Watch Out For The Purveyors Of The Broken Compass...

A working compass
Before we start this, I'm not a gun or a rose.

Watch out for people who in attempt to take from you, your words and viewpoint, force a broken compass onto you for your use in navigating this world.

One that points in the exact opposite direction you want to go, forcing you to use the exact opposite directions to get where you want to go.

If you don't, then you'll end up in the exact opposite destination.

For example, if you wanted a nice hot cup of tea in the morning, if you didn't navigate using the exact opposite directions to get your cup of hot tea, you might actually end up with a cold cup of coffee (assuming that coffee is the polar opposite of tea as much so as cold is the polar opposite of hot).

Here's the caveat though. As soon as you begin operating in reverse polarity, using the exact opposite directions to get to where you want to go, these miscreants will switch the broken compass with a perfectly working compass, meaning that you'll still end up in the exact opposite destination to the one you wanted.

My advice to you, is to never fall for their ploy and always navigate using a working compass when it comes to arriving where you want and with who you want. Never use the opposite directions. The moment you do it their way, is the moment they'll secretly switch it back to the working compass, and you'll be the only one still operating using opposite directions, meaning you'll be the only one who ends up in the exact opposite of your sought destination while they all might end up in your destination. A method that some people of the dirty tricks faction use to switch places with you and take from you your efforts, while leaving you with the social responsibility for theirs.

Consider if you're harassed about people from your childhood, such as school mates or others from that time in your life while others are treated well and even with kindness and civility compared to how you are treated for aspects of other people's life. The group doing this to you has defined hate to mean love, and is attempting to provoke you into saying bad things about those people, so that your meanness about your former school mates can be redefined as hate means love and so that you're looped into their scam of polarity.

What they're doing is setting up a paradigm where if you fall into their trap, you'll be constantly subjected to hate and abuse, which the people doing so will define as hate means love. If you react against them similarly, you'll be giving them your love (because hate means love to them). The abusive people doing this operate according to colour symbolism to achieve this. So for them for instance, the colour blue means that their hate means love while the colour red means that what they say is what they mean. When doing this, the abusive people use colour symbolism in order to get away with hate crimes against the people they harass.

The people that conduct such affairs within humanity are often bullies that operate in large groups and provoke conflict with quiet people doing their own thing, contributing to the world. They do this in order to pit their victims as part of a duality based upon positive/negative or love/hate, red versus blue, black versus white, where they attempt to force one person to the negative side, and everyone else in their team to the positive side. When they see someone progressing in life, they attack in large groups, verbally abusing and harassing their victims to create malice in their life and to pit them on the negative side, while the groups that do this go onto to the positive side.

The best defense for this is to stay in balance. They're trying to teeter you like a see-saw, to manipulate you by bouncing you around between two extremes as a means to profit from that timing at your expense. So if you ever find yourself victim of this, don't allow yourself to fall to any one extreme, where you'll be struggling to the other side in order to keep balance. If they push you, don't push back. If they pull you, don't pull back. Stay as centered as you can without over exerting in any direction that might destablize your balance. Once they have you on either side of extremity and if its to their disadvantage, they'll force the broken compass upon you hence switching you to the disadvantaged side and them to the advantaged side. Balance is the only way to assure they can't affect you and its also the best way to disarm these bullies aside from exposing their methods.

A couple more things that you should know about those who use these dirty tricks to sabotage the life efforts of others, is that they attempt to trick others into violating the golden rule against them, in order to create the justification to do the same thing or similar thing back to them. 

For example, they might be in a conversation with someone else nearby to your location. In the midst of that conversation, one of the persons will say things in a provoking manner directed at you rather than the person with whom they're speaking, attempting to create conflict and provoke a hostile reaction from you. What they're doing is attempting to trick you into violating their privacy so they have the justification to violate your privacy, for instance by spying illegally upon your phone communications and internet. This is and has been a secret method of theirs for a very long time. Keep in mind that these people are more like organized crime than anything, but with their methods revealed, they're actually quite impotent. Understanding their methods gives you a great advantage but don't misuse it or abuse it or you risk becoming like them. Bullies that operate in large groups.

Now that you know this trick, I'm hoping that we all can navigate successfully to where we want to go without being cheated out of it by those of the dirty tricks side of the fence.

Hence, with my working compass, I'm heading out to meet my Mandarin Chinese love interest. ;-)

And certainly staying away from the ever corrupt and bullying blue side of the fence...

Blue business (not cocaine), intelligence, exercise, work and medical are fine for me but I don't really do colour symbolism. That form of colour symbolism is something used by abusive people to create a cage for the mind of creative and free people in the world. Don't let yourself become their next prisoner.

I was going to do an interview of a friend of mine John Paul Young of Cardboard Brains, a pioneering New Wave band from the nineteen seventies, but thanks to a LOT of harassment since August 3, 2021, I've decided to cancel that story and interview. 

Sorry JPY, its not your fault.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media

I don't play guitar and I've never owned a guitar in my life. I' m not Italian  or Irish and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese. 

Wayne Buttery wasn't my father with all due respect. 

I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and I believe in everyone's right to believe as they choose, including having no religious belief at all.

I'm not and never have been a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall with all due respect.

I don't take the credit for things with which I have nothing to do.

I don't live according to the symbolism of colours.

I'm not a member of any pyramid scheme.

I don't keep secrets for bullies or people that play musical chairs with others' or their own identity.

Bobby isn't Weltherwithsp and never was.

I don't use, buy or sell narcotics.

Oh, and I'm not a pirate, Mr. JM Leblanc from Montreal, Canada.