First off before I begin this post. No blood centric cult beyond this point, especially one using the symbolism of the colour blue by such a definition to force other people to pay for their blood or sponsorship. I won't pay anyone for blood or sponsorship at all and if that isn't to your liking, you know where the exit is. Take it and don't come back.

Secondly, hate isn't love and love isn't hate, once again as is the case with some people who use it to define the symbol for the colour blue. I live by my compass and it has no alternate polarity and I very much love gravity. Almost as much as I love my own love interest, and she's Mandarin Chinese while I am just a creepy white guy and the CEO and sole author for Shhhh! Digital Media, Brian Joseph Johns.

I don't live according to colour symbolism that operates by those means or any means that violates the rights or identity of a person, especially in violation of the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act. I'm not a Police Officer or a member of Parliament. I'm just a registered voter, who believes in our system in the absence of people who purposely try to undermine its' functioning through corruption or any other means in attempt to trick the populace into radical action against the Government and due process.

I don't and never have used cocaine or crack cocaine in my life (another symbol for the colour blue often used by abusive people who fight over such things despite that being in opposition to the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act in Canada). 

Actually, colour symbolism like that is often used in conjunction with a form of duality, often practiced by those who use the teachings of the book the Kybalion as a means to manipulate or even control people, by creating a dichotomy between any two opposing paradigms and then playing their victim between the two, attempting to drive them to either extreme in an alternating fashion. The timing of doing so is often used to exploit such persons at their own expense, while benefiting the abusive groups that do so. Often colour symbolism is a big part of the activities of people who conduct themselves in such a way, picking two or more colours and defining symbols which delineate two opposites between which such a cult will often play their victims to one extreme or the other using the teachings of the Kybalion as the foundation upon which to conduct such activity.

For example: playing a person between the colour symbolism of blue/orange or blue/brown, the colours symbolizing one of the three major political parties in Canada (the NDP) and attempting to force them to one side of that colour symbolism fence: blue or orange/brown despite such activity violating the Charter Of Rights And Freedoms and the Human Rights Act here in Canada. Coincidentally and something that is very much a part of this post is the fact that blue and brown are often used to symbolize the two narcotic powers of the world: cocaine (blue) and opium (brown) and then using such symbolism to play people between one or more of the elective parties in Canada. As if to associate colour symbols in such a way so as to influence voting. I mean if you've been inundated by such activity being played between blue and orange, then perhaps you'll become conditioned to vote or note vote for political parties who have one or more of those colours as part of their logo colour.

Some ideologies that avoid voting based upon their religious beliefs, actually conduct such activity as a method of follow voting. For such ideologies, they pick one person that is going to represent the entire group. The ideology is opposed to voting, but not follow voting. The idea is that if it is against their belief for them to vote, if they all simply follow the vote of another voter, they aren't violating the tenets of their ideology because they aren't voting. Someone else is voting. They're simply following that person's vote, meaning that one person could potentially end up with the power of more than one vote. Possibly hundreds or even thousands. Perhaps even more. In a democratic elective process, nobody should have that kind of power. Nobody.

Now, getting to my point. If such a group does exist within Canada, and they practice this activity, then having the ability to steer or manipulate what that one person is going to vote would be the power to have control over many votes at once. Once again, that's a power that nobody should have in a democratic elective process. So one or more groups using this, and the teachings of the Kybalion or other similar treaties on the subject of duality and polarity is a gross violation of what should only be one person, one vote.

I've actually tried to explain this concept to the RCMP at one point when I reported the possibility of such an activity being conducted by one or more groups in Toronto, about six or more years ago. Worse, groups that conduct this sort of activity often use their victim as a fuel source for their lives, like milking a cow.

Even this very post could operate in such a manner for such groups that operate this way. With this post having or expressing principles likely shared by many Canadians, it might be advantageous for such persons attempting such manipulation to simply take the credit for such writing from the person who expressed it, even if it exposes their activity in that regard. There are some very corrupt people in society who simply use others as cows,  occasionally milking them to fuel their lives with their substance, principle and effort. Taking that from a person based upon the fact that such groups attempt to manipulate or even control someone via dualistic paradigms like the Kybalion. A swing of extremes between which their victim is played as a form of control and operant conditioning or brain washing. 

Like any playground swing, the more extreme the ride between the forward and the backward motion, the more likely a person is to fall off that swing on the far side of one of those extremes. In a sense, the use of such activity and methods is almost a form of radicalization that seems to be very active within Canadian society in the last two decades. Social groups operate using these methods I've described above and follow voting is a very real thing practiced by such groups in Canada as is the use of such methods as a form of radicalization, possibly even with the goal of radicalization towards violence. I personally suspect that such social groups are responsible for the radicalization involved in many of the violent attacks of the last two decades and that these methods I'm exposing are their defacto means of accomplishing such goals.

Do not mistake this for concepts like Yin Yang (a paradigm of dualism that originated in China and that makes up an aspect of Taoism) whereby balance is sought between two opposing paradigms. The difference is that in Canada and other places in North America, the social groups practicing the abusive ideology would attempt to take from their victim any positives, simply by using the swing to push their victim to extreme reaction or behaviour so as to contradict their own former good nature. The idea is that such social groups use this idea to convince others that such a person is no longer themselves on the grounds of a lack of consistency with themselves and their own professed ideals. As if their "self" has been removed from them and possibly even transferred to someone else by such a group practicing these methods. Unfortunately such groups regard most people as being pretty stupid, and prey upon the general ignorance to fool others into believing such a ruse.

I know from personal experience that such groups do this. Attempt to take the concept of history and identity from one person, remove it and transfer it to another person along with all the merits and burdens of responsibility that go along with such an illusion. The social groups that practice this, do so in attempt to fool others they believe to be stupid enough to believe it. I don't believe people are stupid. The groups that operate in the way that I'm exposing do.

I honestly believe that the greatest risk of us losing our own freedom won't come from the Government at all, but from ideologies akin to what I've exposed here operating within society, absent of association or allegiance with any one particular ideal who utilize all of the forms of control and manipulation I've explained above or brought to our attention in George Orwell's 1984, while trying to convince us that its big business or the Government that is taking those freedoms away. 

No it isn't. The players of such ideologies trying to take our freedoms from us might misappropriate the resources of big business or Government to achieve their goals, but it isn't big business or the Government that is doing that. Its like such ideologies are infiltrating big business and Government and misappropriating the resources of those entities to their own ends.

Its not the LGBTQ2 community that are doing this. They were under similar attack many decades ago and overcame that persecution by taking the weapon of colour symbolism away from their attackers and repurposing it for their own protection and harmony. I'm heterosexual by the way, but I completely support LGBTQ2 rights and marriage, though I am not a Presbyterian. I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and there is no contradiction in supporting the rights of these people.

It isn't the Freemasons or the Rosicrucians that are doing this either by the way as many consipiracy theorists  and Q-Anon might have you believe.

If anything, the real ones are doing their best to protect those freedoms, but they're just as much if not even more so under attack as the rest of us in this fight, and this fight isn't against our western Governments, though the people incurring these efforts would surely convince us of as much by their Machiavellian approach to conflict and tricking people into fighting each other and breeding ignorance and dissent and socially radicalizing people as a form of community entertainment.

Believe me, by my saying this I'm not attempting to steal someone else's identity (like that of a Freemason or Rosicrucian). I'm their ally and friend and once again, I don't define the colour blue (or any colour for that matter) as meaning hate means love or love means hate or that by my standing up for others that I'm sucking their blood. As I stated, if that's your thing, then kindly open the door and leave and don't come back. And don't worry. I won't miss you.

The very people I'm warning you about will try to turn the tables by trying to convince you that I'm stealing someone else's identity (like that of my friend in Nova Scotia named John Paul Young or even someone else) but the truth is that I'm not taking anyone's identity. I'm Brian Joseph Johns as much so as I always have been. 

If you don't believe it or that I'm who I claim to be, then I don't accept your claim of identity  or your claim of organizational membership as being valid either. Remember, I can require you to prove it as easily as you can require the same of me or others.

Simple as that. If you're going to be like that, then get the hell out and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out and more importantly. Don't come back, especially if you're going to be another person that is simply going to deny me and others of their own identity, or steal it for yourself by using colour symbolism and other similar social abuses. I don't live or work at Heyworth House. I live and work in my residence of 200 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in apartment 701.

Enough said on that for now.

What I'm describing is already happening in society, to some of us more than others. Regardless, it is happening whether you believe it or not.

The concept of identity is the weapon of choice for such people conducting this battle. Either the theft of one's identity, or the outright denial thereof by a community of bullies and thugs acting in the interest of such efforts. I mean, if you are separated from your own online identity, and your identity within your community of residence, where groups of bullies and thugs simply disregard you as being yourself, instead replacing your own identity so that you don't benefit from your own efforts, but instead are burdened with the weight of someone else's actions very unlike your own, then how are you going to progress in life?

Simply put: you don't. Someone else does in your place as a direct result of your efforts, while you're pushed down for the responsibility of theirs. We could call it the musical chairs of identity. A game of identity theft practiced by some ideologies that operate in this manner.

That's what's happening to many of us already, yours truly included.

The trick they're trying to pull on you is to convince you to start doing things that are burdensome for them, so that you are weaponizing your identity and life in such a way that if someone takes it from you to wear as their own, that burden will also be a part of the deal or so you think. The truth is that if you fall for that and do something rash to taint your own identity, you are then becoming more consistent with the bad identity with which they're attempting to burden you. You're falling for their trick.

Also, they might try to polarize you to extremes. Extremely good or extremely bad. This ideology benefits from you being on any extreme. If you are on the negative side, it benefits them. If you are on the positive side, they use colour symbolism to reverse polarity and you're on the negative side and it benefits them.

Don't fall for it. Its a trick. Find balance (and hopefully peace) and don't allow that to happen.

Maintain your compass and its heading as you always have and don't use a broken compass. Don't suddenly change course or allow yourself to be tricked or puppeteered by such people into doing so in order to weaponize your own identity. Besides, they won't make it a burden for their members by stalking and harassing them the way they might do so to you. Their whole trick is one sided, but convincing you that its the mirror reflection on both sides.

They're trying to isolate everyone they're attempting to kick out of the world they're claiming for themselves, so they can take all of the good elements from those isolated people and transfer those elements to the lives of their members, before discarding those people and sending them on their way with nothing left of themselves or their being or their identity. 

Socially to such an ideology, the concept of identity isn't a personal one. It's a social and collective concept. If others collectively agree that you are not yourself, then you are socially no longer yourself and not treated as being yourself by others of that collective. If they agree that you are someone else different from yourself and your own proclaimed identity, then you'll be treated and remembered as if you're that person rather than yourself and the concept of personal identity with which you were once familiar is defunct at that point. All of this is also keyed according to colour symbolism as well. So you could simply wear the wrong combination of colours and as a result, lose your own identity and be forced to wear someone else's simply by their social forces.

Don't like it? Don't allow it or stand for it. I don't and never will and when it comes to things of that nature, I'm yieldingly unyielding. I'll bend but I'll never break and certainly will never yield to any abusive ideology of this ilk.

Not to rub this issue in, but these harassers are also members of the same racist cult who opposed my relationship with an older Mandarin Chinese woman named Helen, simply because I'm a white guy. An older woman whom they also stalked and harassed until we parted ways in order to protect her.

Years later I became involved with a Korean woman and the same racist cult stalked and harassed her (even making references to private aspects of her sex life as part of that harassment), once again because she was dating me, a white man. For your information, I'm not and never have been a member of any hate group or hate based ideology and I am a supporter of LGBTQ2 rights and marriage and am an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. I'm Canadian and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 200 Sherbourne Street in apartment 701 in Regent Park. I have no fear of expressing who I am or where I live in much the same way that I have no problems in exposing abusive ideologies that operate in this manner.

Oh, and I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of their corresponding Prince Hall, and never have been and never will be with all due respect. I don't play guitar and have never owned a guitar. I'm a piano and keyboard player and have been for most of my life.

Enough of that and onto some other very important aspects of our current world.

Important Message About Afghanistan

Obviously there is a lot happening in the world right now, especially with the crisis in Afghanistan, which has a place in the heart of most Canadians and other NATO allies as we've spent the last twenty years trying to bring stability and human rights to their emerging economy in the aftermath of the dismantling of Al Qaeda. 

Many lives have been lost during this effort on all sides, and many Canadians and NATO allies spent their entire military career working towards this effort of peace and freedom for the people of Afghanistan. 

I can't even begin to imagine how it feels to the women and men who spent so much time and effort attempting to help the Afghanistan Government stabilize and maintain a system for the people, much less to the people who live there who have become so used to simple freedoms that most of us take for granted. Freedoms like women's education, their right to work and provide for their families like their male counterparts. All of that is at risk.

All of the people who were an integral part of building that Afghanistan are now in a crisis whereby they're fleeing the returning Taliban regime and that in itself has created an immense humanitarian crisis.

I personally don't see Afghanistan as a failure, although pulling out is a clear sign of our lack of committment to the principles we're supposed to represent and often tout to others. Over time it obviously became less important in terms of our attention span and the political careers of our elected officials, not to mention us as registered voters playing an active part in keeping Afghanistan relevant by maintaining pressure on our representatives to play out this mission to its success. I agree that one simply cannot make Afghanistan live the way to which we're accustomed, but most of us who were adults when these actions were undertaken could have considered this effort to be long term and a part of our responsibility to ensure that future Governments maintain this as a priority beyond its suitability as an election platform to luring in votes. 

After we've voted and we have a Government, when we've committed to something so important as our contribution to Afghanistan, then it is also our responsibility to remind our representatives of this even when the people and press has long forgotten this. I voted and supported the mission, and beyond showing my support, I believe that I was only active perhaps a few times (maybe three times) where I'd voiced this in writing to a public official. That simply is not enough and I've failed, when I look back with twenty-twenty hindsight. There are issues that are of global importance that require our constant attention, but life does get in the way sometimes not to mention that there are some people who believe that issues like this are great platforms to practice their people puppetry skills. People so narcissistic and devoid of humanity that their greatest form of entertainment is trying to puppeteer those who have concern enough to participate in society. 

You know, the kind of people who pit society as being ruled by the empire of cocaine versus the empire of opium? The two major narcotics of the world and once again, two symbols for the colours blue (cocaine) and brown (opium or heroin).

One from the West. One from the East. 

The most powerful independent warlords on the globe on either side of that fence are funded by the proceeds of these narcotic substances. This is an issue that has been at the heart of this matter (Afghanistan which is the world's leading producer of opium which is refined to become heroin) whereas Columbia, Peru and Bolivia are the world's leading producer of coca leaves (which are refined to produce cocaine).

Consider that the countries that produce and sell these natural resources are often very poor or exist with a far lower than global average GDP per capita (the measure of average income produced per citizen in a country). 

So the places these resources are produced, the people are often struggling to survive on far less than what we earn or make in the so called "civilized world", by our own gauge. The most lucrative crop they can produce is also the one outlawed by international law and legal treaty. Ironically, its these very treaties and their policing that result in the high value of these crops, because the risk in producing and distributing these narcotics actually is the driving force behind their price.

In other words, because these substances are policed, the price is driven upwards and skyrockets to create the incentive for the citizens to take that risk of producing them in the first place. If there were no such risk, the price would be low enough so that other "legal" crops (like pineapples, mangoes and corn) would actually be far more lucrative to produce than cocaine or opium.

How do you tell a poor country that they can't produce their most lucrative crops, when your own country is filthy rich by comparison and when the fact that you police those substances actually drives the price up enough so that it creates the drive for the criminal market and citizens to risk their life and freedom by growing, refining and distributing those substances. The warlords in both South America and Asia are very much a part of that facet of our global economy, law and policy as much so as the Police and security infrastructure are on the mirror side of that fence in the so called civilized world.

If they were not controlled or banned substances, producing them would yield negligible profits compared to other produce. In other words, it would kill the market for narcotics and the security infrastructure necessary to police them. Warlords couldn't afford to operate and there'd be no money is trafficking or distribution as much so as the police and security infrastructure would fall to only ten percent of its current levels. Considering the number of people on both sides of that fence that would simply cease to be employed, that obviously would never happen, but considering these facts is a very important part of understanding the challenges of coming up with solutions that facilitate progress in the world and liberation from such perturbed structures in the global economy. Change can and will happen. 

Forty years ago if someone told us that in the year 2000, the cold war would be over and that the USSR would not exist, most of us would have laughed at such a ludicrous prediction, and yet that did happen. Things we believe are impossible to change, can and will change whether we like it or not. This paradigm of these two  hidden and oft never talked about facets of the global economy are part of that fold and subject to forces beyond their control in much the same way as the superpowers of the cold war no matter the apparent power of the forces resisting that change. Constant change is here to stay.

Understanding the duality of these hidden global spectres gives us the insight into the fact that we have to be mindful and careful of how we're played in the see-saw of life, especially where two very powerful players are involved, one on each side of the fence in a world where there are those who'd purposely play you between them, cocaine and opium, even at the risk of your own life were you naive enough to call the Police (who would likely laugh at you or suggest that you seek mental help). The pressure cooker of life that is used by some abusive people to remove us from our own sense of peace and focus in the world and to distract us from our own nature. When you're at your most extreme of polarity, you're at your own weakest form.

Once again, being aware of that fact, can be invaluable so long as you're mindful and aware of this. There are some forces in the world that you can change through your efforts, while there are others that you can't. You can vote, and support or change the ruling Government, but you can't stop a volcano or an earthquake. Sometimes it pays to regard some things as being like a force of nature that is beyond your ability to change by yourself, however by our global efforts we can improve the health of the environment. When it comes to the forces of global trade involved with the giants of narcotics distribution, they are subject to the forces at a different level of being but still subject to the forces of change nonetheless. I'm sure that the dinosaurs were probably very comfortable with their success and stability when the asteroid that wiped out ninety nine percent of all life on the planet hit. Even the forces of nature beyond our ability to affect are subject to scale.

When it comes to these substances that affect every aspect of the global economy, I have no involvement with either nor do I use these substances, but I do have a slight bias for one when it comes to the morality of its application in the world.

The Poppy is a source of what can be refined to produce opium, from which can be produced morphine, a very potent (and addictive) anesthetic and pain killer. 

Throughout its history, morphine has literally been a miracle of medicine and surgery, having been directly responsible for saving the lives of millions upon millions of people, during both times of war and peace. It has existed as one of the earliest and most powerful pain killers and a powerful local anesthesia, making it essential in all emergency field hospitals even to this day in the modern world. Despite its being highly addictive, it is still a life saver and one of the few resources that has such a dualistic role, whereby it is both a medicine and a potentially dangerous narcotic. No other natural resource has that quality of both saving lives by its use in medicine and surgery and its danger as a highly addictive narcotic substance.

This flower, the Poppy is also a symbol of Remembrance for our Veterans and considering the fact that many of those Veterans who lost peers and friends on the field of battle while trying to procure peace and stability for Afghanistan, the opium capital or the world. Consider for a moment what it must be like to watch this situation unfolding and how frustrating it must be for those who gave so much of themselves for the benefit of Afghanistan, including for many, their lives. 

Then, in the end, after so many years of neglect, to see it back in the center of focus when it is already far too late.

Our Veterans didn't fail at all. 

We in society that vote and are active politically, failed to maintain the pressure of commitment to Afghanistan upon our elected officials. 

Those that don't vote or aren't politically active and express themselves to our representatives weren't a part of anything to begin with, except perhaps their own self interest.

I highly disagree with their (selfish) stance, but I support their right to their own beliefs and that is what makes me Canadian.

Other Updates

I was going to release another new story for the Butterfly Dragon, but thanks to some extreme abuse by some people in the community of my residence over the last twenty four hours, I won't be doing that anytime soon. 

I've other plans in the meantime that I'll be pursuing. The harassment cult are obviously out in force and will be for the rest of the week. During that time I'll switch my working schedule to the night and sleep during the day to avoid the worst of it.

This stalking cult are a group that operate according to colour symbolism by the way and the colours blue and brown trigger them to conduct their worst harassment. They seem to operate according to the belief that people become possessed by bits and pieces of other people, and their harassment is the means by which they exercise these possessions from people. 

I think they even believe themselves to be alchemists, using colour symbolism to transform people by shaping them with bits and pieces of other people. Like taking bits of one person's soul and infusing it into another person's soul. Not my belief, but theirs. I believe in their right to believe that sort of thing, but not their right to conduct this activity against myself or other people, especially those who don't consent or are not members of their religion and ideology. I'm not a member of any such religion or ideology and certainly never will be.

They're also a religion or cult that forces people to pay for their sponsorship and blood. For instance, if you mention Police, they'll make you pay for the blood of Police, by forcing you to give the credit for your efforts to someone else to pay for that blood. So the members of this cult have a person named Shane, to whom they attempt to force me to pay so that I may have the sponsorship of the Police associated with this Shane person.

First of all, in Canada, seeking any such payment for sponsorship is illegal, not matter the currency, especially if conducted by a member of the Police Service or law enforcement seeking payment for such sponsorship from a citizen that has not solicited it or for any reason whereby such payment for sponsorship is sought by an outside party. In other words, making someone pay for the association of being protected by the law. That's actually a crime called criminal extortion in the Canadian Criminal Code.

I'm not a Police Officer and have never identified myself as one. That would be a violation of the law as well and regardless of whether I have sponsorship or not, I'm still protected by Canadian law. You don't have to pay Police or anyone claiming to represent the Police for protection from the law.

I am a creepy white guy and my love interest is Mandarin Chinese and I suspect that she likes a little bit, at least one creepy white guy that is an atheist and leans towards Buddhism and Taoism.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media.