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Happy Diwali! +++ The Butterfly Dragon III: The Two Dragons Act III +++ [Updated 30/9/2022: 6:00 PM EST]

Introduction This story which is the third book (or Act as I'm calling it) is the conclusion of the Butterfly Dragon trilogy. This book will wrap up all the loose ends created during the course of the adventures of Heylyn, Alicia, Monique and Valerie over the three books and several short stories involving the characters. It will also bring back a number of characters from the previous two books to assist in overcoming the forces with which they're about to clash. Hidden forces whose presence I've been building up over the course of the first two Acts of the Dragon Butterfly story. As is the case with my previous Butterfly Dragon books, science will play a big part, especially in this book with the return of some of fan favourite characters, though the challenges they're about to face might be too much even for the legendary Butterfly Dragon herself. I hope that you enjoy what's in store. Bare with me as this story is written (mostly) live, with edits coming after I

Hoping For The Best In The Florida Condominium Collapse...

This is one of the few places that the word hope can be used in its proper context, some of the others being treatement and recovery from injury or illness and medical and scientific research. When a tragedy strikes where there are still so many unaccounted for, hope is a word that can accurately be used to describe the anticipation of the best outcome for all, especially where that outcome is beyond one's own ability to affect. Mostly, hope implies that everything is in the hands of experts trained to deal with such situations and finally the seemingly random unfolding of reality, where accidents and tragedies do happen.

Shhhh! Digital Media is truly hoping for the best outcome in the Florida condominium collapse and that many if not all of those unaccounted for will be found alive.

Brian Joseph Johns