The A Lady's Prerogative Version Of West View Was Created In 2013

The Butterfly Dragon and her "imaginary" friend from the field, Weltherwithsp

I finished writing the first A Lady's Prerogative book, The Yearning And The Learning in 2012. Almost immediately following the first draft, in 2013, I began writing A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth. At the pace that I was writing at that time, I arrived at the first chapter detailing West View in early 2013 and seeing as I published at the same time as I wrote, it would have been up on the Poetry, Fiction, Software, Music, Graphics, Ideas web site, my front door to the rest of the world.

Naturally, I was quite happy to see a reference to West View in WandaVision, as that's the name of the town in which most of that series takes place.

Shaela Sheowellyn in West View
Ironically I'd started rewriting and re-publishing ALP II a few times since the initial release in 2013 (I finished the first draft of the book in late 2013, early 2014). Most recently, the third official re-release which coincided with my third draft of the book and was started part by part back in December 2020. So by the time WandaVision was released in 2021, I had a number of people implying that I was stealing my ideas from Disney and actually experienced a lot of harassment in relation to that whole misunderstanding (in addition to a lot of other harassment that is common unfortunately).

Nothing from The Butterfly Dragon or A Lady's Prerogative is taken from Disney or Marvel or DC Entertainment. It just so happens that a lot of my location choices with regard to plot elements in my books coincided with those used in Marvel or Disney flicks. I can't say whether they're tipping their hat to me, but its possible as I quite often tip my hat to them in story elements that are often hidden just beneath the surface of what I write.

The same thing happened when I wrote The Butterfly Dragon I: Heroes Of Our Own. The first draft was finished in 2012/early 2013, years before Captain America: Civil War. One of the battles between the Butterfly Dragon and Valkyra and Eclipse occurs at an airport and on the tarmac outside of the airport and onto the runway.

Of course, when you publish online there isn't really a way to verify when you produced and published something, though Google does keep limited records. So the way I prefer to look at that coincidence is that maybe someone writing at Disney may have liked what I was doing and tipped their hat to me, as much so as I often do to them. Kind of like writers and creators saying "hi, I see you and I like your stuff".

That's a great thing when that happens, but its also what lures other people into attempting to steal your content unfortunately, because nobody sees who writes my stuff, so if they suspect that it has the attention of one or two big players, it suddenly has value that makes it worth the effort of attempting to steal it. I don't have the resources to protect myself from such efforts, and when that sort of thing happens to you, there's often a lot of peripheral effort to discredit you locally as well so that if you do have a chance to stop such an effort to steal from you by those means, you're pretty much squashed by a much bigger and more organized group of people. Certainly nothing with which Disney would want to be associated, especially if and when they learn the truth that someone shopping my material to Disney or DC might have stolen it from me.

For instance, this is first being written and published on Monday April 5, 2021 at around 5:30 PM EST. The kind of people who steal others' content use illegal surveillance technology to keep an eye on what their victim creates and when. So they know when the victim is publishing online and almost immediately or even while the victim is creating it, writing it in my case, they might be using illegal means to steal it from their victim such as hacking, a keylogger and other illegal means of surveillance. So my content makes it online, but someone else has already taken it and published it elsewhere almost at the same time, maybe a little bit later.

So the impression that I get is that my content is drawing a lot of attention. Meanwhile, when I check my web stats, there's not many views and certainly not enough page views to explain a vast interest in my content which means that my content might be posted elsewhere but under a different name, and I'm mistaking the notoriety as if it is direct attention to my website here: Shhhh! Digitial Media. Meanwhile, someone else is stealing it and wearing it as if it was their own product. As I've stated, the evidence indicates that sort of thing is taking place and that its being stolen from me by someone else, possibly near where I live, or a good distance away.

There have been some people who are kind enough to let me know in hidden means that they're aware of Shhhh! Digital Media and this site as being the true source of Butterfly Dragon and A Lady's Prerogative. I have to let you know first of all that the writer is 53 years old and a male. I'm 6 feet tall and would be considered to be a "white" guy, though my skin is pinkish yellowish. My name is Brian Joseph Johns and that I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and given my age, I'm actually in pretty good shape and fairly trim.

So I just wanted to write a post that deals with this issue and to indicate that I don't take my ideas from others, though there are going to be some similarities and that I don't believe that Disney or DC do that either. I think that we just occasionally as content creators, give each other a friendly nod as if to say, great stuff. I'm not saying my content is great or even self effacing, I'm just saying that's a common thing between content creators. In a world where there's very little encouragement, we definitely do these things for other reasons than just to have our egos coddled. When someone in the same field lets you know that they see you and recognize you, it really helps you not to feel so alone. Obviously when this happens between someone at my financial level and the giants out there, there are people watching my stuff, just looking for the right time to try and snatch it, especially if they think that the giants see that it has value. If there's money and notoriety to be made by doing such a thing, then you can be sure that there are people who'd use their resources to do so. If you're an artist and creator, be careful of that sort of thing. Be aware of it but try never to let it make you bitter. They're going to get caught whether they like it or not. I don't think there's many giants that would deal with the kind of people who'd do that. 

As Tony Stark would say: smart guys always cover their butts.

Happy Birthday Robert Downey Jr!

Brian Joseph Johns
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Brian Joseph Johns