About A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth And A Glimpse Of My Conan Exiles Character...

As stated and although I'm a guy, I often like playing female characters in video games as part of my effort to promote women, though they don't need my help.

So here's my Conan Exiles character...

In Conan Exiles there's several factions all grouped by what religion and deity they follow and there just happens to be a faction of Set (much like the Egyptian God Set, the brother of Osiris). 

In Conan Exiles the temples of Set are called Sanctums, but of course I'd like to say that they have nothing to do with the Sanctum of A Lady's Prerogative nor is the Sanctum of A Lady's Prerogative associated with the Egyptian gods or Set or even Osiris and never has been. 

The Sanctum of A Lady's Prerogative was designed as the fortress for a secular order of protectors made up of a variety of different cultures and ideologies from the entire Aerth, some of whom are even Atheist.

I think that the whole idea for stalkers is to associate me with the negative side of the fence, possibly in some Gnostic format ie the black lodge (though I'm not a Gnostic and never have been), and that they use any means they can to cast me to that side of the fence, including decades worth of stalking and abuse, identity and crative property theft and a  number of other methods including colour symbolism.

So Set of Egypt has nothing to do with A Lady's Prerogative nor is the Sanctum associated with Egyptian Gods, though there might be some within the Sanctum that do practice some form of mystic arts associated with Egyptology, though nothing that would enable the erasure of people of the theft of their identity and creative property.

I've run into the same thing with other games as well. For instance, in the game Real Politiks, there's a lot of art work with famous politicians in everyday situations as gamers. For instance, they have graphic art from the game with Donald Trump as a bellhop at the front desk of a hotel, using the hotel computer to play the Real Politiks game.

For those of you who may remember the (unfinished) book Stories From The End, there was a character named Trent who was a bellhop and who had a romance with a girl in the book named Rysalin, a newcomer who'd emigrated to escape from an abusive husband.

So often my stalkers refer to me as Trent, and when they do, that's their inside way of trying to label me as Donald Trump. Trump is a Presbyterian by the way, which I'm not at all and never have been not to mention I don't oppose Freemasonry or Rosicrucianism.

So each of these are examples of this ideology of stalkers using video game content to pit me on one side of a fence or the other and the pressure from that can get very burdensome and the abuse can occur around the clock for weeks at a time.

So video gaming is one way that I alleviate the stress of being abused by this cult, who are also identity thieves as well.


She's kind of a spin off of my Red Dead Redemption 2 character... (though red is far from dead)

Or even my Elite Dangerous character... (which I haven't played in some time)

Also, my love interest is a Mandarin Chinese woman with whom I was in a relationship in 2006.

There are many people who would make the claim that A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth is a vehicle for the We Wuz Kangz movement which I can honestly say as its author is not the case at all. In fact Wounded Aerth is a warning about ideologies of that nature being misused by society and groups of people there within to conduct exactly the same kind of thing that the Strangers and the Hunters do to the (fictitious) colony of West View, Sharlesbury and Alivale.

The Black Egyptian Hypothesis movement is an ideology that cites that the African and Caribbean community were the true Hebrews and Egyptians of ancient Egypt and that Aryan invaders took that away from them from the early history of civilization onwards and replaced all of the original kings with those of their culture and religion. This is a particularly sticky issue and one involving sensitive race issues but I'll deal with it directly and concisely in order to clear up any misunderstandings or the fact that such extremists operating on either side of that fence use such extremes to manipulate others in society, playing people in terms of bias rather than allowing others their neutrality or balance. That's generally how racists or extremists manipulate others. Push them off balance and then attempt to see-saw them between one side or the other side of a dualistic conflict. To the people who do this to others, its referred to as meat puppetry or creating a drone, referring to the act of manipulating someone between two extremes as a measure of one side's control or manipulation over someone versus that of another side.

So recently, science proved that the lineage of ancient Egyptians came from Eurasia and Arabia rather than from Sub-Saharan Africans as the Black Egyptian movement purports. I'm not here to argue this point at all but I can state for myself that I don't back the Black Egyptian Hypothesis that is part of this movement nor do I support any extreme concept that would push me more towards the Aryan side of the fence. The two sides of this issue secretly are working together and use the extremes to push their victim between one side or the other as a measure of control over their victim or for social notoriety and profit.

My concern is to clarify the fact that A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth isn't a telling of the Black Egyptian hypothesis or any such theory that might be used to commandeer my writing in order to back an ideology to which it doesn't refer, doesn't back and holds no similarity. It refers instead to people in society who operate to commit genocide over others in society either through the attempted application of such theories like the Black Egyptian hypothesis, then using it to justify subjecting others in society to a purge in order to reconcile the alleged injustices arising from the allegations of that theory, or its use by the other side,  the Aryans, who then conduct their own purge in order to prevent the followers of that theory from wreaking any havoc upon them, all the while playing onlookers between bias of either side as if part of some social game.

The truth is that ideologies like that have and are used for such purposes and even in modern history. Its called genocide and it happens all the time throughout the world, most recently in Bosnia, Rwanda, Serbia, Croatia and Rohingya. People are secretly rounded up and murdered or more subversively and slowly over a period of time in the guise of an urban renewal, where the victims are one by one pit into situations that lead to certain death. In many cases, those people fall from all walks of life in society and have every aspect of their lives stolen from them by the very people who commit this genocide. Like someone killing you and then jumping into your skin because its history could benefit them more than the truth of their own. I mean applying for a job when you've taken part in mass murder could pose some difficulties so why not just take over the best identity of one of your victims while dumping yours onto them.

History is rife with this sort of thing such as in more recent times by the Nazis who rounded up and secretly murdered many sub-populations within Germany (despite the fact that many Germans, French, Ukrainians and Polish people secretly opposed them and attempted to liberate and rescue many people from this genocide at the risk of their own lives). The victims of this genocide had it succeeded in its entirety would have been vaporized and ceased entirely to exist.

This has happened before in history too, even as recently as with Joseph Stalin, (despite the fact that modern Russia seems far from a tragedy on this scale) and Chairman Mao Zedong who although he didn't have anyone murdered, he chose to withhold the distribution of food to particularly troublesome opposition resulting in many deaths. Once again, modern China is very far from this kind of tragedy and has recently become one of the first nations to make the claim of having completely eradicated poverty and homelessness (no small feat) in the society with the largest population in the world and they didn't achieve that by secretly murdering their homeless population but instead with a clever work and living space program.

Ancient history too has many hidden truths where entire civilizations have simply disappeared and there is much evidence to support the idea that there have been many civilizations before us that were simply wiped from the map by catastrophes such as supervolcanoes, asteroidal impacts or even polar shifts which have the potential to completely destroy the evidence that such civilizations existed at all. However, none of these global cataastrophe scenarios likely occurred through the human effort of one people to eradicate and erase another whereas genocide has.

Genocide isn't the kind of thing that may be completely obvious either as I'd be willing to bet that in many cases, it snuck up on those involved without them even knowing and the key players slowly falling into place simply because enough people failed to stand their ground against the kind of movement that made it possible. That's what A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth is about. People who've found that purpose and motivation in their being to oppose such travesties without becoming the monsters themselves, though one could argue that in the end Shaela may overstep that boundary.

In the modern times, the methods of stealing a person's being and wearing it as one's own identity have changed in many different ways that don't require the person to be dead for such a thing to occur. In society  even in North America, we're seeing groups of people who do this readily to others based upon the distinction between our online identity and in person identity and the consistency there between, which such groups exploit to steal the identity of others.

I mean if you can steal a person's online presence and wear it as your own, that also means that you can use it to deliver your own message or associate it with a specific movement (such as the local followers of the Black Egyptian hypothesis attempted with my books). Such people have even attempted the same thing with the Butterfly Dragon as well, associating it with activities (such as cocaine use) and a message that has nothing to do with the story I wrote initially. I can't begin to explain the amount of social abuse to which I've been subjected as well, which will probably never see the light of day but I have a feeling that many people know not to mention, I stood my ground the whole time.

So you could say that these people absconded with my identity and tried to replace me by wearing my identity and history as their own while replacing what they took from me with someone else's that was involved in activities that I have nothing with which to do.

We seem to be in the middle of a society where the very concept of identity is a weapon in that sense. Where your identity and history may be taken from you by groups of people using colour symbolism or group bullying, while you're mistreated for the activities associated with someone else's identity. After having being treated that way, you might react in such a way that makes you seem insensitive to others in that regard, which is exactly what cults of this nature want. To destabilize you so they can teeter-totter you between extremes which is exactly how they puppeteer and manipulate people, actually referring to such persons as "meat puppets" (not to be confused with the 80s band of the same name) or "drones".

I mean, if you have your being replaced by such persons, and you are no longer regarded as being yourself but someone else, isn't that in a sense a genocide without the body?

So I hope that clarifies the fact that A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth isn't a vehicle for the Black Egyptian hypothesis and never was, but it certainly seems that the followers of that ideology almost became the same as the strangers and the hunters in Wounded Aerth.

One thing I'd like to back with A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth is that I do back Aboriginal reconciliation. Its great to see Aboriginal culture (especially Canadian Aboriginal culture) receiving their recognition and justice for past attrocities against them and their return to the forefront as ambassadors and mentors for the Global Environment Movement.

So once again, I'm Brian Joseph Johns, an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese. 

I don't use colour symbolism (especially in the case of online gaming or the colours of the software or websites that I use) to alter the context of my expression, except where it involves a fictitious performance of some kind, in much the same way that the same might occur on a theatrical stage. If I'm playing Conan Exiles (which seems to be of blue and brown symbol logo colours), it doesn't mean that anything I say is somehow the opposite context or that for anything I defend verbally that I'm taking over their burden from them. I think the people who stalk me are kind of obsessed with that sort of thing and look for any loophole they can to alter the contexgt of expression in their favour while denying the context of my own intended expression.

I'm certainly not a member of any blood centric cult that requires one to pay someone else for blood sponsorship or some other nonsense of that kind. My definition for "blood paid" is exactly that of Lyra from A Lady's Prerogative as expressed in the latest chapters of Wounded Aerth (Act XIII). No colour symbolism alters that for me. 

How can one progress by the direction of a compass that suddenly flips back and forth to opposite directions?It might work for alternating current and electromagnetism and even Quantum Mechanics and the Quantum Foam, but it doesn't work for life progression unless I suppose you're constantly taking someone else's progression. Sooner or later though that's going to catch up with you whether you like it or not. Thank you for reading my posts and my stories and most of all for your interest in the mysterious nature of reality.

Stay Safe and Be Well,

I'm myself, Brian Joseph Johns and this is https://www.shhhhdigital.ca