force me onto the blue side of the fence, so that everything I say means the opposite (as they attempted with this very post), or they attempt to force the identity of a Jehovah's Witness or member of Prince Hall to replace my identity, in which case making such accusations would lead to me being shunned for not having a second witness, despite the fact that I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall and never have been and never will be. I'm pro-Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, but I'm definitely more tightly bound with Eastern philosophy and Western values than anything, and I certainly will never be forced into any belief system or religion against my will, nor will I be forced into or away from my own consenting love interest. Lastly, I won't allow my identity to be taken from me and transferred around from person to person, while my identity is replaced with someone else's. I prefer being myself, no matter what.

The reason that this cult transfers identity like that is because they use their victims as weapons, and the ammunition is the sum social burden from their community of residence, and sometimes a great deal more. So the idea is that if such a person burdened with that load becomes romantically involved with a partner, or is seeking to do so, that burden might be at risk of falling onto the person so desired. So the cult developed this method where they simply trade identities for a limited time between people, and limit romantic interludes to a short time (hence encouraging the use of prostitution most often as a reward system for those used as weapons in this fashion). So basically, you're trapped and kept as a weapon whose ammunition is the crap from the community and everywhere else they can gather it from to pile onto you.

This whole way of doing things leads to women becoming objectified as rewards where the guys used as weapons are required to accomplish a certain amount to earn a "reward" like momentary companionship. I'm fortunate that I don't take part in this aspect, because I'm the kind of guy who is all or nothing when it comes to relationships. I don't sleep around or have one night stands.

So what this cult did to overcome my resistance to doing things that way was to instead take my efforts from me and credit them to other weapons who play the way they want them to play. The kind of guys who get off on one night companionship rewards. So they get the credit for whatever I accomplished, and they get the reward too which usually comes in the form of female companionship for a short time, while I get the bill. In other words, their partaking in that is applied to my reputation just so it is kept going as a way of doing things.

Meanwhile, I haven't become romantically involved with anyone for almost 12 years. That's not a "poor me" statement as much as it is a proof of the fact that my efforts come without the promise of reward. Someone else is almost always rewarded and this cult uses colour symbolism to take those efforts from me and apply them to someone else's life. If I attempt to take part in society like everyone else, I'm stalked and harassed.

I used to volunteer for Amnesty International. I used to volunteer for a number of other organizations, both online and offline until the harassment and stalking became too much, and the theft of efforts left me being treated as if I was responsible for the lifestyle and activities of other people. The members of this cult literally steal aspects of your efforts, and then apply the lifestyle of people that doesn't match yours whatsoever so that you're literally swamped in reputation that limits your possibilities in life, while someone else has run off with the credit for your efforts. All of this is accomplished using colour symbolism, stalking and abuse.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is an addition to the Rant-zilla post I made yesterday on Shhhh! Digital Media at https://www.shhhhdigital.ca. The members of this cult as I've stated, are thieves. They spy illegally upon people and steal aspects of their life from them. So, no writing for me today. I could very much do so, but I choose not to and not to punish my loyal readers. Just not to reward the thieves and stalkers.

So none of Shhhh! Digital Media is produced at Heyworth House. I am not Jake N or "Tandrew Lima". I'm not Marty Shea. My name isn't Shane either. I'm 6 feet tall and about 173 lbs and fairly fit for my age of 53. I'm a white guy (sorry for the use of colour symbolism in that way, but I have to in order to distinguish my own identity). I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. As stated, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. I'm not Irish or Italian with all due respect. I'm not a member of any blood centric cult, especially those that stalk and harass people. I also don't take part in love hate or blood and fire. I've never been incarcerated in jail or prison.

I think colour symbolism is how the membership of this cult oppress people and turn society into a prison, using nothing more than colour symbolism, collectivism and harassment. Its unfortunate there's so few people who are willing to expose it or fight against it. Hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

Also, remember that the stalkers are often harassing their victims in place of someone else. So in other words, that person whomever the harassment is pertaining to is avoiding this sort of treatment at the expense of someone else being forced to carry that weight. Actually everything this cult does is about that, not to mention, who gave the right to the members of this cult to conduct this activity to anyone? First of all, if this is a practice of their religion, I'm not a member of that religion that would do something of that nature and never have been. If they don't follow the rules of their own religion (or those of society), and just subject whomever they feel to this sort of stalking and abuse, then perhaps they should be criminally investigated.

The motive for this stalking cult is because they want to prevent certain people from taking part in society, and when those people are constructive in their own space (thanks to being denied the right to take part in society), the stalking cult steals their efforts and uses those efforts to fuel the lives of their members. The cult spies illegally upon its victims and has a fairly organized infrastructure in place to achieve this, despite it operating beneath the surface of society. 

So in my case, any time I attempt to take part in society publicly, they attack me in order to corner me into working from home. While working at home, if I volunteer or do anything that would associate my identity with another organization, the cult steal that or they conduct harassment to push me away from that. They do this until I'm not working with or associated with any other causes, and making no voluntary effort to contribute towards them. At that point, I usually begin working on my own thing and the cult members steal that and give it to the credit of their members locally or within the city.

They claim it to be a debt most often owed to other people, but for the most part, its just theft and a social scam. I'm not mentally ill by the way.

Most recently they've been attempting to steal from me to fuel the lives of people from Heyworth House, either people that work there or are clients there. Meanwhile, my work on Shhhh! Digital Media has nothing to do with them as nothing I work on is connected to them at all. This could be related to them swapping my identity with that of someone else as well (such as Jake N. or Shane or who knows?). These are their methods of theft though and they're very disruptive. Also, they usually attack around this time of month, just before social payments are made. I think that this cult is responsible for creating an epidemic of codependency in society, and turning society into a racketeering and extortion scheme, where in order to use a talent or ability that you already have, you'll be required to pay someone else. If you don't, they'll just take whatever you create with it from you. 

As I stated, these are people who literally believe they're using transformative alchemy to craft people from one person into another from bits and pieces of other people. That's probably the source of their impression that their victims owe them. So really, its a criminal racketeering and extortion and more importantly, its a scam.

So, I am not a rose or a gun and certainly not a gangster and I don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. I certainly don't use crack cocaine and never have and never will.

Also, Shhhh! of Shhhh! Digital doesn't mean Shaft (the show or movie) and I'm not Christian Bale, not to mention I'm not any character from any movie or series. No disrespect to any actors. I can't even begin to describe what its like to be harassed for a week long session by this cult, day in and out. This is a cult that believes their hate is the method to infusing their blood into others and even controlling other people. I'm not kidding, but that's another symbol for the colour blue as they use it. So they literally believe by subjecting me to hate and abuse that they're infusing me with their blood or essence or whatever you might want to call it. After they've done this, they'll often watch a person to see how productive and creative they are, and then steal it based upon their belief that everything that person does results from the blood of this cult which is transferred to other people by these methods. No, I'm not mentally ill, that's really what this cult believes and that's their motivation for doing it.

They don't believe that other people have their own mind. They believe everything comes from them and their superior blood. Hence, I'm very upset at this sort of treatment and activity. Apparently, Geoge Lucas used to receive treatment like this as well. So did Neil Peart (drummer of Rush). So do many celebrities at various periods in their life. So I guess I'm in good company, but I'm also in even smaller company because nobody I've ever heard of has come even this close to revealing it all and its methods to expose it. Nobody I've ever heard of has done that.

No blue love. Hate isn't love and love isn't hate. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

I also think there's a lot of corruption in on this effort as well unfortunately.

Brian Joseph Johns



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