Its unfortunate but some people who conduct harassment do so for the sole purpose of provoking a reaction from their victim that contradicts something about themselves from a previous moment in time. Perhaps something they stated and accomplished in their efforts to contribute something.

The best correspondence of who we are is often based upon a measure of consistency between what we say and do from one day to the next. Especially when that involves some form of record such as an online post to social media or a blog, or even a website such as this one.

The measure therefore of who is responsible for what they produce is based upon this notion of consistency. If you behave in such a way that is consistent with your own words and actions, then you're very obviously responsible for what you produce in life.

There are people whom I refer to as stalkers and  the cult (not the band), who devise and perpetrate ways to break the notion of a person's day to day consistency in order to steal what they produce and attribute it to other people.

My posts here on Shhhh! Digital Media always have been in confrontation with this effort and a large part of exposing it altogether.

So when you see long winded posts that are of a confrontational nature, exposing this activity or protesting  some form of mistreatment by such persons, keep in mind that is a reflection of the last 24 hours of my life and whatever experiences have contronted me. 

Most such situations involving harassment of that nature are usually geared towards provoking some form of reaction from me either in person or online that contradicts the notion of me being myself and my own identity. If there is no common thread of behaviour and attitude that defines a person as an individual with a specific identity, then it is mostly trivial for groups of abusive people who operate in ideologies of this nature to come along and steal everything from such a person and if  it can happen to one person, it can happen to many. If those people have no way of relaying the experience, then they could effectively just disappear.

I often experience mobbing and harassment from groups of people, while in my own apartment or in public, that are geared to these ends and drawing reactions that break the notion of my identity, even attempting to replace it with that of someone else from another point in my life. This is the kind of thing of which people need to be aware and not just for my own sake, but for theirs as well. Because if a group of people are perfecting doing this to one person, then chances are at some point in the future they'll expand it and do it to many others and that becomes a great risk to society as a whole.

So for one, despite the fact that I am not 100% consistent with all of my written characters and stories here on Shhhh! Digital Media, I am always the one writing them and creating them no matter the consistency of my own behaviour or reaction  to social abuse from others trying to teeter me between emotional extremes in the see-saw of manipulation.

I'm not being controlled into writing anything, but if I feel that there's something about which I need to speak that is part of the methods of confrontation the members of this stalking ideology use to discredit me, I will express that and do my best to follow the laws of Canada, the country of my residence and the place of my birth for the last 53 years.

When it comes to expressing aspects of my own being, I have very little restraint when it comes to issues that are important in a social, individual or moral sense and even some especially tricky topics as well, but for the most part any such expression will generally only involve myself, or the characters from my stories unless it involves activities that I am clearly not a participant in or that defy what specific characters represent. The way you get to know characters in any story is by their qualities and your ability to accurately figure out what a given character might do in a given situation. The same thing applies to the people that you know or think you know and this often defines our concept of identity, especially where it involves the concept of identity in a socially constructed sense. The concept where people who know you and have known you decide whether you are you based upon aspects of your life through which they became familiar with you.

The thing about this concept is that people change over time. That we change as we experience more life and we consider and reflect upon our experiences. For example, a person who considers themselves to be a non-smoker who as a child took a cigarette from the cigarette pack of an Uncle or Aunt and secretly smoked it behind the barn, can't be considered a smoker just from that one incident.

Maybe as a child that experience disgusted that person so much that it assured that they would never take up the habit themselves, yet they did smoke a cigarette.

Our concept of familiarity and identity is based experiences like that and what we know about the people that we know or think that we know. As we get older and we experience more, we change, especially the more that one is capable of self reflection and their impact upon the world. The things that distinguish us to our childhood friends are not going to be nearly the same as adults. Even the friends we had during our teenage and young adult years aren't necessarily going to recognize us as we get older simply by what we say and do and yet this very concept is used by stalking cults to fool the people that we know into believing that we are no longer the same person. As if another consciousness or soul somehow stepped into and hijacked our body, ejecting our original consciousness. 

Unfortunately cults that operate that way can hold their victims hostage, withholding their identity on the grounds that they've convinced relatives or other people who knew the victim that the victim is no longer themselves. The argument such a cult uses is that their body has been invaded by an external force of consciousness or soul that has replaced the original consciousness or soul.

When in such a situation and when such a cult convinces the family and friends of the victim that they can prove that such a thing has taken place simply by measuring the behaviour and reactions of the victim to a number of situations designed to expose such a possibility. These family and friends then are asked to consider whether the victim is themself or behaving in a way that is inconsistent from the person that they knew.

Consider what there is that will benefit such a cult if they can succeed in enlisting people into going along with such things. Maybe that person has a good reputation, or maybe they have a clean record. Maybe they have notable accomplishments through public notability or financial success. Maybe they have some social skills they've used to affect the world around them positively in some way and drawn the attention of benefactors.

All of those aspects have value if a group of people can somehow dissociate the original identity associated with a specific person, their reputation and the life so far, and convince others that person is no longer themselves but occupied by someone else's consciousness whom the cult members then take steps towards procuring the credit for everything associated with that original person and reassigning it to the person assumed to have inhabited the body of this "replaced" or "possessed" person.

Unfortunately if you have a large enough group that is secretly operating this way in society, who knows if they've already done this before?

The trick would be convincing people, especially people that knew the victim that something of that nature has happened.

Now think about all the different ways that a cult could do that. Create reactions and behaviours in a victim that coincide with their assertion that a person's consciousness has been replaced by someone else's.

Here's one example of a situation crafted to trick others into believing such a thing:

Take the example about the non-smoker who as a child, snuck a cigarette from their Uncle's or Aunt's cigarette pack and secretly smoked it behind the barn. Perhaps one of the other children saw and managed to keep it secret for decades and then at some point much later, told someone about the incident in an innocent story for a laugh. That person is secretly part of this cult and takes the knowledge of that story and then uses it to test the non-smoker in their adult age, perhaps alluding to cigarette behind a barn in a passing conversation while in the presence of that person.

At first, the non-smoker upon hearing that might regard it as an honest coincidence, but after hearing it purposely many times and perhaps from different people (all of whom are part of this cult and using their knowledge of this situation to tweak their victim's reaction). After a length of time, they're going to react in ever increasingly paranoid ways because the context of strangers having access to a very personal secret in that regard is just very shocking in some ways. Maybe from the same person who told the story of the childhood cigarette smoker, they express another intimate story they knew about the same person from a different time in their life. 

So the cult members take knowledge of that story too and use it similarly, making mention of it in passing conversations not even directed at the victim but at someone else. The victim then becomes paranoid as  they hear people coincidentally speaking about very personal situations similar to experiences in their own life, that clearly could not have happened to other people in exactly the same way.

The more that the members of this cult use these secrets while in the presence of their victim, they more they gain the ability to affect that person's reaction and maybe even their behaviour as a result of the stress it induces. It doesn't even need to be incriminating at all. Just personal or private and when the victim is exposed to this enough and more often with more references to different situations from that victim's life, they'll really start to get paranoid and reactive assuming that they aren't living in the public life and there's no reason for them to suspect they've somehow become famous.

Here's where it gets to the point where the cult try to imply that the victim is possessed by someone else. Take the cigarette story again, and use that on the same person in the same way discussed, but tell others that the victim is posssessed by someone who uses crack cocaine and then begin the same methods of stalking and harassment, where strangers use references to the childhood cigarette story, maybe adding in a few other cues like drugs or pipes other things that would lead to more paranoia on the part of the victim, even if they don't use, buy or sell narcotics at all. With enough time, the victim who is exposed to people's use of such stories in such a way, their reactions could be passed off to some who are easily enough fooled into believing that the victim's reactions are an indication that he's possessed by the crack smoker, just by the fact that the cult members know one or two personal stories from the life of their victim they've been able to create reactions in their victim that coincide and allegedly confirm this cult's beliefs at the expense of the victim's credibility.

If you get an entire community participating in such a thing, maybe even throwing in some union members, working together such a large group could literally transfer the history and reputation from one person to another person, so that an innocent person ends up with the reputation afforded for someone else's crimes. Perhaps the crimes aren't that bad (like the child who took a cigarette from the pack of one of their relatives), yet their exposure to harassment and stalking using that story results in reactions on the part of that victim that result in the discreding of that victim's reputation. The social weight arises from the frequency and severity of mistreatment and by how many different people. So even the most innocent of stories, such as a child sneaking a cigarette and becoming so disgusted with smoking as a result that they never have a cigarette again, can become weapons in the hands of some malicious people and identity thieves.

There is obviously more to situations like this than meets our five senses, such as psychology and even biomagnetism, where a person's nervous system and hormonal system can be altered by the naturally occurring magnetic field of a group of people who practice focusing it at one person with the goal of altering their homeostasis and emotional balance.

So when you consider some of what you're reading here on Shhhh! Digital Media and the more severe reactions I've had to these situations, remember that there are many factors involved and also consider what's at stake. If there is a lot of underground popularity to what I'm doing here and throughout the world, then there's also a large incentive to steal the impression of being the person behind it. Even if it is only for ego food and social notability, it would still command a lot of attention in that regard, not to mention that based simply upon that impression, others who've stolen those aspects from me might actually land financially paying projects or even careers, that arose from my efforts, while I remain impoverished and fighting to keep this alive and going strong.

One of the things to consider is that no matter what the obstacle has been, that I haven't ceased, therefore one can assume that I have a lot invested in these stories and characters, more so than anyone else in the sense of their being a big part of my life and my direction for the future. Not to mention, I've got a lot more characters and stories in a backlog that is mountainous in scale.

There's also something new coming up very, very soon but keep in mind that as I'm crafting it, there are many drooling monsters readying themselves to devour it and take it from me because they want to give others the impression that it came from them, and that it is them sharing it rather than myself.

Everything I stated in the last few posts is truth by the way. I'm still very much an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism, and delves deeply into both science and mysticism. Also, I'm a white guy and my love interest is real life is Mandarin Chinese. Nothing in the context of this post is hate means love or love means hate. None of what I've expressed here is a part of any contextual alteration using colour symbolism. I've expressed the truth.

Stay safe and be well and I'll have something up new up very soon. Its going to be a fairly long story, but I'll produce it between 

I am Brian Joseph Johns and this is and