Delay Of A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity...

 Hi again. Brian Joseph Johns here. 

Thanks to recent events involving harassment and abuse in my community, I've decided to postpone writing A Lady's Prerogative III: Singularity for six months, in favour of writing a new novella not connected to A Lady's Prerogative or The Butterfly Dragon series of books called The Devil's Right Arm.

The story will be based upon a situation where a mysterious Christian woman and member of a secretive hate group whose members are both black and white supremacists, becomes involved in a relationship with a Muslim man. 

Their relationship sours and the vengeful woman concocts a plot whereby she will get her ex-boyfriend arrested as a terrorist in order to further the goals of this secretive hate group. In order to see out this revenge, she tricks a clean cut working man into going forward to the federal authorities on her behalf for revenge upon her ex, and to wreak havoc upon the reputation of the man who deals with the authorities for her.

When the man eventually figures out her plot, and she and her group are at risk of exposure, she uses the forces of her religion and the hate group to destroy and discredit the man's life, even pitting him against the very people he's trying to liberate from this plot before he can blow the whistle on the girl and the hate group.

I'll begin working on this on the 18th of August later this month and I suspect it should be quite compelling and will involve many other aspects not mentioned in the treatment above not to mention it will reveal many aspects about how such real world groups operate and conspire to manipulate society.

For the next two weeks, I'm taking a vacation. I haven't had a vacation in twenty years, and I've worked nearly every day over that time, either as a contractor for someone else, or for myself,  all the while being stalked or harassed by an abusive cult. So I figure two weeks should be enough to recover at least a bit of my energy.

I'm not sure what triggered their attack, but possibly the members of this cult having swapped my identity with that of Eugene Andre Francois, who has been charged with alleged sex offences, including offences involving minors. I'm not him and I'm certainly not involved in anything of that ilk, but as far as his involvement goes, that will be determined by the courts. 

My only association with him would be the fact that both him and I were romantically involved with the same woman at two different times. She is a hard working university trained professional with whom I lived on Westlake Avenue in Toronto. We resided beside a Vietnamese couple who actually served as part of the inspiration of my latest Butterfly Dragon chapter that takes place in Vietnam. They were a nice couple with whom we got along pretty good and the lady there really loved to garden. Ironically, that same woman with whom I was involved romantically was one of the inspirations for Alicia Westin.

So I suspect that the latest attack upon my person was either related to Eugene, or someone else somehow connected to that situation. Where I live is notorious for stealing the output of people while transferring the crimes of other people to replace the good stolen from a person. This is often accompanied by a lot of harassment and stalking, that occurs as a result of hate groups that use colour symbolism socially as a method of attacking people. Hard to explain, but I'll get into the depth of that in The Devil's Right Arm. The stalkers have been referring to me as "punch" which isn't an altogether accurate description of me and likely is related to someone else's wrong doing for which members of this cult are harassing me.

Usually when people in large groups bully one person like that, they're trying to provoke the worst kind of reaction and behaviour. Groups like that tend to sort people out between the symbolism of the colours red (peaceful and calm) or blue (mean and beligerent). So when a person is peaceful and quiet, the group might attack that person in order to provoke them to become more "blue". Also, being on the blue team means that a person's hate means love and their love means hate while on the red team, it goes by say what you mean and mean what you say.

So black and white supremacist racist groups tend to be opposed to my love interest being Mandarin Chinese, so the way they get around that is by trying to force me onto the blue side of the fence by abusing me, and then if I react with hostility towards them, my hostility is regarded as being love for the very people who abused. 

They do this to many people, but most of all its a method of milking people like cows. I'm not a member of Prince Hall or anything where colour symbolism would require me to love people equally to the way I feel for my own love interest. The very nature of love is bias and people that stalk and harass others in attempt to provoke a person to react with hostility in attempt to have that hate mean love, are trying to break the bias of love.

If you love someone, another group of people want to create a situation where your bias for them is greater than the love you feel for someone you profess to love. They regard love and hate to be different degrees of the same thing. So if they can provoke you to react with more hostility or hate, than you have love for the person you love, the way this cult sees it is that you biased them more than you did your own lover, and this cult have more bias from you than your lover has from you. 

To them its a way of defeating love, and forcing you to place the bias on blood. If you are in a relationship with someone that is of a different culture than your own, that means that you have no bias for them where it concerns blood and this cult have already broken the bias of love. So this how many black and white supermacist and racist groups operate, especially when they target people who are in relationships with people outside of their own culture. 

With my own love interest being Mandarin Chinese, the members of this cult often try to break that bias and force me onto the side of blood in order to cut her off. In such a case, I'd cut off all of my blood heritage to protect her before I'd break ties with her. My entire ancestry would be out before she'd be out or forced to carry any of my burden on the basis of blood or a blood centric cult.

So, in retaliation, I just reveal the methods by which this cult operate so that they don't have the advantage of secrecy. Its ironic when you see a such an abusive group suddenly forced to play life with no hidden cards up their sleeve.

My love interest isn't Haitian, but the cult attempting to steal Shhhh! Digital and the stories I write are connected to a Haitian family on the same floor as my apartment and they seem to have help from people across the road from my building 200 Sherbourne Street, in 201 Sherbourne Street. I think they're trying to steal it for their daughter's credit and that they've been attempting this since I first created my Poetry And Fiction site 9 1/2 years ago . Regardless, that's wrong and I'll defend against this legally. 

So, that's where I'm at today. I'm really looking forward to writing The Devil's Right Arm, as I certainly have a lot of true to life experience with the very plot and situation it describes, though the story will certainly delve more so into fiction.

I'm Brian Joseph Johns and this is Shhhh! Digital Media