The Thrill And Dangers Of The Swing...

Hi again. Brian Joseph Johns aka Shhhh! Digital here.

How about that for an exciting title? Thrill and danger in the same sentence? Nostaligic sensationism in naming a topic for a post.

Its not the title to any upcoming work of fiction or story. Its not going to be a discussion or lecture about anything to do with "the swing" as referred to by many jazz musicians, where simply trying to define the swing as a combined component of tempo, rhythm, pace and feel in any discussion is enough to divide an entire orchestra. 

In terms of music and theory, its one of those things you can feel and with which you can be in sync with your fellow musicians during a performance, but that is nearly beyond any attempts to describe objectively. Similar to the kind of confusion that initially arose from trying to interpret the results of the two slit experiment in Quantum Physics and ironically, divided an entire generation of physicists down the middle between two competing interpretations arising from it and its relationship to thermodynamics. A subject debated by physicists like Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac and Albert Einstein. 

Topics very compelling about which to romanticize, which of course is the term referring to the less aggressive side of having passion about a given topic. Where one uses prose rather than exclamation or primordial gesture to get their point across. 

This could accurately be described as the dichotomy of thumos: the drive or spiritedness to pursue a course of study, discussion, inquiry or action. Thank you Jun for explaining such an incredible topic with as much thumos as you did, explaining concepts initially examined by Homer and Plato.

Simply put, its something beyond description that drives us to pursue our passion. Constructively. Destructively. Or more often than not, both.

If thumos is the driving force, then obsession is one of its symptoms.

If it can be explained in terms of romanticizing on one side, then on the other side, it would be described as directed and restrained aggression. Where one can be so driven to regard a subject or issue in a romantic or fanciful sense, or become downright enraged and fuming about the same.

One can pursue such course with reason or with rage. With reason, we have the advantage of our rational mind. We can better deal with our situations through verbal discourse or by our ability to rationalize. One of the key advantages of having consciousness and being analytical. We can responsibly deal with dangerous situations from a safe distance and work towards a safe and prosperous outcome for all within the confines of what sustainability allows in terms of that being a concept referring not specifically to the environment, but to anything where any resource is a part of that dichotomy and a required factor in its maintenance. For instance, peace or the lack of justication for war and conflict. 

Peace is a resource needed for certain things to happen in any society. Where it dwindles or without it, there are many things required for our sustenance that cannot occur. Therefore, peace is a resource of sustainability and casus belli, is a factor that affects that sustainability. Hence, a rational mind that is capable of using analysis experience and forethought to deal with threats to its supply will ensure its sustainability.

When we deal with other people, especially where we debate and negotiate progress between any people, there are factors going on behind the scenes of any such communication. Who are these people communicating? Where did they come from? Where have they been? What has made them the way that they are? How different are we and our ways from them and theirs? Do their ways violate any values or ideals we hold dear and vice versa? Do our gestures or even our choice of words carry the risk of creating tension or offending them, giving our history and differences?

A rational mind can consider all of these factors and when both sides are capable of the same rationale, surely peace is very much possible and certainly likely. Therefore, it is almost always advantageous to rely more on the rational mind in pursuit of that which our thumos drives us towards and to regard peace as a resource of sustainability and tension and casus belli as a threat to its supply.

These ideas are a given. Something that most of us know within our heart of hearts at some level, when and where we're afforded the peace to think and consider. To philosophize. Theory in a sense.


When it comes to their practical application, the real world isn't always so warm and fuzzy as we'd like it to be and even amidst the smooth surfaces and curved architecture of our greatest creations, there is chaos lurking everywhere and in many ways.

Within ourselves and others. Ego. Emotion. Needs. Wants. Urges. Desires. Facets of being conscious, alive, sensual and having a nervous system. Aspects of us that affect the application of our thumos in the world and how it becomes manifest in the form of word or action.

We also have social and political aspects tied to the illusion of our sense of well being and place within society. Concepts that only have meaning to those of the same sense of awareness, where such persons compete for the best leveraging in order to advance themselves within that illusion in order to gain status. Often driven by our more base emotions, desires and ego.

These aspects of our being are chaos in the form of a maze from which we must liberate ourselves. They don't necessarily define any one of us as being good or bad, but rather subject to forces that if we don't take the time  to consider and put in the effort to overcome, we'll be prisoners to them for all of time. 

That's because they're the polar opposite of what allows us to sustain calm and rationality and as such, they're a vulnerability that can be used by those who've chosen to live entirely by them. The responsibility implied by our favouring of the rational mind is that we must do our best to have the best mutual outcome. In order to explain this, we'll need to delve into this concept a bit further.

Every aspect of our calm and peace is linked to our body's nervous system. Nearly every urge within us originates as a hormone produced by the glandular systems in our bodies. Sometimes, those urges or changes in emotion arise from the state of imbalance or balance of those hormones working together.

If our mind is like the pilot of our body, when we're calm and our homeostasis is in balance (our hormonal system is in a state of equilibrium), we as the pilot have full control and response from our body's systems at the disposal of our mind. All with the exception of breathing. That is the only involvuntary action over which our mind cannot have complete control without severely compromising our health. For the time being, we are all at the mercy of our breath.

When our bodies produce hormones that affect our state of emotion, that can change how our our mind interprets input received from the sensory organs of the body for the better or the worse. Some hormones might result in fogging up the windshield, while other hormones might clear that fog. While that fog is there, we don't have the full advantage of our mind because the information we're receiving from our sensory organs isn't entirely accurate because its being altered in terms of our cognition. Our ability to interpret sensory input. That is one aspect of how our hormones can affect our mind's ability to pilot our body.

Imbalances or excessiveness of hormones also can make us extremely susceptible to unconscious action via emotion. That isn't to say that emotion is a bad thing, as much as it is to say that experiencing extreme emotion to the point of losing the advantage of having a rational mind is dangerous (big points for quoting a word from the title of this post). In some cases, we might actually take action without being fully consciousness of it.

A few million of years ago, this effect was an advantage to our survival. Back then, the challenges of survival were more primordial and visceral than intellectual. Muscle and drive were favoured aspects of survival simply because we'd not altered our environment suitably to negate the dangers (more points) of survival. In order to take down a big herd animal, the rational mind definitely had the advantage from a distance. In close and in the heat of battle, its the primordial mind that wins. Losing the advantage of the conscious mind to the extreme production of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline gave us the physical edge we needed to survive where it involved physical confrontation and this was certainly the case until we learned how to cultivate land.

Fast forward a few million years, and we've completely changed the world to suit our needs. The advantage for survival is based mostly upon the rational mind and having it at full capacity with a healthy body under the control of our mind (our pilot). Having that rational mind is dependent upon having balanced homeostasis, where the equilibrium of the hormones in our body interfere the least in the cognition of our senses, our words and our action. Any perturbation to the homeostasis of our body can result in perterbations in our cognition and even our behaviour.

Consider also that homeostasis isn't a hormonal formula that is the same for everyone. Its physiological, therefore it will be tailored specifically to our body in its current state and changes with changes to our body. If we aquire more muscle and lose weight, the baseline of our homeostasis changes. If we suddenly gain weight, the same thing. If we have liver or kidney issues its the same deal. Our baseline homeostasis is linked directly to our physiology and homeostasis can be defined as the baseline balance of hormones present, either produced or constrained from production by our body as a whole. Its the comfort zone required for us in order to be calm and rational most efficiently. Therefore, it is a great disadvantage to experience any imbalances that result in alterations to your homeostasis especially when you consider how every aspect of your life is connected to your calm and behaviour. To lose that can be very destructive to one's life.

There are many ways that one can selectively sabotage their own homeostasis. Narcotics for one. Frequent and excessive drinking for another (if you drink, drink in moderation). Poor diet without consideration of balance of nutrients. Lack of physical activity or exercise. All of these can severely affect one's homeostasis and susceptibility to imbalance and all of these are well within the control of most people. If you have a narcotics habit, then consider seeking help or outright quitting. If you drink excessively, consider moderating your alcohol consumption or quitting entirely (I drink by the way but you'll have to come to your own conclusions about what's right for you). If your dietary nutrition is lacking, then consider planning your meals. Exercise. Even occasionally is far better than none and certainly yoga or stretching is a great contributor to your health in that manner.

Those are the ways that you can affect your own homeostasis and there are certainly benefits to managing those aspects of yourself but there are also ways your homeostasis can be affected externally. I'm going to quote myself from an earlier paragraph from my own post here:

We also have social and political aspects tied to the illusion of our sense of well being and place within society. Concepts that only have meaning to those of the same sense of awareness, where such persons compete for the best leveraging in order to advance themselves within that illusion in order to gain status. Often driven by our more base emotions, desires and ego.

For instance, I stated that the responsibility of having a rational mind is that it requires us to act in the interest of the betterment of all involved in any conflict without compromising our values, though defining what values actually are is an entire subject on its own and one rife with conflicting points of view. For the sake of my point here, let us assume that values refer to our Human Rights, either those of Canada our neighbours to the south in the United States, or those internationally supported by many countries of the world through the United Nations in their Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. We're using our rational mind to back those values and won't necessarily sacrifice them in the name of compromise for the case of our example, though we won't even touch upon this subject.

In the interest of peace, we're pursuing compromise. However, being the person who achieves this compromise has its own sense of status attached to it and would benefit whomever achieved it, separating those involved in such negotiotions into camps of those who achieved compromise and those who didn't, creating a sense of ego based status about which mostly those of the same awareness would be conscious at all.

Given this politicial aspect of our social nature and senses of competition, being the peacemaker carries benefits in terms of status and that is something that might be sought by more than one person who are willing to compete for it. Sometimes even in ways that undermine and contradict the concept of peace altogether and ways in which only those who were aware of such a thing would even notice.

Also consider that the greater the status of those attempting to negotiate such compromise, the greater the fall they'd have should they react in a damaging way or should they botch the effort towards compromise. That would cascade into far more severe damage to their career and perhaps even their life. Now we have two systems of pressure in place. One with great reward, especially for the ego and status of the one who successfully negotiates such a compromise, and possible decline and failure for those who don't or those who behave in a way that undermines any attempts at compromise.

In order to achieve such a thing, one would have to be able to sabotage the efforts of one of the other peacemakers without being detected at all by anyone else. The competitive and sometime base nature of some people find cruelty to be rewarding and this is akin to poor sportsmanship, but even that carries a sense of status. Those with poor sportsmanship and those without. Both lures of the ego and affecting social status considerably.

Hence, in such situations where there is a key player competing against other key players for something that rewards their status and further propels their iconification, perhaps at the head of their team, there is bound to be this underlying game of ego and status that is secretly fought before the obliviously unaware audience for which this show is a simply a circus spectacle.

How are the ways that I may be a dirge upon thy progress I ask of thee?

The negotiations are between two warring factions for instance. There are three negotiators, each competing for the social status of success. The warring factions have been at war for centuries and as such, they might be enemies, but they are also intensely connected to one another and their existence. They decide that they'll pick the successful negotiator and sabotage the other two.

Please, do not regard this as a real world occurrence in real world politics because I don't think it is. But this does happen as a form of status and method of undermining people seeking that status where it involves this aspect of teams behind a person they're attempting to iconify, while the other teams do their best to sabotage the other prospective icons. That's because the status of success doesn't only affect the negotiator but also the team itself. In this example, the two warring factions have already decided who is going to be the winner. This isn't about negotiating peace. Its about status and who is going to wield that status and who is going to be made to appear like dirt.

In the real world stage, the people who arrive there to represent the world, in most cases are far beyond these flights of ego and fancy and are people truly in pursuit, but they too are susceptible too, to the lures of ego based status but perhaps their experience had given them the ability to avert that mentality and focus on the essence of why they're there.

As Neil Peart wrote in the lyrics to the Rush song Limelight: 

Living in the limelight the universal dream. 
For those who wish to seem.
For those who wish to be, must put aside the alienation.
Get on with the fascination.
The real relation.
The underlying theme.

That's one example though as I stated, that happens on other levels of life, but not on the world stage I'm almost certain. 

What is the defense against this sort of thing? The answer is that there is no defence at all. This is going to take place around you when you are in this position or not. The only ways that you can avert it is not to take part or get caught up in it. Its like a pit completely created by those preying upon attempts to lure you to seek ego based status more so than your ideals and goals. Don't allow yourself to be lured into that mode of thought or participation. You can't stop it entirely, but you don't have to become involved and you can if you maintain your working compass and as my father says, keep your eye on the ball. Don't focus on that other stuff. Its a distraction to the true nature of what most of us are pursuing in life. More importantly, when you fall, don't give up. Pick yourself up and brush yourself off and keep going. Don't be too hard on yourself and try not to be hard on others. Easier said than done but as long as your conscious of this, you're always making progress rather than feeding your ego.

So why the swing?

Consider that in this game of life, that you'll encounter all sorts of situations where you'll be the icon attempting to succeed and maybe with a team behind you. Maybe not. Either way, focus on your drive and ideals and keep that compass.

The swing is us and our balance of mood and calmness. We're all sitting on a swing. Some people are aware of this and some aren't, though none are the lesser for it and certainly in some cases ignorance can be bliss. Being aware of this and the fact that many people live by this sort of an idea and concept in one form or another will likely help you immensely. Especially as you gain more experience in life and this is something that you shouldn't think too hard about, but take time to ponder it occasionally. Maybe reflect upon it at the end of your day and use what you learn to help you in your next.

As a potential icon, or someone pursuing the destination their thumos will take them, your going to run into many situations where it will be advantageous for some to affect you negatively as a form of competition. Possibly for their own pursuit of status. Maybe as a form of balancing between you and themselves. For everyone its different. With some you'll know its malice intent and ego driven status they're after and perhaps they won't care how it affects you. With others, they're merely playing out their role in some form of universal balance, allowing you to take the positive side while they shoulder the negative side for you. With experience, you'll learn to distinguish them from one another.

Your swing is your friend and as long as you are in control of your swing, you'll do alright. Some of the ego based status seekers have learned that if they give your swing a push, and keep pushing it, there's a chance you'll lose control of your swing, which is a metaphor for the fact that pushing you means stressing you. Harassing or tormenting you (most often in numbers and groups). Tormenting you in ways that are difficult to understand until you get there. Such persons are trying to push your swing higher and higher.

What does that mean? It means they're creating circumstances where by your body is producing hormones to deal with the stress to which you're being subjected. When you reach a threshold, your body will start producing hormones to calm you. That's the two sides of your swing. Happiness and ecstasy on one extreme. Anxiety and anger on the other. If you can be manipulated between the two extremities and thrown off of your swing on one side, its disadvantageous to you and your own self control.

If you're thrown off on the side of happiness and ecstasy, your body will try to balance out by producing excessive amounts of cortisol and other hormones to push you back to your homeostasis baseline. In fact, it will produce an excess and within a short time, you'll be on the other extreme. Like a swing way up on one side, falling down and swinging in the other direction to its extreme. At that point, you'll be very susceptible to anxiety and anger which can be used against you.

On the anxiety and anger side of the swing, if you're verbally accosted or startled by others, you might explode and overreact, and should you be lacking self discipline you might even become violent. In such situations, the kind of people seeking out your ends in that manner are likely doing so for your own discredit because such reactions will result in damaging your reputation and once again, you're part of their game of ego status based reward where someone else is made to appear that much better than you on the basis of your poor reaction and behaviour. Some people play this status game in very dirty ways and they've even practiced perfecting the ability to play with other people's swings quite effectively. Most often those are people who live and thrive for the ego based status game and running into them often enough and you'll learn to see them coming.

I've mentioned before that our bodies are electromagnets. Literally. I don't mean that we produce a strong magnetic field and can manipulate metal (like Marvel's Magneto or Spiderman's arch enemy Electro). Our nervous system literally operates via electrochemical signals that cascade through the neurons (cells) of our nervous system. These signals carry a minute electrical charge and considering that our body is constantly active with electrochemically encoded information related to the functioning of our body, we are constantly surrounded by a magnetic field that contains all of that information and this has and currently being scientifically proven. Even Star Trek medical diagnostic technology is based upon this idea. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, India and Thai peoples have integrated this understanding for a couple thousand years into their various forms of medicine. Even the Indigenous peoples of North America created something called dreamcatchers, which symbolize the fact that the conscious memory recall that we experience when dreaming is represented via a magnetic field emanated from our nervous system and brain, though none of these cultures knew or understood the science of these phenomena. In my personal experience, members of these cultures I've mentioned use such knowledge and mastery for healing rather than harm.

This fact illustrates one of the aspects that there are some people on the other side of the fence that may use this in attempt to push your swing off of balance. If some people have practiced and developed the ability to affect the nervous system of others at a distance, hence altering a person's production of hormones, such persons would have the ability to alter a persons susceptibility to drastic mood swings considerably, with seemingly undetectable means and without the requirement of understanding the science behind such abilities. For them its another game of ego based status. Being able to push their victim to unruly behaviour or reaction without being detected as to the means that were used. For some of them, its even an ego based game of status whereby they trick others into believing they are controlling you and during some such efforts, they might even attempt to steal anything you say or do during that time.

Even this very post is up for grabs by such people who would certainly attempt to use it as an ego status reward for themselves by taking it from me and claiming the credit for it themselves.

They might attach things to your identity and reputation that come from other people or sources and quite often don't apply to your life. Aspects about which other people may get the wrong impression about you, and then attempt by using the manipulation of your swing, to provoke you into reacting in ways that make you appear as if you are consistent with that misinformation applied to your identity. This is all keyed for them via colour symbolism, and that is their primary means of attaching such things to you as a person. Another of their dirty tricks. So for instance, some might read from my site, and get a very different impression about me, the author than is factual. Perhaps enough so that even if you ran into me, you might not believe that I am the writer and owner of Shhhh! Digital Media. That is just another of my ego status based challenges where others around me attempt to take from me my efforts to wear as their own, and possibly even as part of a larger organized crime network that conduct creative property theft.

Imagine if a group of people do that sort of thing to you constantly, that you might become focused on ensuring your identity is the most prominent part about your content. For instance by posting a picture of yourself with every post or by ensuring your name is prominently somewhere in the post. Again, this is another distraction conducted by the dirty tricks crowd that are trying to trick you into focusing on things based in ego and even perhaps to make you appear self involved or selfish to others. If there's pictures of you everywhere on a post or site, unless you're a supermodel showcasing yourself, then others might get the wrong impression about you and this is often conducted as part of a larger game whereby such people play musical chairs with others' identity. A large group of people each write their name on a piece of paper and put it into a hat and at the beginning of every day, they randomly draw an identity from that hat. 

Not exactly how this happens, its more a metaphor. Whatever name you pull from the hat, or whatever identity you're deemed to be most consistent and inconsistent with will determine who you're regarded as being. Literally like a game of musical chairs where your own identity is at stake. Again, if you focus upon this too much, you risk pursuing flights of the ego and self, and the people who do this want you to do so because this contradicts so many other Eastern philosophies, and the dirty tricks crew want to ensure that you're not sharing anything in that direction but only with those of your own blood and according to their rules. Kind of like you're being used as a cow, and only the people they select are allowed to milk you. If like me, you're a white guy and your girlfriend or love interest is Mandarin Chinese, they'll do everything they can to prevent any such relationship between you because it defies the rules of their ideology, and they'll use dirty tricks to ensure that no such connection between you occurs, while confining you to be associated with the people they select and these people are the captains of the dirty tricks team. 

Realistically though, you need discipline and restraint to deal with people and situations like that and they'll quite often attempt to play you to your worst reactions and behaviour. These are quite often people focused and obsessed by the ego based status game of life and they play it viciously and without concern or remorse for others not on their team. Trying to discredit them is as a wise man once put it, like drinking the poison yourself and hoping it will hurt them. The best thing to do is to try to keep your mind off of that ego based status focus, and keep your eye on the ball. The real goal of whatever it is you're trying to achieve. Once again, as Neil put it: get on with the fascination. The real relation. The underlying theme. Be flexible, but keep your compass.

My identification on this site, is strictly for the purpose of maintaining a compass and ensuring that my investment and time in all things Shhhh! Digital remain under my protective care and considering the long and difficult struggle I've taken to grow Shhhh! Digital Media, this is something I'm going to defend.

My purpose with this post was mostly to ready many of you for what is ahead. The kind of struggles that you'll run into that nobody in any school can teach you. The ones that if you describe them to other people, you'll be laughed off and possibly labeled in way that is not applicable to your being and your experience.

This site is in no way a substitute for the advice of medical professionals, on either side of the fence, both Western medicine or Eastern medicine. If you have any real health issues or difficulties, then seek the help of a professional. When you're experiencing things that you can't describe and that aren't taught in school, you might want to take a look here. You never know what you might find that can help you, or at the very least distract you by reading adventures and stories of people and places not unlike our own world and existence.

Most of all, no matter the effects of how anyone treats you or any of the dirty tricks they might use to manipulate you, always try to be civil without compromising your values and when you can't, at least hang on to your compass and don't lose sight of that direction. Use your frustration and anger not to hurt people, but to motivate your passion for what you believe to be right, without being a zealot. This is all just advice and you have your own mind and opinion and should always consider carefully everything you read and weigh it against what you truly feel. You might learn something that changes your perspective, but don't just accept everything without question and don't scrutinize everything without first considering it.

Recently I came under attack, and I responded somewhat over the top but in retrospect, when I consider how I reacted, it was perfect. I can certainly improve my resilience to such efforts, but I stood my ground firmly on every aspect of that for which I and Shhhhh! Digital Media stand. I stood my ground for women's rights, the Armed Forces and their courageous work in Afghanistan, LGBTQ2 rights and for others at home and abroad. 

Most importantly, I stood my ground for my Mandarin Chinese love interest insuring that she never be made to carry the weight or burden resulting from the efforts or actions of such abusive ideologies and I was even able to achieve work on some new artwork for the latest Butterfly Dragon story last night which will be published soon.

When and if you ever come under similar attack, the kind of people that do these things might even use your reaction or behaviour to imply that you are not yourself and that you are possessed by someone else's disembodied spirit, or something other similar of that nature. The same dirty tricks team uses this idea as a means to take from other people by claiming them to be possessed by others based upon any contradiction of behaviour exhibited by the person in question. So for instance, after my being attacked and harassed, I reacted in a way that was over the top but I was still myself. Just under the influence of anxiety, hence my expression was somewhat more aggressive and passionate, especially about the things I hold dearly.

Of course, such a dirty tricks team would use that as proof to claim you are not yourself, and use that idea to justify taking anything good that comes from you during your expression in such a situation, to fuel the lives of their team, because they assume that if you are possessed, you're possessed by them. Another ego problem they have, though theirs is collective ego. They don't want verbal credit from you or even a mention. They want everything that comes from you and to claim it as their own.

We all of us, learn and grow by the bits and pieces of knowledge and inspiration we gain from others. We also have the option to pick and choose what we keep and don't keep from those bits and pieces. It is good to be humble and greatful for what we have because we all are standing on the shoulders of giants. However, there are those who use dirty tricks that live by the ego status game that will want to take it all from you. Everything and as I stated earlier with the swing, it also has two sides, with one side being humble and the other side being egotistical. When the dirty tricks team starts pushing your swing, they're trying to push you off on the side that will benefit them the most, though if you fall off on the other side, they've also got an alternate plan for that.

If you fall off on the humble side, once again, they'll reverse polarity, and up will become down. Left will become right. North will become south. Hate will become love. Humble will become boisterous. 

Hence why I always stress, hang on to your compass and never betray it. They'll do everything they can to trick you into that, but you have to believe in your direction and yourself.

If you fall off the swing on the egotistical and boisterous side, where emotionally you're in the midst of anxiety and feeling animosity for being attacked, just go with it and do your best to be civil and fair until you've calmed down. When you do, don't beat yourself up and don't give up. Every time you get through situations like that, you're just a bit stronger and more resilient than you were before and there will come a time when they won't be able to throw you off the swing on any side.

In order to avoid being burdened with aspects of life that don't apply to you or those you love, the dirty tricks team might attempt to force you to pay for the sponsorship of someone else. When I make that statement, I'm not referring to the scandal of decades ago, which is water under the bridge from which Canadians and the party system learned. I'm referring to a current activity whereby people in a community might require you to pay for the sponsorship of a law abiding citizen in order to avoid being burdened with criminal activity such as narcotics use and distribution for example (a common tactic my local dirty tricks team employs).

So in order to avert this, I'm required to pay them for the temporary assignment of the identity of a member of the Police force, or Government or another allegedly law abiding citizen in order to avert being burdened with the weight of local criminal activity. The payment is that whosever identity I'm being forced to borrow, I must give up the credit for my activities to them and they get to wear it as if it were theirs while I avoid being used as a garbage bag for the local criminal and narcotics activity.

In your life and experiences you might run into people like this for whom this is their life and conduct, void of all compass and imperative whom force others to carry the weight of their actions if you do not pay someone else for an identity that can allow you to avert such a fate. First of all, that's illegal. Secondly, borrowing the identity of someone else is an identity crime, and no citizen should ever be required or forced to pay for the use of someone else's identity for any reason.

Once again, don't stand for it. Don't put up with it or allow it and stand your ground. That isn't being egotistical at all, taking steps to preserve one's own identity so long as you understand that you are not your things or what you have. You are the thinker of your thoughts and the perveyor of your own actions. The things you have are a part of your sum experience of things and may contribute to your understanding of the world, but they're not who or what you are. They might be landmarks on life's journey. Your first toy. Your first bicycle. The first time you peered through a telescope at the night sky.

Don't worry, we'll get to the Yearning And The Learning soon. I literally put Butterfly Dragon on hold for a year while I worked on A Lady's Prerogative content and stories, so I'm giving the Butterfly Dragon a bit more exposure for the time being, but there is the possibility of a short Butterfly Dragon/A Lady's Prerogative novella very soon to keep in mind with a very relevant subject matter.

Stay Safe And Be Well and Protect Your Swing,

Brian Joseph Johns