Happy Teacher Day!

I'm sure that many of you were pleasantly greeted by Google's doodle art this morning, heralding in Teacher's Day 2021. 

Teacher-polooza if you will.

In all honesty, I never would have known this without Google's assistance. 

Thank you Google once again.

Teachers have been a big part of my life, from the very beginning as I'm certain they have for us all. I'm not just talking about the scholarly variety, but also life mentors, as they certainly are an integral part of our appreciation for our capacity to learn and understand the world around us.

I would honestly say that the greatest asset I've gained from educators, teachers and certainly mentors is the ability to learn beyond my time in their presence. Independent learning, when you're far and away from your training wheels and are becoming more and more capable of comprehension and cross-referencing that which you know, that with which you're familiar, and the knowledge of the world around you. 

Not just tidbits of information, like trivia, but functional and adaptable knowledge that allows you to relate aspects of one paradigm with aspects of another, sometimes without knowing a thing about the second one. All of these aspects of our understanding grow over time, and were most often seeded by our teachers and mentors in life. From our youngest times and onwards.

My teachers (the educational kind) certainly inspired me to read and write, and to have a love for communication and mathematics, whereas my mentors, really inspired a love of music and the pursuit of a musical education. Though I've never played guitar (let alone owned one), I certainly spent a great deal of time getting a musical education in piano from both teachers and mentors.

Teachers really have that knack for making you curious about things enough to pursue them. As if some hidden kind of passion within us can simply be lit by someone so inspired who gazes upon the horizon and sees the great wonder of it all. The greatest flavour of all in life is that which is just beyond our tasting.

If inspiration is part of the driving force, which in itself can have infinite aspects, then epiphany is the opening of our doors of perception (sorry Huxley) to comprehend concepts and ideas unknown to us but within our ability to grasp, ultimately leading to an infinity of possibility. 

Sure, people become overwhelmed by life and reality, but great teachers have instilled within us the ability to light our own spark, and especially when we feel that we've given our last push towards as much.

One of the greatest aspects our teachers give us is, that as we get older, our bodies will slowly become incapable of the ambition of our physical pursuits. I certainly have a thousands of them. A time in our life that currently, we all reach sooner or later, no matter how physically capable we are.

Yet, with what our teachers have given us, we can go beyond the limits of our body and explore avenues of possibility simply within our capacity for imagination. That's what thought is about as much so as creative writing is. The ability to learn from something that you can no longer physically do as a result of age, time and the deterioration of your body, all the while understanding it further and further in a theoretical and metaphorical sense.

All that from the instruction and inspiration afforded us by our teachers and mentors.

I can honestly quote David Lee Roth at the helm of the band Van Halen in saying that: I'm Hot For Teachers, and in more ways than one... and keyboards (the musical kind)...

Lots added to Athandra And Manfred - Then And Now. Lots coming soon for A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity. The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons coming soon.

No matter what happens, there's more to come from Shhhh! Digital Media.

Brian Joseph Johns (53 years old by the way, even in this very recent picture)



I'm a Canadian who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701.