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A Lady's Prerogative: Sanata Claws And His Helves - FINISHED or is it?

Please support the local Building Better Schools . If this were a movie or streaming holiday special, this would be the opening music... Four Years Ago... [Thank you for using the Google Holiday Blogger Template. Please Insert An Appropriately Themed Cliché Holiday Story Introduction HERE] Once upon a time, there were three little girls, each of whom grew up in different homes and under very different circumstances. There was Nelony. In a tiny back split, detached home, in suburban London. She was a little blonde-haired girl whose favourite place was the garden greenhouse kept by her successful post-sixties musician parents. Except for her parents' greenhouse cannabis plot, Nelony would look after the garden balance of the  entire  ecosystem within, maintaining the harmonious growth of the plants, and the animals who'd often care for the garden in her absence.  Her parents, though responsible adults, were literally bead loving pot smoking hippies still caught in the delusion of

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Google Stadia is a great way to game online with nothing more than your web browser (it supports most modern browsers).

Essentially, its a top notch gaming console in your web browser that doesn't require any downloads and gives  top notch graphics performance even on lower spec computers. 

If your browser can support playing 1080p video stream, you can play Stadia. Not only that, it supports up to 4K resolution on high bandwidth connections.

There's virtually no loading times and it performs great, not to mention that you don't even need a Stadia Controller to play. It will work great with your web browser, a mouse and keyboard. 

Not only that but it comes with an ever growing selection of free games that you can try right away for free.

So what are you waiting for? The Epilogue for Butterfly Dragon II: What Different Eyes See? 

Why not enjoy a little Stadia on Shhhh! Digital Media while you're waiting?

Brian Joseph Johns

Shhhh! Digital Media