Sorry I Haven't Gotten Back To You...

Hello everyone who still reads or follows Shhhh! Digital Media. I have some bad news. As a result of abuse and harassment from a large group of people in my community, including my neighbours who essentially conduct this harassment around the clock, I've decided to cease all further updates and continued work on any content for Shhhh! Digital Media.

I'm certain that the people who do this had this goal in mind and they'd been stealing my content almost from the beginning. They're the same people who spy on my computer illegally and they're most likely affiliated with organized crime or corruption or both. Considering I have no criminal record or history, there is no justifiable reason to conduct this activity. Also there's a racist motive behind this as often the content is stolen and credited to people that are part of black supremacy, white supremacy or some kind of supremacy that results from people who have mixed parents, and believe that to make them a superior culture.

I have relatives myself who are mixed culture couples (some with kids) and they certainly never represented or behaved in any such way themselves that indicates they feel themselves to be superior and that includes mixed culture in terms of black and white couples and kids, or white persons and Asians (something that the stalkers seem deadly opposed to, mixed culture relationships involving white persons and Asians). As many of you know, my own love interest is Mandarin Chinese and no, I don't live in California and I am a white person. I really don't like using colours or shades to refer to people that way, but unfortunately I have to in order to distinguish myself from the stalkers. Not to mention, they'll try to paint me as being black and it isn't hate or a crime to clarify one's own identity and individuality.

I have written an explanation for what most likely is going on (with no racial references or hate speech of any kind) and how the people who harass me (whom I refer to as stalkers) use their harassment as a means to manipulate me in order to control everyone I influence through my writing.

So as a result, I have stopped all work on any content for Shhhh! Digital Media and have no intention to return until I relocate from this community to a more peaceful community with no stalking and harassment present. I've already experienced several attempts by people to limit my options in terms of relocation, likely to ensure that either don't or can't afford to. Stalking really damages your life and work and can even prevent it altogether. Either work or volunteering.

As stated previously, I'm an Atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism and I'm a Canadian that lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I hope to see you again soon. If not, then farewell, stay healthy and stay safe.

Bobby isn't Weltherwithsp
Annika isn't the Butterfly Dragon
Love isn't hate - hate isn't love

Everything I've stated here in this post is truth. Not lies. Not an illusion. Ironically, one of my songs from YouTube (Just An Illusion) is one of the songs that the stalkers try to steal and give to the credit of real guitar players, simply because on that recording, there is no guitar, but it sounds so much like a guitar that most people don't believe that I actually played it on a MIDI keyboard. They believe that I stole a sample or something like that which is nonsense. 

I recorded that from three takes recording the MIDI data of my playing the entire song. It has another track (a soft pad in the background) which I also just played a live take. So that is my song. I wrote it. I recorded it. I don't steal other people's music and claim its mine.

I'm not a guitar player and I've never owned a guitar.

Stalkers are liars and thieves and cannibals quite often. I don't do colour symbolism by the way and I'm Canadian and live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

I don't say the opposite of what I mean. I say what I mean and mean what I say. 

Oh, and I'm not a "chien" which is french for dog. My love interest's last name is Chen, so stalkers often use the term chien when referring to her as being my love interest, which is french for dog. She's not a dog nor am I. 

That should give you a bit of an idea of how stalkers are.

I don't do love hate or blood and fire. I'm not a member of any such ideology. 

John Marshall, a friend with whom I worked at Ferretina Film Productions Ltd. has nothing to do with Shhhh! Digital Media and never has. I did not take his identity or aspects of his being at all. The one thing that I've noticed with stalkers is that when someone else produces something, they attempt to steal it by any means they can. 

One of the things that they often do is accuse their victim of having "vampired" someone else's identity, perspective or point of view (when in fact its the stalkers that do just that). So in other words, the members of this cult that conduct such abuse go along the lines that in order for someone to have the ability to have accomplished something, they took it from someone else who has superior blood or nature.

I've also noticed that the stalking cult tend to victimize a specific person long in advance before they start taking things from them and that effort is part of destroying their psyche.

So the stalkers probably had the intent of destroying Shhhh! Digital Media from the beginning, and stealing the effort put into it and giving it to someone else, not to mention they've done this to other people before, with the ending often being suicide for the victim. So stalkers are actually murderers.

I'm much stronger than that, so that won't be a risk, but I won't stand down against this cult. I'm not a member of Christianity at all and never will be no matter what. I'm not a member of any Abrahamic religion either with all due respect.

I've found that many of the people involved in this cult are the kind of people who'd beat the crap out of you when nobody is looking, and offer you a hand up when everyone is looking. The means by which they destroy people are exactly that.

So, no more Shhhh! Digital Media and I'm and I don't do colour symbolism at all. That's your prison bars, not mine. So, I'm not on the blue team and I'm still Brian Joseph Johns, whether I fill out an application or share my name with others (meaning expressing your name and personal information for an application or something similar), I don't lose it. It's still mine. I'm not on the blue team and besides that, I don't do colour symbolism. As I stated, that's your prison, not mine.

Also, I've never given hepatitis to anyone as I've never had it or herpes or any STD for that matter. Also, I'm not any character from DC Universe or Marvel and never really considered myself to be. I can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. So, I'm certainly not John Walker or any other character of that ilk.

Often, harassers and stalkers try to find things to harass you about that will make you "cold" or "uncompassionate". In this sense they're trying to trick you onto the blue side of the fence and mostly because they want to reverse the polarity of something you expressed to their benefit. So if you expressed one thing, they do everything they can to trick you onto the side of the fence that regards everything expressed as meaning the contextual opposite.

Most stalkers operate around the auspices of love hate or blood fire ideology (something of which I never have been a part). They often attempt to force that ideology and means of manipulation onto others. Colour symbolism is a BIG part of it and blue is often used to represent that whatever a person who is on the "blue" team states, means the opposite.

Also, I've observed that the stalkers have for many people weaponized the concept of identity and use that often with colour symbolism. So for instance, they might attempt to force you onto the blue side of the fence, and then force the identity of a Jehovah's Witness onto you, which according to the stalkers gives them the right to spy on you illegally. Other examples include replacing your identity so that you are abused by stalkers for someone else's activities, or making your own activities so burdensome by harassing you that you "drop" them and the stalkers steal your identity as a result. Their idiom is if you can't accept responsibility for your own bad (or even just their personal secrets), how can you expect the credit for your own good. Operating under that guise, they attempt to harass people so much about their bad or their personal secrets that rather than being given the chance to clarify them, they drop them and the stalkers use that as an excuse to take the good of their victim. 

They're abusive thieves basically who destroy lives and hate isn't love and love isn't hate.

Brian Joseph Johns