Shortest Lived Skyrim Installation...

 Well that was the shortest lived Skyrim installation I've ever done.

I've explained before how I live near a abusive social cult that stalks and harasses people by spying illegally on their computers and harassing them about their activities. Most of this activity is keyed according to this cult's use of colour symbolism, especially the colour blue.

So when you install software onto your system that has that colour prominently in it, the members of this cult will often harass the crap out of you based upon that and their definition for colours. Like gangsters or something goofy like that.

I don't do hate means love or love means hate, but many members of this cult operate exactly that way. I tend to say exactly what I mean, especially after a long session of abuse by a cult of that nature.

So as a result, I uninstalled Skyrim and won't be reinstalling it again. That's unfortunate because it was a fun distraction every once in a while but I guess some abusive cults ruin every aspect of a person's life sooner or later. Taking away from their personal privacy when it comes even to something like watching a movie or playing a video game.

Their colour symbolism recently took a turn for the worse when I integrated my entire software library through the GOG Galaxy front end and store front, which is something like Steam, but for their own brand. So because GOG is purple, naturally this cult made many assumptions about me and my life, even going so far as to imply someone else's identity to replace my own based upon the colour purple.

There seems to be a cult organized around people who play guitar, that is symbolized by the colour purple as well. So any time I have anything installed on my computer with that colour, purple as part of its logo or some aspect of the interface, this cult will attempt to reidentify me as one of these guitar players represented by the colour purple, despite the fact that I don't own a guitar and never have. One of the persons in question seems to have a history of some controversy, possibly involving young children, so that's the kind of weight they're trying to throw onto my back and the people who harass me in the community then treat me as if I'm responsible for something of that nature.

Now I used to be the kind of person that loves to exercise and get out doors too as well. I used to ride bicycle and even trained at several dojos over the course of my life. Because of this stalking and especially over the last twenty years, I've literally had to hide inside most of the time. So very little exercise but fortunately my metabolism and a bit of home working out has kept me somewhat limber. My point is though that cults like this can have a serious impact upon your life and freedom and they're criminal in the sense that they abuse you as a substitute for someone else's actions or secrets, so that if you deny having anything to do with those things, to other people it looks like you blew the whistle on whosever secrets they were and that's the kind of thing this cult does to people.

So as a result, I've decided that I've had enough. I'm canning A Lady's Prerogative, The Butterfly Dragon and Stories From The End for good. They're done. So no more posts, even to complete the current run of A Lady's Prerogative II: Wounded Aerth. I'm finished with it. I'm not a rose by the way, neither blue, nor red nor green and thanks to the abuse of this cult, I never will be. I'm done with this whole thing.

Now I'm certain that this cult will make it a competition to try and trick me into doing an about face on that decision. They've done it before and with me being a softie, I've usually broken such decisions but this time, I'm going to stick with it and I'm pretty sure that was this cult's goal from the beginning.

Today's effort on their part was all about trying to turn me into a weapon. To use some garbage that someone from a mailing list that I used to be a part of sent me about research indicating that sitting was more dangerous than smoking or using narcotics. I don't know, but that sounds a bit like the application of the seven deadly sins if you ask me. You know, someone overly religious trying to apply the sin of "sloth" and literally to make it deadly. I'm certain that dormancy can have a bad effect upon your body, but stretching and even a modest workout counters that completely. Even a good walk can help, but if you're being stalked by an abusive cult then that might be out of the question. So, I think that email was about trying to burden me with that sort of thing. There's people who believe that they can turn that into a weapon and if you carry the weight for that for everyone, it will affect your health multiplied times the number of people for whom you're carrying it. So if I was burdened with that belief, by everyone who sat down while working, their belief is that I'd be the one who'd suffer the consequences in their place. Kind of like a sacrifice.

So naturally, the first thing I did was unsubscribe from their mailing list and it was a hard choice because it was people doing an exercise video which I'd bought for $37 and just didn't have much time (or energy) to do. When you're harassed around the clock by abusive cult that operates according to colour symbolism, it tends to eat up your time and energy and I'm fairly certain that's the goal. So I canned my subscription and at some point in the near future, I'll download my videos from them and have done with it.

Finally, much like Bryce Maxwell, I'm an atheist. I have been for a long time, though I openly professed this since 2007. Kind of like coming out of the closet. I made the choice to lean towards Buddhism and Taoism from that point on. I still eat chicken and fish and sometimes pork, but I stay away from beef (almost) completely. I just wanted to let you know that because I don't believe in the holy spirit or anything of a collective nature involving religion. My reasons for that are because in my experience and especially in the case with collectivist religions, they tend to beat you to a pulp when nobody is looking, and when everyone is looking, they'll offer you a hand up. I'm not blaming them for everything that I experience related to stalking, but they're certainly a big part of the problem. So in case any of you mistook me for being a part of any such religion, I hate to disappoint you but I'm not a member of any such thing. In fact, I won't set foot in any Church as a result of stalking and abuse. No exceptions, except for maybe Church Street itself.

I've also explained quite a few times that this same cult stalked two of my ex-girlfriends, both of whom are Asian. One of them is Mandarin Chinese and an older woman than myself by a decade or more, the other is South Korean and just slightly older than myself. So this cult stalked me, and then upon finding out that I was romantically involved with these women (not at the same time, these relationships took place years apart from one another), they stalked those women too. One of them had to move three times in attempt to lose her stalkers, which as you can imagine cost her a fair bit. The other, didn't have the finances to escape and so she was literally put through hell by scumbags of this nature. All because I am a white male in a relationship with Asian women.

Every time I've tried to explain this, the very cult members involved in this try to cover up the story either by claiming that I'm a different person from my own identity (guitar perhaps?) or by reassigning everything related to my identity online to a different person, so that my posts are associated with their physical life rather than mine. This is a cult in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by the way that has been operating like this for at least two decades and probably more, though technology has certainly made their efforts in this direction much easier.

Part of their effort has also been about attempting to steal my content from me and assign it to another person, as if they were the creator of it. This also includes my daily work, which despite the fact that my exterior life is pretty much non-existent, I still make as much effort as I can through online efforts, working from my computer. So this cult even attempts to steal that as well, including my work on A Lady's Prerogative and The Butterfly Dragon as well as anything that goes on with my two computers. Recently, they've also started charging me a price for sponsorship any time I make references to any culture in my writing or any creative endeavor, I'm required to pay them a sponsorship charge which is paid in the form of them getting the credit for what I'm doing and in exchange, I get to borrow their blood. 

Nobody Asian has ever forced this upon me, and most people that do are acting as middle men for others, so they're more like goofy pimps than anything, spying illegally upon a persons computer and internet with the help of admins at some of the big companies who host the accounts of their victims. YouTube I've caught doing this a number of times. Not the company itself, but a few admins who are very obviously sharing information with my neighbours and other stalkers in the community. There is evidence that Rogers (the admins working for that company) as well may have shared information about my connection with my neighbours and others in the community that are part of this cult in order to help them with their stalking of my person. I very much enjoy both YouTube and Rogers services, and the content producers work as well, but when admins abuse their access to information and share it with people outside of their company in violation of their data contract, something needs to be done. This activity seems to be related to other criminal activity in the area and related to some of the religious aspects of the stalking as well.

I remind you that I'm not a rose, blue, red or green or any kind of rose at all because I won't have my expression reversed to its opposite context in order to cover up activities like this. This is something that needs to be dealt with not just for my own sake, but for the sake of many other people who are likely being victimized this way. Also, I'm not a Jehovah's Witness or a member of Prince Hall. I'm an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. That's that. So no shunning unless you want this to get legal and despite my low income and resources, that is something that I can make happen. I'm certainly not Anti-Masonic or Anti-Rosicrucian and have expressed that before but I won't put up with stalking from anyone. Also, keep in mind that I don't use, buy or sell narcotics and I don't smoke either, as my stalkers might have you believe. They're liars, not to mention you can know them by the fact that when they want to lie they often say something like: "truth broken" or something of that ilk. Even as I'm writing this they're trying verbally to apply a different identity to me as I write this post. In other words, they know what I'm writing. They want others to believe its coming from them rather than me. That's how they operate. They're thieves and liars.

So my plans for the future are that I'm just going to continue revealing the methods of the stalking cult and what they're doing and how on Strategic Counter Stalking, a site I setup to deal with this growing problem. I might stop every once in a while and try writing a new creative story or property, but it won't involve A Lady's Prerogative, The Butterfly Dragon or Stories From The End. I've just experienced too much abuse and hardship to continue with those stories.

I will still represent and defend the Asian community as I always have and do my best to ensure that they are a large part of whatever I do in the future.

So, that's where this ends unfortunately. I've had enough abuse for multiple lifetimes and as I said, I'm certainly not carrying the cross for anyone. I don't believe in it. Also, I'll be leaving my building or residence (200 Sherbourne Street apartment 701 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) as soon as humanly possible. Hopefully my destination will be much more peaceful. If it is, then I'll consider continuing A Lady's Prerogative, The Butterfly Dragon and Stories From The End again. 

None of this content is produced at Heyworth House in Toronto, though I was a resident there between 2008 and 2012. One of the things I've noticed about this cult is when you're a creative person working in a community where they have the stranglehold upon the community, when you leave their community, they'll do everything they can to take your creative efforts from you and apply them to someone else that is remaining in the community, while they'll attempt to send you with all of their garbage. When you get to your new residence, you end up spending months if not years cleaning that from your reputation. During that time if you continue any of your creative efforts from your previous residence, the people involved in stealing them will attempt to continue stealing them from you even at your new location, and will make every effort they can to make it appear that your efforts are coming from someone in your old community. 

When you try to clarify this, you'll get very little help. They tend to target people that they've isolated as its easiest to steal from them. This activity is very much akin to organized crime by the way. Its actually unbelievable how many people help them to keep the impression that what I was creating from my current residence was being created by someone else in my old residence. So far as I've seen, they'll even employ hackers to steal your content as well, so there's money involved in this and backing it. Not to mention, the person to whom they attempt to give the credit to for my efforts may have something to do with previous sex crime convictions, hence the cult conducting this activity attempt to dump that onto my reputation. This is something I take very seriously and would not throw accusations around of that nature lightly, but this really has a constantly negative and abusive impact upon my life not to mention that the members of this cult try to give others the impression that I'm a member of their religion. The truth is that I'm an atheist that leans towards Buddhism and Taoism. I'm not a Seventh Day Adventist or any other form of Christianity at all.

So this cult are content thieves that target specific people to whom they do this sort of thing. This seems to be a fairly organized activity as well, and something that has been going on for a while. I've even had some reputable people warn me about it years ago, but I didn't think that people were capable of doing such a thing. Turns out that the people who do this, purposely keep it from those who are innocent or naive, because they use that impression to protect it. It really is like an organized crime that targets content creators whom the members of this cult believe they have a good chance of success in stealing their victim's content. I'm guessing that when technology arrived, it probably made it that much easier for them to achieve.

Hate isn't love. Love isn't hate. I love gravity. Sincerity before polarity.

Brian Joseph Johns