In The Midst Of Any Rise To Fame, Infamy May Ensue...

One of my parents' favourite sayings is that you have your whole life to create your defining work, the one thing that pushes you over all the initial hurdles and onwards to fame and success (and the hurdles that you'll encounter from there). 

That one work you created or of which you were a part is what gets you there. You have your whole life to achieve it up until that point.

From there, you only have twenty minutes to achieve your next, and so on and so on...

Consider that during the time you're building yourself. Your life and career up to that achievement whatever it may be. Graduation. Your dream career. A successful business. Your marriage. Your first child. Your family. Your directorial debut. Your first book to sell a million. Your first starring role in a major blockbuster motion picture.

For everyone its different. Pursuing a life dream means something different to each and every one of us. However, for some, it does put you in the public eye and under scrutiny quite a bit.

During the pursuit of our dreams and goals, we're living a life. We're learning from our experiences (hopefully) and we're getting some things right and some things not so right depending upon whose perspective you're seeing this from. I mean at that point we have few life experiences under our belt. Perhaps we have few experiences with which to relate in terms of understanding the struggles of others.

In this day and age, our blunders can sometimes stain our lives for years to come and when we've suddenly achieved our success and if that success puts us in the spotlight and public eye, we're going to be subjected to much scrutiny over those blunders. Sometimes its not even a blunder. It can be something much more personal and private to which nobody has a right. Regardless of the morality involved, this is a very real risk to those who do suddenly find themselves in the spotlight and in a big way.

Most certainly, they'll be taken far beyond the context in which they occurred, and given little consideration in terms of what it was in our lives that resulted in such situations or blunders. Sometimes context is everything, and most of the time, context is temporal and changes with time, circumstance and certainly generation. That aspect of that was then, this is now might play into how such blunders are interpreted contextually, especially with today's sensibility and the "woke" phenomenon.

Remember that any social ideology can be wielded as much oppressively as it can be wielded liberatingly.

The same forces that would prevent women from being sexually exploited are also the same forces that are insisting that they don't have the final say about what is allowed with their own body. The same forces telling them how not to dress are the same ones telling them how to dress and once again we're back at taking away a woman's right to have the final say about anything to do with her body and the expression thereof. This connects to many other aspects related to this whole issue but depending upon which side of that fence you're on and where you are when you enforce that point of view, it might turn out very differently for you. Does that mean that you simply follow society's norms sociopathically, just going along with else that doesn't have the courage to speak up or stand their ground?

Does that mean that just because you're not a woman, that you shouldn't have an opinion or defend their rights in this sort of thing? If we all did the same thing, then children would still be used as cheap labour and women wouldn't likely have the rights they do today. Those rights were achieved by others outside of their demographic standing up for them, and backing them up where such principles coincide when they took that fight into their own hands.

The same thing can be said about LGBTQ2 rights as well. Members of those communities were able to liberate themselves because others outside of their demographic protected their rights as well. Interestingly enough, colour symbolism was often used to attack both women, and members of the LGBTQ2 community. This has been a hidden weapon of some hate groups for a great deal of time, and what both women and the LGBTQ2 community did was they took back colours from the power of such groups, one example of which is the Pride Rainbow. The danger to us now is that we sometimes are tricked into fighting over those symbols, despite the fact that we're all fighting for the same thing.

Some of us, when we get involved in that fight can become very passionate about it, and at such times, we're prone to manipulation as debates get more heated and as we broach the extremes in terms of points of view and perspective. There are even people who are very well versed at pushing us to these ends and extremes, knowing that they can profit from it at some point in the future, rather than us maintaining a civil balance in terms of our ability deal rationally with such debates rather than being pushed into the extremes, where we don't have the benefit of our rational mind and are more operating on the terms of reaction, often without even being aware. Playing into the hands of our puppeteers who might take our expression and use it against us at some point later. A risk that all of us who pursue that career defining moment when we break through to success and possibly public scrutiny must face.

You might be faced with having to answer questions about private moments with a woman you love, that isn't even the business of the public. You might be faced with past tweets. You might be faced with past forum posts. You might be faced with any of your online activities. 

In fact, there are people who operate in a very Alomera Zek* like fashion who spend nearly 24/7 of their lives observing people they believe are going to break through, in order to have any cannon fodder they can get, to profit from should the object of their voyeuristic obsession with such persons achieve such a goal as success and fame. For some, the saying that there's treasure in trash, has meaning well beyond the intended context.

Hence, infamy may ensue.

I gotta vote. I'll be back and when I am, I'll be starting the last short story to occur in the ALP timeline before Singularity.

Update: Please note, this is not my endorsement of any specific party and one should always vote according to their own assessment of the parties and their platforms.

I voted as planned and what a harassment and identity switching nightmare it turned out to be. I've stated before how some ideologies use colour symbolism to take your identity from you, socially. Well that's basically what happened. The stalkers involved attempted to take my identity and leave me with one of theirs. That of someone involved in the use of substances I don't go near or use (cocaine, heroin and crack cocaine). 

From that point, the members of this cult will treat the person with your identity as if their responsible for anything you've done, while those stalkers near you will treat you as if you're responsible for the things that other person has done. In doing this, that burden will also affect the people in my circle as well, who might be led to believe that I'm using those substances or that everything I do here on Shhhhh! Digital Media originates from another person at another location (usually they do this with a place called Heyworth House, make it seem that everything I do for this site, my company, comes from someone there which it doesn't). Or they swap my identity with that of a person they call Jake N.

Most of the people who do this are simply racist and against the fact that my love interest is an older Mandarin Chinese lady with whom I've been involved previously, and their simply opposed to it because I'm a white guy.

Also, this cult seems to be focused on forcing people to vote according to race, and associating election party colours as part of a race associated brand. For instance, the representative in my riding of Toronto Centre is Marci Len. She's a woman of colour, possibly African or Caribbean, though that should not matter when one is placing their vote. I vote based upon the party's and the representative's platform, not their race, sex or religion. So I quite literally found myself harassed by people of her ethnicity, and my own ethnicity, who then harassed me about losing my Mandarin Chinese love interest simply because of how I voted.

My next choices would have been NDP (the New Democratic Party) or the PC (Progressive Conservatives), with the NDP being my front runner based upon their social platform which is comparable to the Liberals. The only reason that I personally didn't pick them was because of their approach to business taxation, which in my views could risk chasing big business from one province to another, or out of Canada entirely (a dilemma that is currently facing California in the U.S. for the exact same reason where many big business companies from Silicon Valley left for Texas, a virtual tax haven comparatively speaking). Everything else with their platform is fine, though I do believe in keeping our ties to the Crown. Here's why.

The Crown, and the actual agency representing their interests operate at a capacity more along the lines of consultants and diplomats (with some aspects of our Constitution and institution bound in writing by policy and law). Considering that the Crown has perhaps the longest history of world and diplomatic experience in a variety of different environments across the globe, that directly translates to their education in such matters meaning that they are an asset and an important ally of Canada and our interests globally. No matter how social transformation and policy changes the world around us, the same obstacles demographically and socio-economically speaking that have existed for centuries will arise in a different form as a matter for future generations to deal with. Having ties to a consultancy that has experience enough to recognize this, and whom are educated in regard to these aspects of the world demographics and economy, it is in our best interests to benefit from their experience and that of their agency, weighed against the cost of doing so.

So for not voting NDP (whose representative is Brian Chang), I was literally treated by some people like I had been cut off from Asia, and was now in Africa and I kid you not. The ideologies locally operate in this fashion, pitting people between any two diametrically opposed opposites they can. This kind of activity, especially if it was practiced against others, could result in people voting based upon race and religion rather than election  and representative's platform as it is a form of conditioning and social abuse. My vote shouldn't result in any such treatment no matter who I vote for and considering as I stated, that my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese, that is simply not acceptable.

Keep in mind that this did not occur with any of the volunteers working the polls, though there was a little bit of verbal harassment here and there. Most of this occurred after I'd left the polls and seemed to be a concerted effort by many to provoke some kind of over-the-top reaction on my part.

I guess the most important part of talking about this is ensuring that it doesn't spread because this could seriously hamper voter turnout or as I stated, it could shape how specific people vote, simply conditioning them without them even realizing it that they were being conditioned to vote according to race or religion rather than the party and representative's platform. People vote for their own reasons, but ideologies that conduct themselves in a stalking and abusive way need to be dealt with.

After I got home, I needed a bit of time to recover from this (it was quite stressfut but I handled it mostly well). So I'll probably work on the story I'd intended a bit later to ensure that I have my full day's work today. I think overall, I fought the good fight today.

Congratulations to the parties and their representatives and I hope that more Canadians protect their right to vote and their rights, especially when it comes to such activities. 

Get vaccinated. If not for yourself and your family, then for the rest of us.

Brian Joseph Johns