Shopping Day...

Just another shopping day... 

Finishing up and back home to render art work for A Lady's Prerogative: Pug Mandate...

Update: Just got home and wow, what a bad two days for stalking and harassment by members of this cult in my community. The kind of people who do that are typically people trying to create the impression that I use narcotics, by creating a reaction from me consistent with that sort of thing.

Honestly, I don't use narcotics at all and as a matter of fact, I don't even smoke cigarettes. I do drink alcohol on occasion, but I generally don't drink and then go out shopping or anything along those lines.

So the stalking and harassment is all about the members of this stalking cult trying to give people a much different impression about me. Also, many of them are criminals in the sense that they're attempting to assist organized crime in stealing Shhhhh! Digital Media and the stories that I write, in order to give them to the credit of someone else. That aspect really does involve organized crime on a fairly large scale. Fortunately I've kept the RCMP up to date on much about these aspects of the activities of this stalking cult.

I'm not mentally ill, but I certainly am impacted in a very negative way by stalking by members of this cult, and I'd certainly never stigmatize anyone else with the impacts of mental illness, as it does take a lot of courage for those dealing with such challenges, who don't weaponize it as a form of attack against others.

Finally, the stalking and harassment is also about members of this stalking cult attempting to create social burden for members of the cultural group of my love interest. My last two girlfriends are from South East Asia, and I tend to be very protective of them because when I was dating them, they were mistreated by members of the same cult, which apparently is something that frequently happens with some members of the Asian community, yet, they internalize such treatment, rarely if ever talking about it or reporting it. So imagine that the kind of people who don't protest such treatment are often the ones subjected to it most and the women about whom I'm speaking are both women that are older than myself, and in both cases, we eventually had to part ways to protect their peace and safety.

I have no respect whatsoever for the kind of people who'd do that to anyone, especially to the most loving and peaceful women I've ever known, both of whom were from South East Asia, one being from China and the other being from South Korea.

What gives? They're women too and they count in A Lady's Prerogative as much so as they count in The Butterfly Dragon.

Bullies that do that sort of thing, stalk people are the people I'll never protect and those whose secrets I'll never keep...

Nothing I've spoken about today is the burden of any women, and especially NO members of the Asian community whatsoever, either at home or abroad. All of that weight should be directly shouldered by those responsible and those who conduct such harassment and stalking.

So I'm going to prepare some food and get to doing some art for the two most recent stories on Shhhh! Digital Media. This post will stay up for the remainder of the day, and then be archived where it will be kept offline for the purposes of my records and as a reminder.

FYI, I don't hang out in cheap motels. I don't use heroin or narcotics. I don't use the services of prostitutes, BUT, I strongly believe in every woman's irrefutable right to have the final say about what happens with her own body and how, whether she's awake, asleep or dead. I don't agree with prostitution, but I will never stand against an adult woman's right to have the final say about what happens with her own body.

Finally, as I've always contended, my own love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman with whom I've been romantically involved previously and I stand by that wholeheartedly.

Brian Joseph Johns